Save the date card or magnet serve as reminders or to give one a heads up that you are going to get married. If your guest list includes a number of out-of-townees or if your wedding is taking place during a holiday or other peak time, you are a prime candidate for wedding save the date card.

1. The wedding save the date card is usually mailed out three to five months before the wedding, but there are couples that send the save the date card as soon as they have agreed on the wedding date, to make sure that all their guests know about the wedding before making any other plans. Remember to let your guests know, via a footnote on the save the date card that their wedding invitations and directors are to follow.

2. Usually, a wedding save the date card include only information regarding your names and your wedding date, but it is always a good idea to include location information as well, so that your guests can make travel planes.

3. There are two types of wedding save the date cards that are currently sold in stationery stores: cards and magnets. The save the date cards magnets are the most popular because they can be kept on the refrigerator door, and no one is likely to forget.

4. To make sure that your wedding save the date card will be unique and memorable, you should use powerful colors that will impress your guests as soon as they open the envelope. Your wedding save the date card should also incorporate graphics that go with the season and the location of your event. If your wedding is on a holiday, turn your save the date card into a holiday greeting.

With a wide variety that is available on the market, a couple would not have difficulty choosing the wedding save the date card that they are best associated with. You can always make your own save the date card or personalize another one that you have seen and liked, by using a photo the couple.

I have an idea about how my wedding save the date card is going to look. I have a good friend that has a very good talent at drawing things, so I am thinking at a black and white save the date card with our faces drawn on it, or a metallic magnet with a picture of us. Either way, our wedding save the date card will be unique and personalized.  save the date card

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