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As we all know diamonds are the hardest and the most lasting gemstone in this world. I believe that I am right when I say that each of us wants their marriage to have the same characteristics as a diamond: to be strong, long lasting, and colorful with all kinds of good things happening. Having engagement rings or wedding bands with diamond is each bride’s dream as not only that the diamond makes the bands sparkle but it keeps them in very good shape at all times, as the diamonds can’t be scratched.

3 tips to choose diamond wedding bands

If you can afford to buy diamond wedding bands here is all you need to know in order to make the right choice for you and your style.

The diamond type

When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands there are three major diamond types that jewelers recommend: diamonds, sapphires and rubies. These types of diamonds are hard and durable and will resist to the daily wear without getting scratched. The other types of diamond are less recommended due to their softness and their less resistance to factors that might deteriorate them.

Diamond wedding bands - diamond type

Diamond wedding bands – diamond type (source:

The metal type

No matter if the metal is yellow gold, or white gold, or platinum, or titanium, there are diamond wedding bands for women that can suit your style and engagement rings. White diamonds are a perfect match for each of these metals. While rubies look amazing both on yellow and white metal, sapphire is suitable only for white gold and platinum wedding bands.

Diamond wedding bands - metal type

Diamond wedding bands – metal type (source: )

The diamond setting types

When we talk about wedding bands for women, there are three main setting types for the diamonds: the channel set, the hammer set and the grain set. The channel set presents the diamonds touching each other. The hammer set presents metal section between the diamonds. The grain set presents little beaded edges that hold the diamonds in place. While the channel set is the most popular one, the grain set is also very well seen, as it is common for vintage wedding rings and women love this style.

Diamond wedding bands - setting style

Diamond wedding bands – setting style (source: