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Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and your smile is at the center of it all. Here’s why visiting a dentist for dental procedures and teeth whitening are essential preparations for your big day:

1. Confidence Booster: A radiant smile boosts your self-confidence. Knowing your teeth are at their best helps you relax and enjoy every moment.

2. Picture-Perfect: Wedding photos are cherished for a lifetime. Whiter teeth make your smiles in those photos even more stunning and unforgettable.

3. Aesthetic Harmony: White teeth complement your dress, makeup, and overall wedding look. They add that extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

4. Fresh Start: Teeth whitening can be a fresh start for your oral hygiene journey as a couple. It encourages regular dental care and healthy habits for both partners.

5. Lasting Memories: You’ll look back on your wedding day for years to come. Having a bright smile in those memories is a gift you’ll cherish.

6. Smiles All Around: Your happiness is contagious. When you smile confidently, you spread joy to your guests, making the day even more special.

Incorporating teeth whitening as well as other dental procedures like for instance having Invisalign Clear Aligners into your wedding preparations is a simple yet impactful way to ensure you dazzle everyone on your big day. It’s an investment not only in your smile but in the lasting memories you’ll create. So before your big day, make sure to visit a dentist for a much needed teeth whitening service.

Wedding dresses come in many different shapes, sizes, styles and designs but all have one thing in common; they are made to make the bride look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. For some women the perfect dress will break the mold completely, whereas others will desire a classic look. Whichever type of dress the bride decides upon it will be the most remembered aspect of her wedding; as such they can command a high price tag and often leave a rather sizable dent in the wedding funds.

Brides from wealthy families often wore wedding dresses in expensive fabrics and rich colors and have been known to be overtly lavish, expensive and extremely grand. These dresses are unique and only the rich and famous can afford them. Not only do these dresses surpass all others in cost but they scream of luxury and class.

The most luxurious elegant dresses and gowns are going to be expensive, however not all expensive wedding dresses are going to be luxurious. For a wedding dress to be luxurious it must both flaunt the wearer’s wealth but also be stylish and desirable.

Below you can find a list of the Top 5 Luxury Wedding Dresses

Alexander McQueen Gown – $400,000

Currently the most famous wedding dress in the world; this is the dress that Kate Middleton famously wore on the day her and Prince William were married. It may not be the most expensive dress ever made but it is certainly not cheap coming in at a hefty $400,000 (£250,000).

The dress combines tradition and modernity. Drawing classic influences from Victorian corsetry while the lace work was completed using an entirely modern technique. All of the lace work was completed by hand by the Royal School of Needlework and as such the quality of the dress is almost unsurpassed.

Though the dress is an Alexander McQueen it was designed by Sarah Burton who was responsible for not only the design but also the sourcing of all of the materials.

Alexander McQueen Gown

Danasha Luxury Gown – $1.5 million

The Danasha Luxury Gown manages to flaunt extravagant wealth without being overly flashy about it. Its modern sleek design does not rely on or in fact need any gimmicks to make it stand out, any bride or even groom who saw this dress would immediately fall head over heels in love with it. Featuring 75 carats of hand-picked diamonds as well as 250 grams of 18 carat gold there is no doubt that this dress can only be afforded by the mega rich, setting them back a cool $1.5 million.

Danasha Luxury Gown

The Diamond Wedding Gown – $12 million

This dress designed by Renee Strauss holds the record for the most expensive wedding dress ever created. There is no missing its 150 carats worth of high quality diamonds encrusted all over the dress. Surprisingly not made for a bride this dress is still available if you can afford its price tag of $12 million.

The Diamond Wedding Gown

Christian Dior Gown – $125,000

The Christian Dior gown worn by Melania Knauss when she married billionaire Donald Trump may seem like it costs small change compared to the other dresses featured, however there is no denying it is a luxury dress only suitable for someone marrying one of the richest men in the world.

Christian Dior Gown


Platinum Wedding Dress- $250,000

This Chinese dress not only stands out because of its vivid red colors but also because it is entirely made of platinum. This creation stands out amongst all other luxury dresses due to its bright colors and totally unique design.

Platinum Wedding Dress

About the Author: Perl Watson is a freelance writer and blogger based in Worthing, UK. She loves writing on latest trends, fashion and lifestyle topics.  She recommends Hitched for finding elegant dresses and gowns for your wedding.

