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Reading about celebrity weddings in magazines, or watching the perfect wedding play out onscreen does not have to be off limits to you; in fact, you can roll out the red carpet and plan a brilliant wedding similar to those of celebrities or fictional characters you dream about. With a little legwork and imagination, you have what it takes to make the magic happen on your own when planning for your big day.

Roll Out the Red Carpet Brilliant Celebrity Steals for Your Wedding

Do the Research

There are many different magazines devoted to celebrity-themed weddings. They give you all the details, from the wedding venue, to the wedding decor, and even the flavor of cake. Try to piece together what styles your favorite celebrities used, and what themes they incorporated as you think about how to narrow your own vision.

You can also do research for television or film weddings. The director will often speak about the wedding in magazines, or on that film’s promotional website. Another hint, you should check the outtakes on the DVD or a producer’s review. The set coordinator will usually give commentary on why they chose the dress, flowers, locations, and so on. The wedding tells a story, and if you do the research, you can find out what that story was.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

How many celebrities actually get married each year? Celebrity coordinators may specialize in celebrity weddings, but the truth is, they have to take on other clients if they actually want to earn enough money to stay in business, and for this they need the right employees, so having retention strategies is important to keep these employees productive. The fact that they have coordinated a celebrity wedding is what makes them so appealing to clients, which is why a coordinator will label themselves as a “Wedding Coordinator to Celebrities…” If it’s an option in your budget hiring one of these coordinators means you can have a wedding just like those famous actors, singers, athletes, and politicians. A celebrity coordinator also has a lot of connections to vendors like flowers, sierra dental care, doctors or dentists from, who can make the bride have the best smile for her wedding day, the cake and food caterers and more. A wedding coordinator could also help you steal ideas from your favorite films. You don’t necessarily need a celebrity wedding coordinator to duplicate a wedding from a movie or television show. All you need is the right help and connections to get it done.

Get a Narrow Vision

While doing research and hiring the right help is a great place to start, you have to know what it is you specifically want. Is it a Game of Thrones water scape with fur collars and dragon details? Try to focus your vision to what is important to you. Is it simply having that dress Kate Middleton wore, enough for you, or is it all about the beach venue? If a themed wedding is what you’re going for remember to tie it all together with the details like similar patterns in the napkin rings, flower arrangements and gift bags. Find out what you really want from your hero or heroine’s special day before you get started.

Having a wedding like those seen in movies, or the fabulous red-carpet ceremonies that celebrities have are no longer just an unattainable dream. If you use these tips, you too could roll out the red carpet and have the fabulous wedding of your dreams.

A honeymoon is a romantic getaway that couples usually go on shortly after they’ve been married. Couples may choose to stay in a romantic winery lodging accommodation or an exotic beach destination. Honeymoons are romantic in nature, and they stand to complete the wedding experience. Without the necessary preparations, a honeymoon can take a turn for the worst. Without further ado, make sure you tie up all the loose ends of your honeymoon by using this guide.

Honeymoon Bliss How to Prepare for Your Big Vacation

Bring Sunscreen and Insect Repellent
If you plan on being outdoors for the majority of your vacation, don’t forget to bring along proper ointments and lotions. The last thing you want is to have your vacation ruined by irritated skin, and bug bites. These products might even be cheaper if you opt to buy them while still in your hometown, rather than in a tourist location. Add these items to your check list when shopping around for the honeymoon necessities.

Get a Routine Teeth Cleaning
You’ll likely spending a lot of your time on your honeymoon in close proximity to your partner. As Dr Bruce Hartley says, you certainly don’t want your smile to look less than its best, so it would be beneficial if you would see your dentist. Before leaving, schedule an appointment with your general dentist for cleaning and general dentistry services.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment in Advance
Along with the dentist, you will also want to see your doctor before leaving. This is especially true if you’re traveling to a destination where certain illnesses are a problem. The sooner in advance you can schedule the appointment, the better. As a rule of thumb, you should see your doctors3 months in advance of the honeymoon, or earlier if possible.

Match the Destination to the Season
It might seem tempting to head south for your honeymoon in January, but if the climate just isn’t going to allow for outdoor activities, don’t waste your time or money on the trip. You’re only going to end up bored and impatient for the vacation to end. If the weather is colder in temperature, shoot for destinations that have lots of indoor attractions for couples to do.

Square Away Activities before You Leave
Lastly, don’t make the mistake of guessing your way through your itinerary once you arrive at your honeymoon destination. Take some time before the vacation arrives to research various sights and activities online for the destination in question. It’ll be much easier to get to the fun stuff once you arrive, than if you hadn’t originally planned it out.

