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Gloves have always been a popular accessory throughout history, not only for a bride bur for women of the rich society. During the Renaissance, it was common for women to wear gloves that were excessively embroidered and perfumed, made out of silk, kid leather or linen. During the nineteenth century a pair of opera-length gloves which had 16-buttons were a must have for the wealthy. The gloves required glove stretchers, button-hooks, powder and assistance from a second person to put on. Since there are so many options of bridal gloves, in this article we will talk about how to choose the right gloves for a bride.

How to Choose the Right Gloves for a Bride

Bridal Glove Style

Your wedding gloves should complement your dress. Choose simple bridal gloves to wear with an ornate gown. Conversely, a simple gown allows for fancier bridal gloves. Remember the goal is to enhance not to overwhelm. If you are wearing a stroppy or sleeveless dress you could consider a full length pair of opera bridal gloves. For an off the shoulder dress why not opt for the short wedding gloves. If your dress is made of a classic material, like satin or silk, then you could choose  bridal gloves that have include some feminine trim in lace.

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Bridal Glove Length

Length is another important thing you should consider when you plan to buy a pair of gloves for the day when you are going to be  a bride. Glove lengths range from 1-button, ending at the wrist, to 20-button, ending at the shoulder. Brides tend to prefer the middle of the gloves, because they are easy to match the dress of any length. Elbow length gloves (12-button) should be chosen for dresses with either cap sleeves or elbow length sleeves. Shorter gloves (6-button and shorter) are reserved for dresses with longer, more fitted sleeves.

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Bridal Glove Fabric

If you will be a bride with a silk wedding dress, your best choice is made of silk gloves. Moreover, different seasons have different styles. If it’s during the summer, then choose cotton and in winter velvet is an ideal fabric for your bridal gloves. You can choose to thin gloves, if you get married in the spring or autumn.

Exchanging of the Rings

During the exchanging of rings, you may either remove the glove from the left ring finger by slitting the fabric underneath and lifting it over the finger or you may choose to remove the glove altogether. It’s a good idea to practice removing your glove several times before your wedding to ensure a smooth transition. After the rings have been exchanged, simply pull the glove back down over the finger. If the glove has been removed, leave it off until after the ceremony. Remember to put your gloves back on for photographs. You don’t want to be a bride with a missing glove.

Gloves for your bridesmaids

A lot of the bridesmaid dresses look stylish with matching gloves. They are a great year-round accent that adds elegance to any dress.

During the Reception

At the reception, your gloves should be kept on in the receiving line and for special dances with your groom and your father. As it is never acceptable to eat or drink while wearing gloves, you should remove your gloves before cutting your wedding cake.