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There are not many makeup colors that work perfect for any skin color, but a few of them really exist. There are colors that work best for darker skin, of for pale skin. There are colors that work best for green eyes, blue eyes or brown eyes. There are also makeup colors that make any face look amazing, no matter the hair color, skin color, or eye color. Here are the makeup colors recommended for all women in this world:


Intense violet is a color that works for any person. When we say intense violet we think about the color resulting when mixing red and blue. Being so intense, violet works better for an evening wedding, rather than a morning one. Remember to remove your makeup with micellar water after you go to sleep.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about magenta; we want a color in which blue and red are equally distributed. If violet reflects bluer or more red, it is not the color that works for any skin tone bridal makeup.

violet bridal makeup


Peach is another makeup color that fits any skin. Peach is the perfect color for your blush. No matter if the bride has blond or dark hair; peach blush sends the message of freshness, naturalness and health. If you add a little bit of shine (golden particles) you may consider yourself the luckiest bride.

Unlike pink, peach blush is a color that favors any bride. Peach is a feminine color, warm and natural. If your skin is pale, you can use peach blush to underline the roundness of your cheeks. If your skin is olive, you should apply the color linearly, as up as possible, to make your skin shine.

peach bridal makeup


Golden is the right color for eye shadow. Golden is the supreme shade when it comes to metallic colors for bridal makeup. We recommend the golden eye shadows with a pearly formula, instead of mat colors. Mat colors give the impression of artificial and dramatic; pearly shades make you think about naturalness, femininity and romantism.

The golden eye shadow must be applied on the superior side of your eyelids, and not right next to your genes. With this makeup, the bride will have an intense but shiny look.

golden makeup


You cannot go wrong if you choose red for your lipstick. To avoid any misunderstandings, I’ll make it clear. Not any woman can wear red lipstick. There is only one shade of lipstick that fits any lisp: poppy red. If a bride will have her makeup designed to underline her lips, she will look like a Hollywood star.

Warning! Burgundy red, orange-red or dark red are not colors that work for any skin color. Poppy red is the only universal shade.

red lipstick for brides

Bronze powder

Bronze powder is another makeup detail that is perfect for any bride. If you want this powder to have the right effect, it has to be applied differently, depending on the color of the skin.

The brides that have olive skin should apply bronze powder only on the cheekbones, to enlighten their face. Brides with pale skin will apply bronze powder on their cheeks, temples, forehead, nose and chin. Bronze powder can also be used as eye shadow, making the bride’s eyes look natural and sophisticated.

bronze powder bridal makeup


When it comes to brown, we are not referring to just one shade of this color, but to a combination of shades. Brown eye shadow works for any skin and any eye color, but in order to create the effect you want, try combining it with different shades of this beautiful color.

Gray brown is a great fit for any eyes and any skin color. Women that have pale skin can use brown to create smoky eyes. Women who have olive skin should use brown for their eyelids, in order to underline their perfect genes.

brown bridal makeup


Turquoise is a perfect for eye contour. Surprisingly, right? Turquoise is said to favor any eye color and any skin. A bride that uses turquoise in her makeup will have an intense and warm look at the same time.

Turquoise contrasts the natural colors, making them more obvious. In order to get this effect, make sure the contour is as subtle as possible.

turquoise bridal makeup


Pink works great for lipstick color simply because it copies the natural color of the lips. This means that we are talking about that pink that has a drop of gloss in it, and that it looks as natural as possible. Light pink is the shade that fits perfect any skin color. The rest of the shades can be used only depending on the skin color of the bride.

As long as you follow our advice, you can use these colors, no matter the color of your skin and eyes.

pink bridal makeup

Taking a risk on the weather and aiming for a winter wedding is a bold choice, but it can be argued that winter is the most romantic season. The softly falling snow, the crisp, early dusk and the lush red and greens of Christmas… and of course the dress. Winter is a less traditional time to get married, and so winter bridal collections can lean towards more unusual and eye catching trends. Here are the top trends for the autumn 2013/winter 2014 season.

Minimal, clean lines.

As the leaves fall off the trees, it’s time to ditch the lace and ruffles and go for a dress with a simple, clean line with as few complications as possible. A sleek and simple look will catch the eye and let your beaming smile do all the talking while you walk down the aisle. If you’re scared of your look not having enough glitz, a couple of high impact accessories will really set off your look, like this dress by one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers, Jenny Packham.The simplicity of this stunning gown is accentuated by a leaf motif silver belt and a Summery floral headband with an icy winter twist.


winter wedding dress - Minimal clean lines



This season’s big alternative color is gold for the bride who wants to feel like a million dollars. If you think gold may look a little brash, this beautiful Romona Keveza gown tones down the shine with lacy see-through layers and a floor length veil. If you’re the kind of bride who wants to dazzle, you should definitely go for gold this winter.

winter wedding dress -Gold


Lace Sleeves

A winter wedding means you’ll have to face the cold for the photos, and though there are plenty of shrugs, pashminas and boleros available, an eye-catching alternative is a dress with ornate lace sleeves. Floral lace patterns are a popular choice this season, and the covering will keep you warm during the chillier moments of your ceremony. This beautiful gown from Milly Bridal, rich with detail, is a perfect option for a winter bride on a budget.

winter wedding dress - Lace Sleeves


Column Shapes with Cap Sleeves

Part of a wider trend for Victorian style dresses, the column shape with cap sleeve detail will make you look like your favorite Jane Austen hero. This is a more demure and understated style that would suit a countryside or forest wedding, such as this gorgeous gown with lace detail by Phase Eight. The smaller sleeves may mean investing in a fur stole that will add a bit of glamor to this simple but very sweet looking style.