Honeymoons are the perfect opportunity for new spouses to connect and relax from the stress their wedding brought on. Make sure you can both enjoy your time away by taking care of some of these necessities first.

While browsing, personalising and ordering your wedding invitations & other wedding stationery may seem like a daunting task, planning ahead and setting out a clear timeline and budget will help you breeze through the process with minimum hassle. With such a range of colours, themes and paper types to choose from, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all the wedding invitation designs available. Keep things simple with this quick guide highlighting key points to  keep in mind when choosing and personalising your wedding invitations.


Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding Invitations

Before you get down to ordering your wedding invitations, it’s best to sit down with your fiancee and decide on an overall theme or colour palette for your wedding. This can be anything from subtle wedding styles such as classic vintage to more unusual offbeat wedding themes inspired by your favorite cartoon characters or your other interests as a couple such as Rock n’ Roll music or a Gothic wedding theme.Once you have decided on a suitable theme. you can then easily  translate this onto your invitation design for instance by using geometric shapes, lavish brooches and metallic gold to create opulent Great Gatsby wedding  invitations for a wedding theme based on the classic novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald.

Experiment with Different Shapes and Sizes

While traditional wedding invitations are usually square or rectangular shaped, couples after something different are now channeling their creativity into experimenting with unusual shapes such as circular wedding invites, star shaped wedding stationery or even scalloped invitation designs. It’s important to keep in mind that while it may be fun to try out different shapes, you will need to choose a shape that will fit into standard envelope sizes and unusual shaped wedding invites may result in a higher postage charge too.


Are Your Wedding Invitations Easy to Read?

Whether you’re  just adding a few personal touches to generic wedding invitations or working with a wedding stationery company to create a customized wedding invitation, it’s important to follow the simple rule of keeping things simple for the wedding invitation design.

Avoid overcrowding your card by  including only key details such as the date, time, location and dress code, while reserving other information like directions, gift registry details etc for separate enclosure cards.Following this simple strategy will ensure the wording on your wedding invitations is easy to read, while also adding an overall look of elegance to your invitation card.

The general rule of thumb to ensure good readability is to avoid using light inks on light backgrounds and ensure the background used for your wedding invitation is a contrasting color that clearly highlights the wording. Avoid using hard-to-read fonts too like complex scripted fonts and use proper font spacing to make it easy on the eye.

Proof Your Wedding Invitations

This is an important part of purchasing your wedding invitations and you should ideally triple-check the proof your stationer sends you and then ask your partner, grammar-savy bridesmaids, friends and others to take a  look too- you’d be surprised at what a fresh set of eyes can spot! Don’t be in a hurry to approve the invitation proof, instead leisurely glance through it several times to look for any new errors.


Nicole Williams is a passionate blogger who loves digging into the nitty gritty details of wedding planning and simplifying it for brides. Intrigued by unique wedding stationery, she regularly blogs on this topic for DreamDay Wedding Invitations

How to prepare your kid for being a page boyTime for a wedding and the soon-to-be-weds need a ring bearer, you have a small boy, perfect, suit him up and let the festivities begin. Choosing the right mens tungsten wedding rings can be a difficult task, but once you see the options you’ll find one that matches your partners ring. Weddings can be stressful on their own, but when you have to bring children with you, it becomes more of a job than a celebration. Especially if you are the lucky parent of the ring bearer.

The duties of the ring bearer are easy, however, telling your boy what he needs to do might be a little more time consuming. Also remember that such experiences can be very scary for little kids, and they can get even worse if you do not support them.


Kids have their own personalities and their own attitudes, rather, they are small adults and they should be treated as such. They will catch on if you try to sneak something by them. Try to rationalize with them as much as possible and try to find compromises; make them feel unique and as if they were in charge. Always expect the unexpected.

Pay special attention to your kids’ needs because very quickly fun can turn into tears, and also even quickly they can steal the show. If the newlyweds are alright with it, then let your kid just roll with it, but do not let it take forever; a little bit of spotlight will not hurt anyone, and they can easily lighten the mood of everyone, especially for the groom and bride.

Designated grown-up

The same way as you have someone who is responsible when there is a party, you should choose someone who will be responsible for the kids, and ask them to pay special attention to your little ring bearer. When choosing the designated grown-up, it is important to choose someone the kids feel comfortable and relaxed with, preferably someone who is a good entertainer.

Kids will be kids

It is stressful enough that you have to run around making sure everything is alright and to your kids’ liking, food and drinks can be problematic. Not everyone’s allergies can be taken into account, and perhaps it would be a better idea to pack your kids’ meal so that they will not have an upset tummy, nor will they throw a tantrum if something is not to their liking.

