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For many people, documenting a wedding is a very important task. In fact, many couples may spend hundreds of dollars ensuring that each special moment is captured on film. Fortunately, if you want to capture memories without emptying your wallet, here are 3 tips on how to get more video footage of your wedding day for less:

wedding video

Ask guests to upload videos to YouTube so that you can download them later

For almost any event, it is a given that someone will have a camera handy. Whether they have a camcorder or mobile phone, you may be able to find great footage of your special day to use. In fact, you can ask guests attending the festivities to upload their videos to YouTube so that you can download the content using YouTube Downloader.

Along with collecting videos, you can also ask guests to upload pictures that they have taken as well. Fortunately, it’s very easy to gather pictures since many people upload images to Facebook to share with others. When people start uploading pictures of your special day, you can simply download the best ones to keep for your own use as well. However, it’s best to always ask for permission before downloading and using images to prevent any ill feelings.

Once you have all the videos and pictures downloaded (with permission), you can use the best pieces to create a very unique wedding video.

Use an inexpensive video editor

To create a unique video of your wedding day, you can simply use video editing software. Fortunately, many computers include a free program for putting together videos. However, if you want something a little more fancy, you may have to purchase a video editor with more features and better performance.

When using a video editor like iMovie, it is very easy to put together video clips and images to create a special recording of your wedding day. By familiarizing yourself with the program, you can also learn how to add voiceovers, sound effects, music, text, transitions, and more. Once you export your movie, you have the option to upload it directly to various platforms or download it onto your computer.

Put your video onto DVDs

Once you have the wedding video downloaded onto your computer, it’s easy to burn the video onto DVDs to share with your friends and family. Fortunately, you can buy packages of blank DVDs for relatively cheap, so you will not have to worry too much about the additional expense.

If you want to be really fancy with your DVDs, you can print out unique labels to place onto the disks. By creating a unique label, the DVDs will look more professional and impressive than regular disks labeled with a marker.

As you can see, it’s easy to create great videos without making your wedding day that much more expensive. With free footage and inexpensive video editing software and DVDs, you can watch your special day over and over for years to come.

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One of the most important steps in planning your wedding is choosing the wedding venue. Your venue is the backdrop to your photographs and the surroundings in which you’ll spend your special day. It needs to be gorgeous, suited to the scale of your occasion and spot-on with how you imagined it would be. Whether you have always dreamed of saying your vows in a castle tower or you are torn between a city and country hotel, here are some tips to help you make this vital decision.

wedding venue

Discuss with your Partner

You and your partner may have different ideas about where you would like to tie the knot. Yet, instead of letting a disagreement become a problem, take the time to discuss the pros and cons of what each of you want from a wedding venue. The likelihood is that some of your ideas will overlap and this will help you find a venue that caters to both of your wishes.

Decide on a budget

If you fall in love with a venue before deciding on a budget then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Before you research or visit any glamorous Victorian houses or majestic castles, make sure you and your partner have agreed on the maximum you are willing to pay for the venue. If your budget is tight, this could limit your options and, therefore, help you with the decision.

Decide on the Amount of Guests

Have you always wanted a big white wedding or is a small, intimate affair much more ‘you’? Whichever you prefer, make sure you venue can cater for the scale of your occasion. For example, whereas some castle venues may have a limited capacity of 150 guests, large luxury hotels can often cater for up to 500 people. Plus, with an outside venue such as a country park or the seaside, you have no limits.

Decide on the type of Venue

Is your heart set on a traditional church wedding venue or would you prefer a more modern location such as country manor hotel? Whatever you have in mind, take these points into consideration:

  • Do you favor traditional or modern decor styles?
  • What scenery would you love to feature in your wedding photographs, e.g. countryside, castle ruins or elegant hotel decor?
  • Would you prefer one venue or two different venues for the ceremony and reception?
  • Is your preferred type of venue a suitable distance away for guests?
  • Is your preferred type of venue suited to your number of guests?

wedding venue1

Decide on the location of the Venue

Depending on the type of venue you choose, it may be situated in more than one location nearby. For example, you may have many local churches or registry offices to choose from. Choose the location of your venue carefully, to ensure you and your guests can easily attend your big day. If you are booking two separate venues for the ceremony and the reception then you will also need to ensure that the distance between these is not too far, wedding tent hire perth offer; easy, understated, luxury spaces for all manner of events.

