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It is fair to say that searching for the perfect wedding dress is the main concern of the future brides, when it comes to planning their wedding. Although the search for the bridal dress starts soon after the proposal, some brides encounter real problems finding the perfect wedding dress for them. This is the moment when they should start asking themselves: should I really buy the wedding dress? Or should I just rent one?

The advantages of a renting the wedding dress

Low price. We all know that your budget is the one that dictates how far you can go with your wedding planning details. If you have a small budget for your wedding, it does not mean that you should not wear the dress of your dream; it only means that you should rent it instead of buying it. This way you get to have your fabulous look on your big day, and not have to worry about what you are going to do with the dress after the event.

Redirection your budget. If you decide to rent your wedding dress, you can use the money you would have spent if you had bought it, for some other things, such as decorations, flowers, gifts, photographer, etc. Spending a lot of money on a dress that you are going to wear only once in your life is worth giving a second thought.

One less thing to worry about. Although many brides would not agree, it is our opinion that thinking about what you are going to do with your bridal gown after the wedding is a concern that you should not have to deal with. Some brides prefer to deposit it on their dresser, but they forget about the steps they have to follow to make sure the dress would not deteriorate while being stored.

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The disadvantages of a renting the wedding dress

High level of attention. The main disadvantage of a rented bridal gown is that you have to be extremely careful with it. On your wedding day, when you are overwhelmed with emotions and you have to take care of all the details and all your guests, the last thing you need to be on your mind is not to ruin your wedding dress. Accidents can happen and you may end up paying for the dress after all.

You may not get the dress of your dreams. When renting your bridal gown, it is possible to not find the dress you have always dreamed about, and to have to make a compromise. Most of the brides have a certain idea about how the dress should look like, and if they do not find it, they may turn into bridezilas.

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The advantages of a bought wedding dress

Your dress represents you. The main advantage of buying Alena Leena Bridal Gowns is that you get to choose the dress that represents you. There are hundreds of stores that you can look through, and thousands of gowns on the internet. It is almost impossible to not find the dress of your dreams.

You can enjoy your wedding. Not having to be extremely cautious with your bridal gown does not mean that you can spill food or drinks on it. Owning your bridal gown would make you feel more relaxed and more confident.

Your daughter may wear it. It is every mother’s dream to see her daughter getting married in her wedding dress. Although not many future brides would agree to wear an outmoded bridal dress, it is good to know that they have the choice. They daughters would probably choose to transform the old gown, but it will still be the dress that their mothers wore.

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The disadvantages of buying your wedding gown

You only get to wear it once. It is no secret that every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day and that she is willing to spend as much as she has to for the perfect wedding dress. However, if you think that you only get to wear that dress one time in your entire life, is it really worth spending all those money for one day?

What about after the wedding? As perfect as it may be, your wedding day passes fast. At the end at this wonderful event, you are left with a dress that needs special treatment and a lot of space to be stored. And for what all that effort? You will still be looking at the pictures from your wedding album, and you can still see how wonderful you looked wearing it. You do not have to have it in a box in your dresser.

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What do you want to do? Buying or renting your wedding dress?