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When it comes to looking your best for your wedding, the right jewellery can really make a difference. Gemstones will give you some added color and elegance too, especially if you choose wisely. This guide looks at the glittering emerald, a minor player in the world of bridal accessories and why you should choose to buck the trend and spice up your wedding dress with something a bit more individual.

Vibrant and Brilliant

The first thing you’ll notice about the humble emerald is its color. That green glow just radiates outwards, usually thanks to the talent and skill of the jeweler who cut it. Even the smallest gem can shine out with an almost lush, forest-type brilliance when the right light hits it. For this reason, these types of stones are perfect for your big day. When it comes to amazing wedding accessories, the emerald is really the unsung hero of glitter, glamor and grace. It will perfectly match with your white, pure wedding dress, accompanying you down the aisle with a green, harmonizing glow.



Style and Design

Emerald jewellery also boasts plenty of diversity as the stone itself is quite flexible. This can be seen by merely browsing through a local jeweller’s shop where you can see plenty of necklaces, bracelets and earrings all adorned by this amazing stone. For the bride, this means that they should be able to find a style that suits their taste and personality. If you’ve gone shopping for the diamond stores in UK, you should also be able to find some emerald jewellery that matches with these romantic items. Your entire outfit will look absolutely dazzling thanks to the versatility and style offered by these amazing gemstone accessories.




Luck and Prosperity

Some people believe that emeralds can also be used to gain good luck. If you’re born in May, this is your birthstone. By wearing this gem in your bridal outfit, you may gain:

  • Personal rebirth in your newly married life
  • Foresight to plan well with your husband
  • Good fortune and prosperity in your marriage
  • Long lasting youth as you grow old together

With the right beliefs, you can see why these kinds of gemstones are perfect for the future bride. Not only does emerald jewellery look fantastic but it might also provide a whole host of positive inner and outer benefits for the wearer.



Cost and Value

Lastly, these green gems are much more affordable than more traditional diamonds. If you’re on a budget but still want to look amazing on the big day, you should definitely go shopping for a few of these stunning accessories. Their prices are so cost effective that you should also be able to pick up a range of items from necklaces to earrings, forming a complete ensemble that will make your wedding dress simply shine out while you walk down the aisle. Planning to get married can be expensive but with the right choices, such as emerald jewellery, you get to take everyone’s breath away without spending a fortune.



About the Author: The Diamond Store is an engagement rings UK specialist that aims to guide consumers into finding the most suitable jewellery pieces for their budget.

Most brides eagerly anticipate the thrill of finding the perfect dress, the one that makes you feel the prettiest you’ve ever felt, the one that completes you almost as much as your future spouse. But even after you’ve stood in front of the mirror and found The One, you still need to think about accessories: jewellery, veils, hair pieces, nails. The work is just beginning to make sure you look your bridal best! Luckily, this guide will make it easy to consider each part of your accessories. Just think about one step at a time, and you’ll be ready for the Big Day looking like Cinderella.

The Major Steps:

Think about what kind of styles will complement the dress you’ve chosen

Wedding gowns can vary from simple and sweet to gigantic, ballroom-filling skirts. Consider the shape, size and decoration of your dress before you consider accessories. If your chosen dress has a lot of sequins or shiny embellishments or has a very full skirt then using simpler jewellery like stud earrings or a strand of pearls will keep the attention on your dress and not anywhere else. If you chose a simple, unadorned white dress, then you can really let your accessories shine – think chandelier earrings, a jewelled headpiece or a stunning pendant necklace.


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Hair Accessories

Have you always dreamed of a long, flowing veil or a short one that only reaches your shoulders? Again, if you’ve chosen a formal ballgown, a longer veil matches the style. A casual or shorter-length dress pairs well with a shorter veil. You may even choose to forego a veil entirely, and wear a headband, tiara or jewelled hairpins instead. Many brides choose to incorporate some of their bridal flowers in their hairstyle as well. Just remember not to overdo it – all three of these options would look like you’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink onto your head! Generally, picking two options out of veil, hairpiece or flowers will keep you looking elegant but not overloaded.


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Of course you should get a manicure and make sure your hands are ready for that new ring, but even here the options are almost infinite. If you’re having a very formal, traditional wedding, then a simple manicure is best – go for French tips, a nude nail color, or a subdued pink. If you’re having a more modern or unconventional affair, then consider getting your nails done in an unconventional color to match—maybe match your nails to your bridesmaid colors, or the colors in your bouquet. Again, be careful to balance your nails with your jewellery – simple jewellery will make a unique manicure stand out, but if you want everyone to be looking at your stunning earrings or necklace, then keep your nails a muted tone.


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Jewellery and Necklines

You’ll want your jewellery style to also match the neckline of your dress. If you have a deep V-neck, accessorize your neck and chest with a choker or pendant necklace. If you have a more demure halter or sweetheart neckline, then you might skip a necklace and focus on dramatic earrings or a bracelet, or use an elegant strand of pearls.


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