It has been said that each flower has a special meaning and that when we choose a favorite flower, we should make sure it matches our personality. In this article we are going to talk about do some flower say about our personality. Be sure to choose your favorite flowers for your bouquet especially if you’re planning to have it preserved with the help of a floral preservation service company.

Flowers and Personality

White lilies

A bridal bouquet made of white lilies signifies purity and innocence. This has been the eternal meaning of white and of lilies. White lilies have always been considered as royal flowers, which take them high above everything that is petty and mediocre. A bride with such a bouquet has a very strong personality, and each groom would love to have her by his side.

Flowers and Personality- white lilies

Flowers and Personality- white lilies (source:


A bridal bouquet that has ivy in its design inspires trust and true friendship. A bride with such a floral bouquet has the personality of a wonderful mother and wife. The combination of ivy with any other flowers suggests an auspicious event for the young couple.

Flowers and Personality -ivy

Flowers and Personality-ivy (source:


Sunflowers say about a bride’s personality that she is triumphant and successful in love but also faithful to her husband. Sunflowers suggest that the bride won the love of her future husband but it also consecrate the husband as the leader of their life together. As the sunflower follows the light of the sun, so will the new loving and obedient wife follow her husband.

Flowers and Personality- sunflower

Flowers and Personality- sunflower (source:


Chrysanthemum mixed with the other flowers of the bridal bouquet suggests the optimism and the joy of the bride. Your wedding day will make you live the most wonderful feelings and you should share all your happiness with the rest of the world. A bride with and optimistic personality gives flavor to life and enriches the day.

Flowers and Personality- chrysanthemum

Flowers and Personality – chrysanthemum (source:


Adding tulips to your bridal bouquet says a lot about your personality and about the love you feel for your future husband. The tulip is a noble flower with a vast history that represents unconditional love. A bride that has tulips on her bouquet will be a loving wife and she will be happy as long as her husband stands by her.

Flowers and Personality - tulips

Flowers and Personality- tulips (source:


When talking about bridal bouquet with carnation there are two choices: you either use only carnations and you will have a small and delicate bouquet, or you just through a carnation among all the other flowers and you will have a bouquet that suggest your fidelity to your husband.

Flowers and Personality- carnation

Flowers and Personality- carnation (source: )

Lily of the valley

The fragrance and the purity released by the lilies of the valley are associated with the personality and the soul of the bride that wears such a bouquet on her wedding day. Lilies of the valley suggest honest and pure love.

Flowers and Personality - lily of the valey

Flowers and Personality- lily of the valley (source:


Roses bouquets are the most common among brides around the world. Each color of the rose has a special meaning, but all the roses suggest passionate love. A bouquet with roses says about the personality of the bride that she is fully committed and that her feelings are profound and untouchable.

Flowers and Personality - roses

Flowers and Personality- roses

White daisy

White daisies are the symbol of innocence. If you want to be even more profound and say more about your personality you can add some ivy to your bridal bouquet. With such a bouquet you will be a confident but friendly bride.

Flowers and Personality- white daisy

Flowers and Personality- white daisy (source:

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