Platinum Wedding Dress- $250,000

Outdoor weddings have their own charm. When you are surrounded by the bounties of Mother Nature, your wedding ceremony becomes unforgettable – not just for you but also for your guests. Tying the knot in open locations like garden weddings offer a wide scope of adding interesting perspective to the occasion. You can select a theme for your outdoor wedding venue and plan the ceremony with unique ideas. You can also let some of your guests participate in executing it.



Do not allow the most important day of your life be lost in an array of mechanical rituals. You can make the occasion stand out by following these creative ideas:

Choose a wedding location that both of you can connect with

There is no better way to have a memorable wedding than having the ceremony at a location regarding which both your fiancé and you have special memories.

Did both of you attend the same high school or college? Choosing an outdoor wedding location near your educational institution will be perfect. Similarly, you can also select the spot where both of you met for the first time or the place where you kissed and declared your love for each other.

Give your wedding a flavor of the season

When you plan to have an outdoor wedding you should not miss the opportunity of having a touch of the season in the wedding ceremony. In case, you are getting married in the spring then have a crown made of fresh flowers for yourself and the bridesmaids.

Your friends can wear these cute-looking crowns as well. Similarly, if you are getting married in the autumn then let your bouquet be full of autumn colors.



Serve your guests something interesting

Surprise your guests with a drink that will complement your wedding venue. For instance, when you have chosen a garden as the venue, you can serve your guests tasty flower-based cocktails. Not only the guests but your fiancé and you can also walk towards the aisle sipping cocktails.

Make your guests laugh

Your wedding ceremony is certainly a sacred affair, but it need not be all somber. Display your childhood pictures that reveal your naughty sides. You can also hang your toys that you adored as a child.

Hang these items on a clothesline and as the guests walk in, let them have a good time recognizing both of you in pictures. You can mix and match images so that they have a hard time figuring out who is in the picture.

You can also create a timeline by hanging pictures in a chronological order. As guests proceed, they will be able to view how your fiancé and you have grown up.

Do not forget to include pictures that reflect the time that you spent together before getting married. It will not be less than a fairy tale with the princess and prince tying the knot for living happily ever after.



Lend A heavenly touch

Outdoor locations like lush gardens and orchards with commercial tents are reminiscent of The Garden of Eden. You can pretend to be Eve and Adam and dress up some of your friends as angels. As the bride, you can wear a crown made of fig leaves. Similarly, the groom can wear a Caesar-style crown. Dress the kids as cherubs.

To add fun in the ceremony, let the cherubs and angels distribute shiny bright red apples to the guests.

Make your childhood heroes come alive

You can immortalize your wedding by marrying your childhood superhero. Dress up your fiance as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Tarzan, or any other character that you admire. Similarly, if your fiance has a special liking for Jane or Barbie then you can also dress up like her.

If both of you are great fans of history, then you can wear costumes of any historical couple like Antony and Cleopatra and solemnize your wedding.



Create your personal symbol of union

You can personalize your wedding ceremony by creating a special symbol that celebrates your love. Opt to get married on a beach as it will set the backdrop for a natural flavor in the occasion. If you want to level it up, you can also get custom designed photography backdrops.

Now, bring a natural element like water from the lake sand or beautiful rocks and pebbles from your respective hometowns. Pour the collected element in an urn after you have taken the vows. It will become a symbol of the union and a lovely witness of the occasion to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Remember-your-weddingGetting married is a once in a lifetime event. Hundreds of friends and family all come together to celebrate the love and future of two special people. Of course, a once in a lifetime event only happens with an incredible amount of planning, effort and coordination. Thankfully, wedding vendors are plentiful and many come fully equipped with a high degree of professionalism. The following three services can make any wedding a truly unforgettable day to remember.

A great photographer and or video company is an absolute must for any wedding. Not only can a great photographer provide hundreds of incredible snapshots of many important moments in a wedding, they can also capture whole family and wedding parties when they are together for the first time. However, photographers and video companies can be prohibitively expensive and are only capable of being in one location at a time.


