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Spring is associated with the beginning of a new life. On spring the sun is shining, the grass is green, and your love is blooming. Spring is a joyous time of year and the perfect time to plan a wedding. There are many themes for a spring wedding, and all of these themes have their perfect choices of elegant wedding favors.

Spring wedding favors

Spring is the season of bright colors and blooming flowers, so embrace it with your wedding favors.

Flowers as wedding favors

Spring is all about flowers and lots of them! For your spring themed wedding, you may want to bring in as many floral themed wedding items that you can to give your wedding atmosphere a spring like feeling. Besides having lots of fresh or silk flowers at your wedding you may also choose flower shaped candles, votive, dishes and other floral themed wedding favors to delight your guests.

Floral spring wedding favors

Floral spring wedding favors (source: )

Butterflies as wedding favors

Spring also makes us think about butterflies. Butterflies have always been a popular theme for weddings, especially in the spring. If you are looking to incorporate this theme into your wedding, there are many elegant butterfly favors to choose from. There are butterflies on everything from place card holders to fortune cookies, bottle stoppers to photo frames, and everything in between, all of them elegant and nice.

Butterfly spring wedding favors

Butterfly spring wedding favors (source:

Practical Spring Favors

For practical brides, giving useful gifts to all your guest may be more important than looks or taste. If this is the case, consider giving guests umbrellas or ponchos to fend off raindrops as elegant wedding favors. Margarita or martini glasses are spring favor ideas for friends who spend the season enjoying their patios during the evenings. For a floral themed wedding giving small garden spades or hand rakes, or even small personalized set for gardening is another practical wedding favor.

Practical spring wedding favors

Practical spring wedding favors (source:

Although for some couples it may sound a little crazy, winter wedding themes are as romantic as summer or fall themed wedding. There are many reasons to have a winter wedding theme, although the temperature may not be ideal, the scenery is gorgeous. Winter wedding favors will add magic to your reception or party decorations while providing adorable keepsakes for family and friends.

Winter Wedding Favors


When we think about a winter wedding themes we have in mind snowflakes. No matter if you choose snowflake wine stopper, or snowflake place card holders, or snowflake Christmas tree ornaments, or snowflakes bookmark, or snowflake candles holder, or snowflake crispy treat, or snowflake key chain, you will have elegant wedding favors for your wedding guests. You can personalize all of them by simply printing your names and your wedding date on your winter favors.

Snowflake winter wedding favors

Snowflake winter wedding favors (source: )


Everyone loves a snowman as it is a true symbol of winter’s delight. You can give a delightful and elegant wedding favor to your guest by choosing one of the snowman themed favors. There are snowman bookmarks, snowman place card holders, snowman wine stopper, snowman key chain, snowman candles, snowman cookies and many other snowman themed favors. Allof these winter favors, if wrapped elegantly, can bring a smile to your wedding guests.

Snowman winter wedding favors

Snowman winter wedding favors (source:

Snow globes

Snow globes are perfect as favors for a winter wedding. The “Mr.& Mrs.” snowman globes are so adorable, you can’t help but smile. But there are also Christmas themed snow globes that will introduce you into an atmosphere of happiness and joy. You can easily personalize the snow globes by printing your names on the bottom.

Snowglobes winter wedding favors

Snow globes winter wedding favors (source:


Calendars make excellent favors for winter themed weddings! All your friends and family will need them for their homes and offices. It’s such a practical item to give, not to mention your guests will think about the great time they had at your wedding all year long when they see the personalized area. The personalized area may have pictures of you two as a couple, or your favorite saying, or something written by one of you.

Calendar winter wedding favors

Calendar winter wedding favors (source:


If you are getting married in September, October or November, think about embracing the season and having an autumn theme to your wedding and party favors. The crisp fall air and gorgeous leaves changing color can make a memorable backdrop for your big day.

Fall wedding favors

Fall leafs

When we thing about a fall theme for a wedding we definitely have in mind bronzed leafs. You can find fall leafs as wedding guest favors in different shapes for different use. No matter if you choose leaf bottle stopper, leaf card holders, leaf bottle openers, leaf coasters, leaf candy dish, leaf candles, leaf bookmarks, leaf key chain, leaf photo frame, leaf trinket box, leaf chocolate, all of them guarantee your success and you will have elegant and unique fall wedding favors.

Leaf fall wedding favors

Leaf fall wedding favors (source: )

Maple syrup

Maple syrup as guest favor is very popular for fall themed weddings as few things represent the autumn better than maple syrup. It comes in about any size bottles and any shape bottles, and it can easy be personalized by simply printing your names and your wedding date on the bottles.