Closing the Deal

Whether you are determined to book a particular venue or you are torn between a few, try to end your venue search with 3 options. This will help avoid disappointment if one or more of your choices are unavailable on your preferred dates. To finish your wedding venue UK search, check that is your favorite venue is available and get your special day booked in to their diary.

Happy wedding venue hunting!

It is fair to say that searching for the perfect wedding dress is the main concern of the future brides, when it comes to planning their wedding. Although the search for the bridal dress starts soon after the proposal, some brides encounter real problems finding the perfect wedding dress for them. This is the moment when they should start asking themselves: should I really buy the wedding dress? Or should I just rent one?

The advantages of a renting the wedding dress

Low price. We all know that your budget is the one that dictates how far you can go with your wedding planning details. If you have a small budget for your wedding, it does not mean that you should not wear the dress of your dream; it only means that you should rent it instead of buying it. This way you get to have your fabulous look on your big day, and not have to worry about what you are going to do with the dress after the event.

Redirection your budget. If you decide to rent your wedding dress, you can use the money you would have spent if you had bought it, for some other things, such as decorations, flowers, gifts, photographer, etc. Spending a lot of money on a dress that you are going to wear only once in your life is worth giving a second thought.

One less thing to worry about. Although many brides would not agree, it is our opinion that thinking about what you are going to do with your bridal gown after the wedding is a concern that you should not have to deal with. Some brides prefer to deposit it on their dresser, but they forget about the steps they have to follow to make sure the dress would not deteriorate while being stored.

rent your wedding dress

The disadvantages of a renting the wedding dress

High level of attention. The main disadvantage of a rented bridal gown is that you have to be extremely careful with it. On your wedding day, when you are overwhelmed with emotions and you have to take care of all the details and all your guests, the last thing you need to be on your mind is not to ruin your wedding dress. Accidents can happen and you may end up paying for the dress after all.

You may not get the dress of your dreams. When renting your bridal gown, it is possible to not find the dress you have always dreamed about, and to have to make a compromise. Most of the brides have a certain idea about how the dress should look like, and if they do not find it, they may turn into bridezilas.

renting wedding dress

The advantages of a bought wedding dress

Your dress represents you. The main advantage of buying your wedding dress is that you get to choose the dress that represents you, even if you have a small budget. There are hundreds of stores that you can look through, and thousands of gowns on the internet. It is almost impossible to not find the dress of your dreams.

You can enjoy your wedding. Not having to be extremely cautious with your bridal gown does not mean that you can spill food or drinks on it. Owning your bridal gown would make you feel more relaxed and more confident.

Your daughter may wear it. It is every mother’s dream to see her daughter getting married in her wedding dress. Although not many future brides would agree to wear an outmoded bridal dress, it is good to know that they have the choice. They daughters would probably choose to transform the old gown, but it will still be the dress that their mothers wore.

buying wedding dress

The disadvantages of buying your wedding gown

You only get to wear it once. It is no secret that every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day and that she is willing to spend as much as she has to for the perfect wedding dress. However, if you think that you only get to wear that dress one time in your entire life, is it really worth spending all those money for one day?

What about after the wedding? As perfect as it may be, your wedding day passes fast. At the end at this wonderful event, you are left with a dress that needs special treatment and a lot of space to be stored. And for what all that effort? You will still be looking at the pictures from your wedding album, and you can still see how wonderful you looked wearing it. You do not have to have it in a box in your dresser.

buy your wedding dress

What do you want to do? Buying or renting your wedding dress?

