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Most women agree: shopping for men’s wedding rings can be surprisingly difficult, no matter how adept of a shopper you are. One common problem that many women and their grooms-to-be face when shopping for his band is an overwhelming case of the blahs – some men are just not meant to have the plain traditional wedding band.

Enter men’s diamond wedding rings. Never thought about buying him a diamond band? Maybe you should. Here are three reasons why men’s diamond wedding rings are worth your (and his) consideration.

They leave plain bands in the dust

Most men’s wedding bands are not exactly what you would call eye-catching. Plain and simple gold and platinum bands undoubtedly have a certain timeless appeal, but they can be understated to the point of being almost boring. Diamonds add instant zing to any band in any material – and the fact is, most men love them. These days men’s diamond wedding rings are available in an impressive number of styles that are sure to suit any guy’s personal taste, from extremely modern contemporary bands to retro-inspired styles.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings Hot or Not

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings Hot or Not

You can make them ultra manly

A somewhat common misconception about men’s diamond wedding rings is that they are “effeminate.” Nothing could be further from the truth. While diamond wedding rings used to be predominantly worn by women, during the last 30 years men’s diamond wedding rings have grown exponentially in popularity. Famous athletes and male celebrities can be spotted wearing men’s diamond wedding rings on a regular basis, and guys in mainstream America have followed suit.

Beyond style, a couple ways in which men’s diamond wedding rings differentiate themselves from their female counterparts is with color and band material choices. White or colorless diamonds are a popular choice for men’s diamond wedding rings, but so are two very masculine alternatives: black and cognac diamonds. Black diamonds are moody and romantic, and are color treated to achieve their striking dark hue (naturally black diamonds are rare and not, in fact, very black). Cognac diamonds are a velvety chocolate brown shade, and have a certain earthy yet sophisticated appeal. These brown diamonds are usually not color treated, and can oftentimes be less expensive than colorless diamonds.

Band material choices also lend an extra dose of masculinity to men’s diamond wedding rings. While men’s diamond rings are certainly available in traditional precious metals like gold, platinum and palladium, they can also be found in a number of contemporary materials like titanium, tungsten, ceramic and cobalt chrome. Men tend to love these materials as they have a modern yet classic look, and often boast additional benefits like incredible strength and durability.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings Hot or Not

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings Hot or Not

They’re not as expensive as YOUR diamond ring

The groom’s ring is usually purchased more towards the end of the wedding process, and often when you’ve already gone far beyond your highest budget projections. Unfortunately, this creates a tricky situation: you want to get him the nicest wedding ring possible, but you simply might not be able to afford that platinum band that you always assumed that you would purchase.

Cost is one of the foremost reasons that brides don’t think about getting their grooms men’s diamond wedding rings, as many assume the price will be comparable to that of their own engagement rings. Fortunately, this is not the case for the majority of men’s diamond wedding rings. For starters, men’s diamond wedding rings tend to utilize smaller and less costly stones. Because of their smaller size, less attention is paid to factors like clarity, cut and color, which also makes for more budget-friendly diamond rings. The fact that contemporary materials like titanium and cobalt chrome are more commonly used in men’s bands also allows for less expensive men’s diamond wedding rings.

As you can see, the question is not “why men’s diamond wedding rings?” but “why NOT men’s diamond wedding rings?” If your husband-to-be has a sparkling personality, make sure to get him a wedding band to match.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings Hot or Not

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings Hot or Not

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