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Have you already decided which one of your friends and family will become bridesmaids at your wedding? That’s great! Now you can move on to the next part of the planning and that is to decide on the outfits of these lovely ladies at the ceremony. And though this may sound simple, the actual planning for their dresses can be a bit stressful as you have to do a lot of considerations to make everybody happy. If you’re in need of help on how to dress up your bridesmaids during your wedding, then these tips might be able to help you:

1. The design of dress – Talk to your bridesmaids and ask them about their preferences on the outfits that they are going to wear for the wedding. It would be best to come up with a dress design that is practical and comfortable to wear so that everybody can agree into wearing it. I suggest you check out the greenguide and take a look at their bridesmaid dress collection. These dresses are not only stylish, but most of the bridesmaids dresses from the greenguide are cheap and will save you a lot of money.


2. Makeup – This is also a very important element in their overall outfit. As much as possible, suggest to all your bridesmaids to wear light makeup during the ceremony that is just enough to reveal their natural beauty. Or better yet, ask them to refer to the top 3 bridesmaid makeup ideas on and be properly guided on the fashionable makeup styles of this season.

3. Let them wear comfortable shoes – Let all your bridesmaids feel the joy of the moment and not to be tormented with their attire. Ask them about their preference in shoes and come up with an agreement with all of them so that everybody will be happy. Weddings usually require heels so ask them not to wear very high heels if this is necessary.

4. Accessories – Tell them not to wear too much jewelry at the wedding and just wear the right accessory to accentuate their overall outfit. Wearing of too much bling can cause a bit of a distraction and it’s totally unnecessary at the same time. So ask them to wear a few jewels just enough to add sparkle to their overall beauty.

All in all, the proper way of dressing up your bridesmaids for your wedding is to let them wear sexy and comfortable outfits and to minimize on the frills. Follow these tips mentioned and surely enough your ladies will look as remarkable as you at you day of matrimony.