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bridal jewelery trends 2013Every woman has thought of how she will look on her wedding day. There is hardly any woman who has not replayed the wedding scene in mind over and over again in all years before she got married. However with time we tend to refine it and change certain things as per the latest trends. We add something; we subtract something and keep the rest of it as it was when we thought about this day for the first time. Over the years our preference of jewelry trends tends to change and finally by the time we get married we are more or less influenced by the latest trends of the season. If you are planning to get married this season i.e. 2013 don’t forget to consider the latest trends in bridal jewelry of the season before you actually purchase the items.

Crystal Starburst

Instead of piling on anything and everything that you can lay your hands on, concentrate on big, bold pieces so that you are able to make the right style statement with a single piece rather than getting dressed up as a Christmas tree. One very popular jewelry piece is the crystal starburst which can be used in a number of ways. One such style is a crystal brooch that can be pinned in your wedding dress.


One can also make a strong statement by opting for chokers. One can opt for two three stripes of crystals or a combination of pearls and crystals, especially if it is a day time wedding. You can mix and match your choker with a beautiful stud or a chandelier earring that have a vintage look and are very hip and chic at the same time.


Another big trend this season is bracelets. They can add the right amount of zing to your wedding gown. You can match it with the design of your choker or even your earring. One can also customize the bracelet for a proper and perfect fit.

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