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In the quest for that perfect look there is nothing like a holistic approach. And just as people are taking a holistic approach to other areas of their lives such as health and fitness, fashion is one area that is not being left behind. In fact, as is the case in so many instances, fashion is forging a path for other areas of life to follow, something that luminaries such as Coco Chanel were aware of a century ago.

Nailed It!

Those who are very au fait in the world of fashion would not be caught leaving the house without ensuring their nails and their ring style is not in sync. After all, it is the small things in life that make a big difference and really differentiate between the pretenders and the contenders. And it is easier to change your nail styling to suit your ring than what it is to change your ring to suit your nails.


Following are five tips for matching your nails to your ring style:

Nail Art–manicure have come a long way over the years and the days of a simple manicure with a monotone nail polish are rather passé. Extravagant color combinations, different colors on different fingers, and adhesive designs are all de rigueur these days in the world of nail art. As for matching nail art with your ring, as a rule of thumb, unless you really want to stand out in a crowd, match more radical nail art with a more demure ring and vice versa

Color of Nail Polish and Color of Diamond/Stone– a colorless diamond will match any color of nail polish but, depending on the size of the ring and the setting, it may get “lost” with paler shades of nail polish. A ring with a colored gemstone such as a fancy color diamond, a ruby, or an emerald may require you to match the color of the nail polish to the ring. A French manicure is the perfect accompaniment to any prominently colored stone.

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Color of Nail Polish and Color of Band– similar to the point above but relevant to rings without a stone. The most common colors for rings without a stone are yellow gold, pink gold, and shades of white/gray (depending on whether the ring is made from gold, platinum, or palladium). A ring without a colored stone can match or contrast with your nails depending on your mood and the look you want.

Nail Shape and Type of Ringshort nails or long nails? Rounded nails or claw nails? These days almost anything goes when it comes to shape of nail. Just make sure that it is in keeping with the size and look of the ring as there really is no rule book for matching nails to rings, so be a trendsetter; just make sure the trend is one that others will want to follow rather than avoid.

Kelly as a Style Icon –no, not Grace Kelly but, are you sitting down, Kelly Osbourne. If you really have the cash to splash, how about taking a page out of Kelly Osbourne’s book and going for a manicure with nail polish made of black diamonds? It may have cost a cool quarter of a million dollars but you only live once and you can either ditch the ring all together or pair it up with a big black colored diamond ring or even a ring encrusted with a large black or white pearl. Are you game enough (and rich enough).


Written By Sharon Robinson from Genesis Diamonds, visit us to have a look at our beautiful rings designed by Simon-g, Ritani and many more!

Nails on a woman hands are very important; they are the best way to increase and enhance the beauty of a woman. For a bride the cleanness of her nails becomes much more necessary because at the wedding day nails are the most focused area on hands. So if you can’t decide on a style for your manicure, here are some ideas.

Styles for bridal manicure

French manicure. The French manicure was created by French designers in order to suit all wedding outfits. It is the only popular and widely established two color manicure. This style is good for every day as well as for special occasions. Brides with a French manicure always look elegant and pretty. The main advantage of this manicure is that it enables defects and blemishes in your nails to be hidden and emphasizes their natural beauty. The classic colors of this manicure are a translucent pink or beige base that matches the natural skin or bare nail: tips are usually white. The skin color is applied first and then the white.

bridal french manicure

Acrylic Nails. Acrylic nails are the most common type of artificial nails. They are very durable, thick, and glued on to the natural nails. While there are home kits available, most women go into salons to get their bridal nails professionally done. Many women enjoy using acrylics since they are stronger than natural nails and you can adjust the length to your liking. They also are easy to paint various designs on. However, many women complain that their natural nails get ruined under the acrylics. Also, if one breaks, it looks very unnatural and you must go into a salon immediately to fix it. If you have never worn acrylics before, it is recommended that you begin getting comfortable wearing them well before your wedding time.

bridal acrylic nails

Gemstone Nails. This type is popular in recent years as gems and rhinestones have great popularity among people. Generally speaking, this design will look fabulous for the gems applied to will make your nails look dazzling and glamorous. If you love sparkles and bright stuff, don’t miss this nails design for your wedding.

