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You might like to ask what type of video camera and other equipment will be used. If you are familiar with video equipment this information might be useful but it’s probably not necessary. An average camera in the hands of the best videographer is better than the most expensive camera operated by an average videographer.

Knowing what video format you want for your wedding is a step in the right direction. There is a wide range of video formats that a videographer may utilize when covering a wedding. To ensure the best quality and results, knowing the different types of options you may select from will help make a decision much easier. For couples looking to receive video with the feel of a major motion picture, DV provides the best display of sound and video that comes in the form of a DVD. So make sure to talk to your best wedding videographer about the video formats, and to ask for video samples for each format. This way you will make the best decision, based on video samples.

Making the best wedding videos is an expensive business and professional videographers need to charge a lot of money to turn a fair profit. You should regard cheap quotes with suspicion.We can’t give a specific price guide here because they vary so much from place to place, but professional videography is usually at least as expensive as professional photography. Remembering that most videos require several days of skilled labor with expensive equipment, you can see why best video production costs a lot.

Ask about the payment structure and whether there are any hidden costs. How much is the retainer? Under what circumstances is it refundable? Is it part of the total cost of the wedding video? Does it guarantee the date? When is the balance due? Decide what you’re comfortable with. These conditions may be negotiable. If you’re not comfortable with the financial arrangements, find another videographer.

The contract is how you and your videographer communicate. It’s where you come to agreement and record what will happen with regard to your wedding video. Make sure that everything you want from the videographer and everything he expects from you is written into the contract. Take nothing for granted. If there is anything you don’t understand, ask for an explanation and, if necessary, ask to have that clarification written into the final version of the contract. If there is something you and the videographer discuss, and it’s important to you, have it included in the contract.

It has become increasingly popular for couples to have a video made of their wedding and reception celebrations, often to complement the photographer’s record. A video provides a way to look back on the events of your  wedding ceremony and reception, and gives an opportunity to view the celebrations from a different perspective.

How to choose your wedding videographer

When choosing a videographer for your wedding the rule regarding experience still stands. The majority of couples may be very disappointed with the results produced by asking an amateur friend or relative to film their wedding day. Even if this amateur is using the latest technology, the results are still likely to suffer from their complete lack of experience, shaky camera, poor audio and poor editing. The best videographer for your wedding will always be the one that has the most experience.

Style of filming is another aspect you need to consider. Wedding videos tend to fall into either the documentary or journalistic and what might be called the MTV style. Videographers who work in the MTV style are more likely to stage couples, like a movie director arranging a scene. Videographers who specialize in the MTV style are the best choices for couples who want a “how we met” Love Story, and who do not mind having the natural flow of the wedding day interrupted from time to time by requests to pose or perform for the videographer.

Before wasting valuable time on researching on the best videographers, checking references, etc., research all of your wedding locations first. Check with your church and be sure they will allow videography on the premises for the duration of your wedding. Afterward, continue checking with all of the venues you are booking for the wedding, reception hall, restaurants, etc

Wedding videography is similar to wedding photography in terms of booking. The best wedding videographer will be booked as much as a year or more in advance. With the exception of some slight fluctuation, the wedding season is busy year-round. One common piece of advice is to book your best videographer as soon as you reserve your reception hall.

It is important to watch as many samples from all the best videographers you chose. Many videographers have sample videos on their websites. If you watch enough video samples, you’ll soon realize that there are many different styles of varying production quality. When inquiring with a videographer, they may offer to meet with you and play some video samples of their work in person. This is a good opportunity, which you should avail of. When watching their work, ensure that the picture does not momentarily skip or jump. Also, look out for both clarity of picture and sound (particularly during the vows and speeches).