Winter wedding dress - Column Shapes with Cap Sleeves


Disney Princess

If you grew up wishing to be a Belle, Jasmine or Sleeping Beauty, you’re in luck. Oozing with traditional romance, big Disney-style ball gowns are on trend this winter. Alfred Angelo has recently released a whole collection inspired by each iconic princess. The highlight of the collection for your winter wedding has to be the Belle, complete with a crystal corset, shrug detail, gold embroidery and a huge, full skirt, the Belle dress will help all of your Disney princess dreams come true.

winter wedding dress - Disney Princess


Covered Up

Let’s face it, winter weddings are going to be cold, and however much flesh you show, it’s going to be covered in goose pimples. The covered up trend is big this winter, complete with button up necks, high sleeves, long skirts and completely covered backs. It may sound draconian, but the result, with enough detail, can look stunning and elegant. This couture dress by Claire Pettibone gets the covered up trend just right, with a dress that’s guaranteed to make you look beautiful while keeping you snug. No-one wants a cold on their honeymoon.

winter wedding dress -Covered Up


Weird and Wonderful

If having a wedding in winter is bucking the trend, then why can’t the dress? This winter, avoid the traditional and go for something completely quirky and memorable. Unusual shapes can make a huge statement, like this incredible dress by Venezuelan designer Rafael Cennamo, an explosion of silk, unusually large ruffles and petticoats, all in a rich cream colour that will certainly brighten up your winter day.

Winter wedding dress -Weird and Wonderful


Christmas Sparkle

If you’re having your wedding around the holiday period, Christmas is the perfect excuse for you to glitter and sparkle like a star. If you want to indulge in your love of crystals, this dramatic dress with a beautifully detailed corset by Lazaro should be perfect for your Christmas do. Partnered with a sweeping, multilayered skirt that will fill up the aisle, adding lots of sparkle to your outfit should really put your guests into the Christmas spirit!

Winter wedding dress - Christmas Sparkle


There are so many reasons to love a winter wedding – the way the cold weather brings a natural blush to your cheeks; decking the halls (or at least your Christmas party venue!) with boughs of holly; warming your hands around glasses of mulled wine and dazzling your groom in your winter wedding gown. Whatever you wear on the big day, we wish you happy winter wedding planning!

Author’s Bio: Anisha works alongside The City Rooms, when she isn’t busy making other people’s dream day come true she is busy daydreaming about hers.

In the quest for that perfect look there is nothing like a holistic approach. And just as people are taking a holistic approach to other areas of their lives such as health and fitness, fashion is one area that is not being left behind. In fact, as is the case in so many instances, fashion is forging a path for other areas of life to follow, something that luminaries such as Coco Chanel were aware of a century ago.

Nailed It!

Those who are very au fait in the world of fashion would not be caught leaving the house without ensuring their nails and their ring style is not in sync. After all, it is the small things in life that make a big difference and really differentiate between the pretenders and the contenders. And it is easier to change your nail styling to suit your ring than what it is to change your ring to suit your nails.


Following are five tips for matching your nails to your ring style:

Nail Art–manicure have come a long way over the years and the days of a simple manicure with a monotone nail polish are rather passé. Extravagant color combinations, different colors on different fingers, and adhesive designs are all de rigueur these days in the world of nail art. As for matching nail art with your ring, as a rule of thumb, unless you really want to stand out in a crowd, match more radical nail art with a more demure ring and vice versa

Color of Nail Polish and Color of Diamond/Stone– a colorless diamond will match any color of nail polish but, depending on the size of the ring and the setting, it may get “lost” with paler shades of nail polish. A ring with a colored gemstone such as a fancy color diamond, a ruby, or an emerald may require you to match the color of the nail polish to the ring. A French manicure is the perfect accompaniment to any prominently colored stone.

henri daussi rings

Color of Nail Polish and Color of Band– similar to the point above but relevant to rings without a stone. The most common colors for rings without a stone are yellow gold, pink gold, and shades of white/gray (depending on whether the ring is made from gold, platinum, or palladium). A ring without a colored stone can match or contrast with your nails depending on your mood and the look you want.

Nail Shape and Type of Ringshort nails or long nails? Rounded nails or claw nails? These days almost anything goes when it comes to shape of nail. Just make sure that it is in keeping with the size and look of the ring as there really is no rule book for matching nails to rings, so be a trendsetter; just make sure the trend is one that others will want to follow rather than avoid.