So what’s a bride to do? Thankfully, technology like smartphones are now being used to capture weddings in an entirely new manner. The wedding service Story mix is a perfect example of this new trend. Written up in Wedding bee and The Offbeat Bride, Story mix is a photo and wedding video service that relies on the sharp and creative eyes of each guest at a wedding. Story mix is a download app that allows each guest to record photos and videos at their own pace, which are then sent to the company and edited together to form a complete photo album and wedding video. Story Mix is the only true way to see each aspect of the one day in your life you don’t want to miss any part of.


Second only to photo and video features, the perfect location is a must for creating an unforgettable wedding. Concert halls, open barns and wildlife sanctuaries are just a smattering of some of the most popular wedding venues today. A truly beautiful venue, complete with wonderful decor and atmosphere can add a deeply romantic mood to any wedding.


Last, great music from a quartet, DJ or band is an essential part of any wedding. Even if your guests are not crazy party animals, a beautiful string quartet playing love songs while you walk down the aisle can be simply stunning. Of course, if you are looking forward to a smash hit of a reception, the perfect playlist from a great DJ or talented band can add the last piece to any romantic and beautiful wedding, the fun!

Planning your wedding can take years or can come together in a matter of months but no matter how much time you have to prepare there are bound to be things you forget. To make sure your big day goes off without a hitch (except the obvious ‘getting hitched’ part) here are 10 tips for organizing easily forgotten details:

Make a schedule and print the programs

This is my number one tip as it ensures that is a time slot for everything. Be realistic about length of time required and then stick to it. Writing the schedule will give you the opportunity to remember all the details you want to include. Create a less detailed version as a program for your guests so they know what is happening next and where they’re supposed to be.

Remember the marriage certificate

This is essential for a legally binding marriage and yet it is often forgotten or misplaced. Make sure you you apply for your marriage certificate in good time and that it is at the right venue on the day. In the UK you must give your local register office notice at least 16 days prior to the wedding as your ‘banns’  must  be publicly displayed for a minimum of 15 days.

Give your photographer a list of the most important pictures you want taken

If you’re not totally clear your photographer will be in the dark. Along with professional shots why not arrange for a second photographer? Ask a family member or friend, who’s good with a camera to shoot pictures throughout the day. You’ll get a lovely mix of natural shots to integrate with your posed ones.

The ‘in case of emergency’ kit

By this I mean a kit of simple fixes for any conceivable problem; a sewing kit to deal with any snags on dresses, trouser hems etc, a stain stick to remove any splotches from clothes, hair pins and hair spray and a couple of simple first aid items as well- it’s surprising how often this is needed.

Organize a private bride and groom room

Your wedding day will be a constant flow of activity which may mean you and you partner never get a chance to take it all in. If you’re not staying the night at your reception venue just ask the venue to set up a dressing room area where you can relax as a couple for short periods.

Request an outdoor drinks area

If you’re having any part of your reception out of doors keep things simple by arranging mobile bar hire. This will avoid the fuss of guests or staff walking to and from the indoor bar.

Eat something

Remember that it’s going to be a long day so make time to eat and drink to keep your energy up. Equally remember to lay on finger food for guests if there are long intervals in the day e.g. serve canapes at the cocktail hour and a midnight snack for the evening guests so no one goes hungry. This will also curb the impact of all the champagne.

Make an effort to say hello to every guest

You’ve invited them to your wedding to celebrate your union so it would be a shame miss speaking to anyone of them. This is where your wedding schedule comes in handy. Write in several specific times into your personal schedule to do the rounds. One of the best chances you’ll get is when everyone is seated for dinner.

A contact list for your suppliers and entertainment staff

If your DJ is an hour late and you can’t find his phone number this can be a little upsetting. You shouldn’t have to worry about these things so make a list of all the contact numbers you might need hand this over to someone else and have that person make the calls rather than you so you can keep enjoying the day.

Some money

You don’t have to carry money yourself but ask one of your wedding party, it could be the same person with the contact list, to keep some cash on them for you. Even on your special day there might be an unexpected need for cash. If you haven’t set up an open bar then even the bride and groom will have to pay for drinks. It could be embarrassing for you or the staff if you’re caught short.

Finally just enjoy yourself, don’t worry if there is a mix up with the cake or your ring bearer is sick. After all, your wedding is really about cementing your relationship with your partner and celebrating the love between you so your day will be perfect no matter what.