As planning your 2014 wedding is your main occupation, choosing some perfect and unique wedding invitations should be one of the first things you take care of. Going with custom wedding invitation seems to be the right thing to do. However, sometimes you have to do some research to see what is fashionable and choose trendy wedding invitations. If you want your wedding to underline the trends of 2014 weddings, your invitation should look like this:

Lace wedding invitation

Lace continues to be the head of the list in terms of trends for wedding invitations in 2014. No matter if you decide to opt for a simple touch of white lace on your unique wedding invitations, or if you decide to choose colorful lace, this is the best choice for an elegant, formal wedding. Besides lace, pearls and damask are other details that would make your wedding look more elegant, if added to your invitations.

If lace is a little too much for your taste, you can make your wedding invitations custom, by adding trimmed paper that follows lace pattern.

lace wedding invitations

Floral prints wedding invitations

Floral prints are a new trend in terms of wedding invitations. These floral prints can be in contrast with the shade chosen for your invitations, or they can complement the main colors of your 2014 wedding.

This new trend is easy to use, no matter the theme of your wedding, and they will lead to inexpensive wedding invitations. However, the tone they set is not a formal one. This means, that floral prints are perfect for a vintage or an informal wedding.

floral prints wedding invitations

Vintage wedding invitations

Romantism will never die when it comes to wedding themes, and vintage is the perfect style if you want your wedding to underline love. The main advantage of the vintage wedding invitations is that they can be combined with lace or with floral prints.

vintage wedding invitations

Shiny details wedding invitations

The shine and glow are more and more present in all the details related to weddings. 2014 is not an exception to this rule, and shine and glow are a “must” for any elegant wedding. To make your unique wedding invitation shine add some glitter or some gems.

shiny wedding invitations

Stripes and zig-zag pattern wedding invitations

Stripes and zig-zag pattern wedding invitations are perfect for informal weddings. Although not anybody can say that they like stripes, we have to admit that they are quite funny and charming. If you choose the right color combination for your stripe wedding invitation, you will make your wedding guests smile, and you can definitely say that your invitations were unique.

stripe wedding invitations

Sackcloth wedding invitation

If your wedding is a casual one, or a farm one, and you want to make a statement with your wedding invitations, choose some sackcloth as the main fabric for them. You can make your own wedding invitation, and you can personalize them, depending you your wedding theme.

sackcloth wedding invitations

Choosing the colors for your wedding means choosing the details you want to underline at your special event. These colors will be present in each of the wedding planning details, starting with wedding invitations and ending with floral arrangements, and bridesmaids dresses. The colors you choose for your wedding should express a state of mind. However, they could also compliment the theme you chose for this special event.

Most of the brides to be cannot wait to see what the trends of the wedding colors for 2014 are, to find some inspiration and to decide the special shades for their own special event. Here are some of the most popular colors for 2014 wedding.

Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: navy blue

It seems that in 2014 shades of blue is the winning choice when it comes to weddings. From navy blue, to royal blue, to aqua blue, all these shades are very popular among the wedding planners. You could chose to have a simple wedding, with just a shade of blue, or you can choose to add some sparkle with some silver, pastel pink, cream, green or even yellow, if you happen to like any of these other colors.


Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: pastel pink

Pink has always been a popular choice among future brides for their wedding day. 2014 is just another year in which pink is a trendy color, but this time, it is a pastel pink that can be matched easily with other colors like: peach, beige, pistachio or even silver.  Pastel pink is a great color as it can fit any style of weddings, starting with vintage wedding and ending with a classic romantic one.

pastel pink

Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: gray

Although not many brides would choose gray as the main color on their wedding day, in 2014, gray is very popular at these wonderful events. If your wedding is a classic one, you can combine gray with maroon, beige, cream, green or white. If your wedding is informal, you can choose yellow, pink, purple, turquoise or blue to compliment the gray.


Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: turquoise or aqua

If you want your wedding to be colorful and to express energy and joy, turquoise is the color for you. Turquoise is used for less conventional weddings, but, if combined with gold, it can be very well used at an elegant wedding too.


Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: neutral colors

Neutral colors, such as brown, cream, beige, olive green, white and gray, are also very popular for 2014 weddings. These colors are perfect for outside weddings or for green weddings.

neutral colors