Kelly as a Style Icon –no, not Grace Kelly but, are you sitting down, Kelly Osbourne. If you really have the cash to splash, how about taking a page out of Kelly Osbourne’s book and going for a manicure with nail polish made of black diamonds? It may have cost a cool quarter of a million dollars but you only live once and you can either ditch the ring all together or pair it up with a big black colored diamond ring or even a ring encrusted with a large black or white pearl. Are you game enough (and rich enough).


Written By Sharon Robinson from Genesis Diamonds, visit us to have a look at our beautiful rings designed by Simon-g, Ritani and many more!

JewelrySome people might think that choosing the right wedding ring (sometimes called wedding band) is much simpler and less stress inducing than choosing an engagement ring; however, they couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, engagement rings aren’t worn for the rest of your life. A wedding ring is an item that you will (hopefully) wear for the rest of your life, so it’s vital to choose a style and design that you will most likely keep you satisfied for years and decades. Options at There’s a wide variety of details that you should consider when selecting a pair o wedding rings that’s just right for you and your spouse. Have you ever wondered what to look for in a wedding band? You are definitively not alone.

Let’s take a look at the most important factors you have to take in consideration when choosing the right wedding ring:

Metal. Tradition has it that the choice of metal for the bride’s wedding ring depends largely on her engagement ring. The same rules should apply to the groom’s wedding ring, since it must follow the same core design of the bride’s ring. The good news is that those rules are not set in stone; if the bride and groom have different or contrasting tastes, there’s nothing that can prevent the groom to choose gold while the bride opts for titanium. Some of the most popular choices are: yellow gold, white gold, platinum and titanium. There are boundaries when choosing the right metal for your wedding rings, but keep in mind that you should always select a long lasting material.

Shape. When selecting the right shape for the wedding rings, some of the same basic rules apply as before: it should be congruent with the engagement ring’s shape. For example, if the engagement ring has a straight edged shape, a straight edged wedding ring will complement it perfectly. Other popular shapes are curved and fitted. It is possible to find many of these styles in conventional jewelry stores. However, if you’re looking for something customized to your tastes, you may have to find a skilled wedding ring jeweler to do the job.

Other options. There are other considerations to think about, such as jewel set wedding rings. If there’s any particular stone that you or your spouse loves, don’t be hesitant and try to find a pair of wedding rings that includes them. For a tried and true classic option, go for diamonds; if you want something different, why not go for sapphires or emeralds? You may also consider buying a Custom Made Wedding Ring

When it comes to looking your best for your wedding, the right jewellery can really make a difference. Gemstones will give you some added color and elegance too, especially if you choose wisely. This guide looks at the glittering emerald, a minor player in the world of bridal accessories and why you should choose to buck the trend and spice up your wedding dress with something a bit more individual.

Vibrant and Brilliant

The first thing you’ll notice about the humble emerald is its color. That green glow just radiates outwards, usually thanks to the talent and skill of the jeweler who cut it. Even the smallest gem can shine out with an almost lush, forest-type brilliance when the right light hits it. For this reason, these types of stones are perfect for your big day. When it comes to amazing wedding accessories, the emerald is really the unsung hero of glitter, glamor and grace. It will perfectly match with your white, pure wedding dress, accompanying you down the aisle with a green, harmonizing glow.



Style and Design

Emerald jewellery also boasts plenty of diversity as the stone itself is quite flexible. This can be seen by merely browsing through a local jeweller’s shop where you can see plenty of necklaces, bracelets and earrings all adorned by this amazing stone. For the bride, this means that they should be able to find a style that suits their taste and personality. If you’ve gone shopping for the diamond stores in UK, you should also be able to find some emerald jewellery that matches with these romantic items. Your entire outfit will look absolutely dazzling thanks to the versatility and style offered by these amazing gemstone accessories.




Luck and Prosperity

Some people believe that emeralds can also be used to gain good luck. If you’re born in May, this is your birthstone. By wearing this gem in your bridal outfit, you may gain:

  • Personal rebirth in your newly married life
  • Foresight to plan well with your husband
  • Good fortune and prosperity in your marriage
  • Long lasting youth as you grow old together

With the right beliefs, you can see why these kinds of gemstones are perfect for the future bride. Not only does emerald jewellery look fantastic but it might also provide a whole host of positive inner and outer benefits for the wearer.



Cost and Value

Lastly, these green gems are much more affordable than more traditional diamonds. If you’re on a budget but still want to look amazing on the big day, you should definitely go shopping for a few of these stunning accessories. Their prices are so cost effective that you should also be able to pick up a range of items from necklaces to earrings, forming a complete ensemble that will make your wedding dress simply shine out while you walk down the aisle. Planning to get married can be expensive but with the right choices, such as emerald jewellery, you get to take everyone’s breath away without spending a fortune.



About the Author: The Diamond Store is an engagement rings UK specialist that aims to guide consumers into finding the most suitable jewellery pieces for their budget.