An old proverb says that you should never believe the green eyes as they are too beautiful to be real. So, if you are a bride who has green eyes you should take advantage of the youth, freshness and immortality that they transmit.

A bride with green eyes should be very careful with the makeup she chooses for her big day. When you have green eyes, you should use neutral colors, which would underline the color of your iris, instead of adding some color to it. Here are some tips that a bride with green eyes should know:

Brownish Gray

Brownish gray is one of the colors that cannot be missing from a green eyes bride makeup. It is very difficult to characterize this color as the shades can vary very much between worm and cold tones of gray and brown. Brownish gray is a neutral color that fits very well green eyes and underlines them at the same time.

However, makeup artists recommend warm tones of this color to be used, instead of cold tones. This means that your make up should be grayer and less brownie. This color also ads shine to green eyes.

green eyes makeup

Avoid black

Black should always be avoided when it comes to green eyes makeup as it contrasts strongly and it obfuscates the beauty of the green eyes. When choosing the eyeliner for green eyes you should avoid pure black. Choose a shade that has some blue in it instead. Also, make sure that the eyeliner has a creamy consistence.

avoid black


As for eye contour, try to choose brown for inner corners of the eyes, and complete it with black. This way your look will have a plus of shine and expressiveness. Use warm shades of brown to complement the warm color of your eyes.



Violet is the perfect color for green eyes. Although violet is a perfect color for any skin and eye color, when it comes to green eyes, violet does wonders.  To make it even better, know you that any shade of violet is ideal for green eyes makeup, no matter if you choose lavender violet or eggplant violet. Why? Green and red are complementary colors; this means that any other color that has some red in it, does wander for a green eyes bride.

Short tip. If you choose peony violet, apply it as close to your gene line as possible, underlying the richness of your green eyes.



If the green eyes bride wants to have smoky eyes, her makeup should be based on brownie silver. Apply this color on the eyelids and on the inner corners of the eyes, and you will have the shine and the mystery you wanted for your look. Your green eyes will contrast with the brownie silver of your makeup. Take a look at Kristen Stewart bridal makeups and you will understand exactly what we are talking about.



Although it may seem crazy, a green eyes bride can use green for her makeup with one condition: the shade of the makeup should differ totally from the shade of the eyes; the makeup shade should be metallic.

If you do choose green for your makeup, make sure that the shine and the light is the one that prevails and not the color itself. Add some bronze or silver and you will have an intense and expressive look.


Avoid blue

As a basic rule: avoid shades of blue, white and pastel colors. They do not compliment green eyes, but they steal the natural charm of the green eyes.

avoid blue

Keep skin tone in mind

Before choosing the actual colors for your green eyes makeup, think about your skin tone:

  • Olive skin – choose violet, bronze and mild peony red;
  • Pale skin – choose dark pink and brown.

skin tone

Hair color matters too

The green eyes bride should also choose her makeup depending on her hair color:

Blond hair/green eyes – this bride should choose brown, or red-brown for her eyelid and her mascara. She should also choose shades of brown, such as golden, or hazel with shiny particles of gold.

Dark hair/green eyes – this bride should choose blue black for her eyeliner, and neutral and mat makeup colors. We do recommend peony red.

Different shades of green eyes

Keep in mind that green eyes differ from a bride to another; this means that you should experiment a lot before actually choosing your makeup colors.

 Green eyes brides already have an advantage: their eye color is pretty rare. But this does not mean that you can ruin this natural beauty if you apply the wrong makeup. All you have to do is underline your already unique eyes.

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