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Wedding gown of the week

Wedding gown of the week

Wedding gown of the week

One way to reduce the budget you spend on your wedding decorations is by making them yourself. Making your own unique wedding decorations sounds difficult, but in fact is quite simple. All you have to do is take a look around the house and choose some items that could help you create unusual wedding decorations. Here are some ideas of such items:

5 unique and unusual wedding decorations ideas

Ice cream cones

If you are having your wedding on summer and your tables have rectangle shape, ice cream cones make an interesting choice. All you have to do is make sure that the cones are lined with plastic sheets so that the water won’t penetrate through the cones.  Fill the ice cream cones with flowers and line them along the table. Chose hydrangea, daisies or dahlia as flowers and your unique wedding decorations are done.


unique-wedding-decorations-ice-cream-cones (by: anniemandbenc )

CD cases

Now that you have an IPod or you listen to music at your phone, you don’t need your old CD-s anymore. So why not use their cases to create some unusual wedding decorations? Put one closed case on the bottom. Take another two CD cases and open them to create 90 degrees angles. Glue them together and you have your unique pots for your wedding decorations. Adorn the cases with modern flowers that have geometrical shapes like dahlias or celosia.



Cantaloupe halves

Following the same idea as pineapple or squash used as decorations, choose halves of cantaloupes. Carve into the fruit but make sure you let 0.5 inches of its core where you will stick the flowers. You should choose some exotic flowers like orchids or strelitzia in order to create some unique wedding decorations.


unique-wedding-decorations-cataloupe-halves (by:

Piano keyboards

This only apply if you have a keyboard from an old piano or organ. Put the piano keyboards next to each other around a box. Make sure that the box has the same height or is a little shorter and stick them together. Keep the black and white arrangement. Use anemones and gerberas to complete your unusual wedding decorations.


unique-wedding-decorations-piano-keyboards (by: voigtlander)

Sophisticated hats

For these unusual wedding decorations I have in mind the sophisticated hats that British women wear at horse races. So if your grandmother, or your aunt had a passion for these hats in her youth and you still have them somewhere around the house, now is the time to use them in order to create your unique wedding decorations. Fill them with flowers and accessorize them with lace ribbons and vintage brooches. Use roses or tulips.


unique-wedding-decorations-hats (source:

Would you use such unusual wedding decorations for your special day? Do you have any other interesting ideas?

Arches are a very common item when it comes to weddings. No matter if you use them at your wedding ceremony or at the entrance of your wedding venue, wedding arches are very romantic and elegant. But in order to make sure you have the perfect view for your wedding you need to know how to decorate a wedding arch to make it complete your special day. Here are 4 ideas that you can use to decorate your wedding arch.

4 Ideas to decorate wedding arches

Balloon wedding arch

The balloon wedding arch is very elegant alternative to the simple wood or metal arch. All you have to do is decide if the size of the arch, the fabric used for its frame, the number of balloons you are going to use and their color. The arch frame should be made of heavy metal, as the balloons might take it into the air. You also should tie the wedding arch to the ground, or to a wall, or to the ceiling so it won’t fall.


how-to-decorate-a-weddding-arch-ballon-wedding-arch (source: SC DELI PARTY SRL )

Classic wedding arch

If you have a metal or wood arch, the classic idea of decorating it involves silk tulle, organza fabric, garlands, artificial ivy and maybe vine. Attach a nice bow made of silk or a globe with flowers and you will have fancy bur elegant way to decorate a wedding arch.


how-to-decorate-a-weddding-arch-classic-wedding-arch (source: )

Flower wedding arch

Flowers are perfect to decorate a wedding arch made of wrought iron. You can use branches of willow, hydrangea and gypsophila. If you are having a winter wedding you could use branches of Christmas three and accessorize it with cones. As base you can use ivy or fern branches. If you need a hanging plant you could use green amaranthus.


how-to-decorate-a-weddding-arch-flower-wedding-arch (source:

Fabric and lights wedding arch

If you don’t want to use plants, flowers or balloons for your wedding arch decorations you can always choose to decorate a wedding arch with light installation along with organza and tulle. This arch decoration style is perfect for weddings that are happening in the evening, as it looks great in the night.


how-to-decorate-a-weddding-arch-lights-wedding-arch (source: )