Mapple siroup fall wedding favors

Maple syrup fall wedding favors (source: )

Pumpkin Patch

For a wedding that is taking place at the end of October, pumpkin themed favors represent a perfect elegant choice. There are all kinds of pumpkin themed favors: pumpkin place card holders, or pumpkin candles, or pumpkin soaps, or even pumpkin mini carriages. If you prefer appetizers you can always choose to have some brownies decorated as pumpkins or pumpkin spice malted milk balls, or pumpkin pie bars with layers of pumpkin-caramel gouache, marshmallow, and pie crust.

Pumpkin fall wedding favors

Pumpkin fall wedding favors (source:

Summer is the most popular season when we talk about weddings. Most of the couples choose the have their wedding during summer, as it is warmer and it offers you infinite possibilities for your decors and wedding favors. No matter if you are having a country themed wedding or a beach themed wedding, you should choose guest favors that match the season.

Summer wedding favors

Paper or Wood Hand Fan

We can all agree that summer means a lot of heat and that we all have our moments when we would like to enjoy a cool breeze on our face. So if you are having your wedding during summer, a paper or a wood fan wedding favor is an elegant choice. Think about personalizing them by adding a printed picture of you two on it, or by writing your names and your wedding date.

Hand fan summer weddin favor

Hand fan summer wedding favor (source: )

Flip flops

Flip-flops wedding favors are perfect for a beach themed wedding. When we talk about flip flops as favors for a summer wedding there are many options you can choose from. You can opt for flip-flop bottle opener, or flip-flop Nutter Butter cookies, or flip-flop coasters, or flip-flop place card holders, or flip-flop luggage tag, or flip-flop pedicure set, or flip-flop candles,  or flip-flops picture frames. Personalized with a colorful ribbon with your name on it, flip flops can be nice and elegant wedding favors.

Flip-flop summer weddin favors

Flip-flop summer wedding favors (source:

Beach towels

Beach towels as wedding favors are very popular for a beach themed wedding. By giving towels as favors to all your wedding guests you make them take advantage of the beauty of your wedding venue. You can personalize these beach towels by ordering them in your favorite color, or by printing your names and your wedding date on them.

Beach towels summer weddin favors

Beach towels summer wedding favors (source:


Summer weddings mean sunshine and lots of it, and sunglasses are a great wedding favor idea for celebrations during this season. You can personalize them by choosing glasses that have colored frames that match your wedding theme, or you can buy glasses shaped like stars or hearts to symbolize your union. Sunglasses are a elegant wedding favor that all your guests can use for years to come.

Sunglasses summer weddin favors

Sunglasses summer wedding favors (source:

Tan Lotion

Tan lotion wedding favors are also appropriate foe a beach themed wedding. If your wedding venue is on a beach, your guest who come from out of town would like to spend a few days there to relax. Tan lotion will come in handy especially if they plan to spend some time trying to get a sun tan. You can personalize the tan lotion by adding your picture on the bottle.

Tan lotion summer weddin favors

Tan lotion summer wedding favors (source:

Wedding guest favors are an important part of your upcoming celebration. Your friends and family will love to take home their keepsakes to remember your special day. Reception favors add that personal touch and tie your party theme together. The more personal you get when you choose your elegant wedding favors, the better your wedding party will remember you and your wedding.

Unique wedding favors ideas

When planning each and every detail of your special day, you have to make sure that your wedding party will leave your event with unique favors. Here are some unique wedding favors ideas.

Picture with you and your guests

I was invited to a wedding last fall and I was impressed by the wedding favors that they choose for their wedding party. The couple would wait for each guest at the entrance into the venue, and would take a picture with each guest, or couple. During the celebration the photographer printed all the pictures and put them in picture frames. At the end of the event, each guest received a frame with a picture with them and the happy couple. These wedding guest favors aren’t just personalized and unique, but they are also elegant.

Poem written by you or your spouse

There is nothing more romantic and more personal than a poem written by one of the spouses. If you or your future husband have a talent for writing, you could write a poem about your love story. You can choose to have a personalized frame for your poem, or you can just roll it like a papyrus and give it personal to all your wedding guests as favors when they leave the event.

Handmade wedding guest favors

Another way to assure that your wedding guest favors are unique is to make them yourself. There are many people who have a talent for creating or making things out of things around them. If you are one of them you should consider creating something unique and elegant as favors for your wedding party. For example, I have a friend who had at her wedding these unique wedding favors made by her. She gave to each guest earrings and shirt buttons made of wood and any other material she finds around her.  All the wedding party was impressed by those unique favors.