Bridal gemstone nails

Lace Wedding Nails. Undoubtedly one of the coolest nail art trends is the lace nail look. Lace is romantic, beautiful, and looks great on everyone. Lace comes in many colors, and some of it has designs whole other lace is simply a bit of material that is just to make your clothes look better. You can find lace for a very good price at fabric stores or even mass merchandise stores. You can also use the lace off of old clothes, or head to a thrift shop and find something cheap you don’t mind turning into a fashion accessory.

bridal lace nails

Hello Kitty nails. If you are a Hello Kitty lover, you must want to make a Hello Kitty themed wedding party. In such case, Hello Kitty patterns are necessary, which makes your wedding as a whole in theme. All your wedding guests will be surprised by your creativity. And you will have a good memory about your wedding.

bridal hello kytty nails

Gel nails. Gel nails are a newer type of artificial nail that are rapidly increasing in popularity. Gel’s main appeal is they look and feel more like the natural nails and they claim to be less damaging on the natural nail. They hold polish longer than natural nails but less than Acrylics. Many salons are encouraging their clients to try Gels. If they are new to you, try them out well before your wedding time to get comfortable with them and make sure you like the look of them.

bridal gel nails

Natural Nails. Your natural nails biggest appeal is the fact that they are natural and the most comfortable. Depending on the current state of your nails, you can plan ahead to have natural nails that look the way you want on your wedding day. Keep your nails in good shape in the months prior to the wedding by having regular manicures. Trim them just the right amount so they don’t break but also grow in length if you want to sport a long nails look. Natural nails are the easiest to fix in a last minute emergency nail situation.

bridal natural nails

Nail Art. There are many variations, styles, materials and tricks that are used to create small artistic masterpieces on your fingers. Stones, glass crystal, plastic, metal, colors of all shades, and bits of ribbon, lace, paper, there is no end to what can be used. You can even, with a tiny drill, make holes into your bridal nails since there are no nerve endings, and add decorations. But take care with nail art so you don’t overdo it.

bridal nails art

The image of the perfect bride is well thought out from her hair to her finger tips. Your hands on this special day are going to be the center of attention, whether it be holding the bouquet, showing off the rings, yours and his, or simply being photographed holding a glass of champagne… your hands need to look immaculate. Here are some tips for your bridal manicure.

Tips for perfect bridal nails

•    Choosing the right color and design for your bridal nails depends on a variety of things: dress color, atmosphere at the wedding, your personality, what you are comfortable with, and what look you are going for. French manicure is always a popular, classy choice that will match most outfits, from a typical red length to a summery destination wedding dress.

bridal nails

•    Plan ahead, think about what types of bridal nails you want and what design. Try as many manicure styles you can, so you can make the perfect choice for your wedding day.

bridal nails

•    Go with someone you trust.  If you have a manicurist you routinely go to, plan on using them for your wedding nails.  If you want to try someone new, make sure you check out reviews and go in for a couple trials. You do not want to risk not having a perfect bridal manicure on your special day.

•    Have your nails done a couple of weeks before the wedding, and follow their example in keeping nails looking clean and shiny, remembering to schedule a follow up the day before the wedding.

bridal nails

•    Plan a day for your manicure and pedicure close to the wedding date but don’t leave it till the last minute in case you get crammed for time. After having your bridal nails done, make sure you are careful not to ruin them.

bridal nails

•    Remember to keep your bridal nails looking nice for all those wedding related events where people will inevitably ask you to see your rock.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on manicure, a simple home polish change will do the trick!

bridal nails

•    When you consult with your makeup artist and the hair stylist, you should then approach the matter of your bridal nails as well. Seek for their opinion and you will see that they will definitely recommend the style of the bridal manicure that is in accordance with your overall appearance.

bridal nails

•    Always wear gloves when cleaning the house or washing dishes. The substances you use when cleaning can seriously ruin your wonderful bridal nails.

bridal nails

•    Let your bridal nails breathe for a bit before the wedding and only use a nail-building top-coat but no nail polish until the day before your wedding day.

bridal nails

•    If you’re a nail biter, use anti-nail biting polish of the most bitter kind to ensure your mouth stays away from your fingers for at least six weeks prior to the wedding. This way you might loose this habit and you will have your nails perfect for your manicurist.

bridal nails

•    If you have trouble growing your own nails, an acrylic set may be the way to go. Keep in mind, acrylic tips must be “filled in” about every two weeks. Because acrylic often damages the nail underneath, it is only a quick fix, not a “real” solution to problem nails.

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