Picture time is difficult for everyone, not just for the kids, grown-ups are a hassle to begin with, but getting kids to stay still for more than a minute is impossible. It is a good idea to take the pictures of children first, so that they can go off and have fun, while mommy and daddy take care of their picture session. Just make sure that your kid has supervision all the time.

Remember to have fun!

The key to a successful ring bearer is to remember to rehearse everything and to make sure that he is having lots of fun. Smiling and encouraging will not only make this experience less frightful but it can also turn the evening into one of the best night in their young lives.

Image from Stellina Cute Couture, find more on their page boy gallery.

This post was written by Sophie, a freelance writer based in Sydney. Sophie is a fan of fashion and fashion photography. She’s always searching for new ideas and inspiration.

Not everybody loves a huge shindig so is it possible to get married without a party? Sometimes it can seem like everything is geared towards the reception and trying to outdo the last wedding that we went to. If you are on a tight budget or if you just don’t want the whole circus of a wedding then how do you do it? Follow this guide to find out how you can get the wedding you want!


Small but Modern Marriage Celebrant packages are usually the best ones as you get to interact with all your guests and this enables you to relax more knowing that you have your closest friends and family around you. There is also more focus on the ceremony itself as you know everybody there is focusing on the words you are saying and are truly there to celebrate with you.

A smaller wedding is easier to get away with if this is perhaps your second time around as most people will understand why you don’t want a huge wedding again, especially extended family members. As well as saving on costs you are also cutting down on wedding nerves.

If you have a groom who is nervous about making a speech having a smaller and familiar group of people around him will help him out immensely. Also you can focus more on the day itself knowing that the sea of faces watching you make your vows will be familiar and this should help seep away any nerves leaving you free to enjoy your day without any stresses.

Location, Location:

Locations for smaller weddings are often easier to find. You don’t need to fall into the trap of finding a location big enough to cater for everyone. Why not do what Kate Winslet did when she married Sam Mendez and hire a local pub? You can really go wild here and choose a destination wedding, a quite but nice chapel that can make the event a spiritual experience, or a really quirky place that sums you both up as a couple or is somewhere that provides the backdrop of a mutual hobby.


For example if you are both into potholing there are some locations where you can get married in a cave or tunnels (May not be suitable for some guests). Or there are the more ordinary routes such as a civil ceremony in a quiet location or a registry office. Other locations include theaters, cinemas, music venues, private houses, barns, and outdoor wedding garden venue – you name it.

You can even get married on the London Eye. A destination wedding is a sure fire way of keeping your guest list small and ensuring only the people you really want there are invited. They can be costly though so make sure that you have budgeted enough and decide if you are going to pay for people’s flights and accommodation too.

Who to Invite

This is entirely up to you. Most small weddings cater for the couples nearest and dearest including family members and close friends. Or if you have a large circle of friends it is sometimes easier to just invite close family to avoid the extra cost and the possible awkwardness associated with having to choose who will be present.


If you have children then you will have noticed that your social circle will have changed quite dramatically – do you invite the best friends you see only every six months or the people you see every day? Here’s where you can justify not inviting these people. If they don’t know you as a family or as a couple then what’s the point? Invite only the people who you both know and who you know care about you all immensely.

Don’t invite the people one or the other of you has never met. This should be easier to explain to people without hurting anyone’s feelings. Most importantly let people know your intention to have a small wedding and make your reasons clear.

  It’s your wedding and it’s your choice how you do it, it isn’t up to anyone else. Of course should you choose to throw all caution to the wind then why not elope? It doesn’t have to be as tacky as Gretna Green or the Little White Chapel in Vegas.

There are plenty of ways to do this. There are many ‘Elopement’ packages available in the UK as well as around the world. Small weddings are getting bigger by the day and many people have caught on to this idea.

You can rent a location and have two witnesses supplied and a champagne reception just for the two of you. Many places also allow a small number of guests should you feel as though an elopement will ruffle too many feathers.


You will still need a certain amount of cash to fund your wedding – albeit not as much as a huge wedding but still a required amount. There will still be all the usual wedding costs to out lay regardless of how small you are planning to go.


Venues, celebrants, rings, outfits, photographer, reception ,wedding bouquet and of course‘Thank You’ flowers all cost a lot of money and although you will be cutting a lot of the cost down by not having a big wedding or reception, they will still all need paying for. However, it does mean you can then splurge on the other details if you have the budget for it.

You can of course throw a party as such for the people you wanted to invite but couldn’t. It doesn’t have to be anything flash – you could even have it in your home with just a select few friends and family members. Or look to hire a function room in a pub – usually free in some places if you have a certain amount of people in attendance. This gives you the option to escape into the quieter areas of the pub and not hurt anyone’s feelings. However you do it as long as you do it your way then that is all that matters.