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If in 2013 the trends regarding wedding cakes presented elegant and fancy cakes, this year’s trends come with a larger variety of themes and shapes for brides to choose from. Having so many choices, it should be easier to find that wedding cake that it is trendy and matches your wedding theme at the same time. Here are some of the cakes that should inspire you:

Cloth decorations

Cloth and cloth decorations are very fashionable among 2014 wedding season, and wedding cakes do not make an exception from this rule. So, if your wedding is rustic, or vintage, or simply casual, having a cake decorated with cloth is exactly what you need to make it perfect.

cloth wedding cake

Tall candles

Although candles on a cake remind you of a birthday cake, in 2014 candles, and especially tall candles, are fashionable among weddings. Having candles on your wedding cake will be the element of surprise that you need for your special event and matches any wedding theme.

tall candles wedding cake

Fresh fruit decorations

There are people who do not like cakes that have too many flavors of creams in them. For all these people, cakes with fresh fruits are the perfect choice. You can have the fruits in the cake or simply decorating the cake. Either way, your guests will love it.

fresh fruit wedding cake

Uncoated (unfinished) cake

If your wedding is nonconformist and you want to make a statement with your cake too, choose one that is unfinished, that has no frosting, sour cream or marzipan on it. Let the layers of the cake to be visible for your guests. To make it look a little bit elegant, try to decorate it with some natural flowers or with fresh fruits.

unfinished wedding cake

Cupcake cakes

Cupcake cakes have been very popular in the past few years. Not only that they are delicious, but they allow you to create so many different designs, in so many different colors, that people keep ordering this kind of cake for their wedding. If you want to take to the extreme you can have a cake in the shape of a bridal gown. No one would expect that.

cupcake wedding cake

Ombre cakes

Ombre cakes or cakes with gradient colors follow the trends of 2013 wedding cakes. If you want your wedding to be colorful, and to make you smile all the time, the ombre cake is exactly what you need. If you cannot decide on the colors you can either choose from the wedding color trends of 2014 or you can match it to your wedding theme.

ombre wedding cake

Custom cakes

In the past 10 years, personalizing your wedding, and your cake has been very popular among brides to be. The 2014 wedding cakes promotes cakes with 3D decorations that should be inspired by the wedding theme. Having the initials of your names, or a simple but suggestive message represent another nice choice for personalized wedding cakes.

custom wedding cake

Nature inspired cakes

For less elegant weddings, or for weddings inspired by nature, or for vintage weddings, choose a cake that is decorated with items that you can find outside. You can have a cake that shows a waterfall, or a forest, or a field of lavender. Any picture that you have in mind and represents you can be transpose on your wedding cake to make it spectacular.

nature inspired wedding cake