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Considering where you want your wedding photos to be taken is a big decision. You want your pictures to look excellent, portraying your wedding and who you are as a couple. There are plenty of places for you to go for the photos. Here is a list of 10 unique places to take wedding photos. If you want to do some editing after, best photo-editing software.

The beach: Although this might not seem as unique as quite a few couples do it, there are ways to make beach photos unique. Your photographer will know exactly what you should do, if you decide to go with a beach setting.

In the mountains: If you are an outdoorsy couple, going into the mountains and having your photos taken in a natural setting might be perfect for you.

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Scuba diving photos:Unless you are afraid of water or drowning, scuba diving is a great choice because it is unique and shows a fun side of the both of you.

On top of an unique building: This could be an architectural building that has meaning to the both of you, or just one that you find fun and distinct.

The first place you met:Nothing is more romantic than the first place you met, so why not take some pictures at this very spot?

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In a field. This could be a field filled with flowers, or one that just brings out the colors of your outfits better. Either way, a field is very open and gives great light exposure to the camera.

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At an industrial part in town: This will give you a fun and artistic back drop. It is something that is different yet fun.

Your favorite sports venue: If you both share a favorite sports team, why not share that with your guests?

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Historical area: These are always unique looking and will make your photos look very professional. Something like the state capitol or another historical building in the town that you live in.

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Shared hobby: If you both have a hobby such as riding a bike, playing tennis, music, or some other hobby, including them in your wedding photos is a great way to show your relationship off to everyone.

Having a unique place for your wedding photos is going to be a fun experience and will help relax you during a more stressful time of planning a wedding. Your photos should be unique to what makes you a couple, not necessarily what you think is popular.

About the Author: Denver Wedding Photographer, Hardy Klahold is happy to bring you this article on 10 unique places for couples to take their wedding photos. If you are interested in wedding photography in Denver, be sure to check out his website today.