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It's Party Time 6 Ways to Have That Dream ReceptionBeautiful and luxurious weddings are so popular in today’s society. People really want to have their dream reception, and they are finding ways to make that happen. How can you make your own dream wedding come to life?

Dance Floors for Outdoor Events

When you are hosting your wedding reception outside, you might be worried about where people are going to dance. After all, tents do not often come with a dance floor. Fortunately, portable dance rentals are available. No matter where you are having your reception, guests can dance the night away.

Photo Booths

If you’ve been to some weddings recently, you are probably noticing how extremely popular photo booths are becoming. They give guests something to do when there is down-time at the reception, and the unique and wacky props that come with the booths let your family members and friends have laughs for years to come.¬†Utah event rentals may be able to provide one for you.

Live Singers

As people are eating dinner, they don’t want to scream over loud music blasting out of the speakers. Still though, having some form of entertainment to keep the party going is needed. Find out if your DJ company has a live singer; many of them do. This singer can croon some old-fashioned tunes or new hits while everyone enjoys their delectable cuisine.

Unique Food Options

At weddings, most guests are used to the steak, chicken, seafood, vegetarian entree options. Try to incorporate some unique options in there. For example, at a more casual reception, you might do a buffet of barbecue favorites. At a formal affair, look into mansion style where appetizers and cocktail hour food are served through the duration of the event.

Take Guest Requests

Hopefully, you will select a number of songs that guests actually love to dance to, but it’s hard to predict the tastes of everyone. Instead, allow guests to request some of their favorite songs to be played during the evening.

Don’t Forget Dessert

At many weddings, guests are able to enjoy the cake and coffee, and that’s it as far as dessert goes. Look into setting up a Venetian table and/or a chocolate fountain. Having a little extra something sweet at the end ensures that guests will always remember your wedding reception.

Remember, all of these details will definitely impress your guests, but you will be able to enjoy them as well.