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When deciding the style of the suit for the groom, you have to think about the style of the event. For a formal wedding, as well as for a casual wedding, there are some different styles of the suit that the groom can wear.

Formal Wedding Groom’s Wear Style

The Morning Dress/Suit Style: A traditional choice consisting of a tailcoat, waistcoat, and (striped) trousers. Picture the morning suit, which is all gray, while Morning Dress is usually more colorful with interesting tie/waistcoat combination. This is a very posh option  for a groom who is a bit of a dandy. A groom should wear a morning suit only if the wedding is taking place at noon or early afternoon.

groom's suit morning dress

The Tuxedo Style: Classic black tie evening wear, complete with satin-striped trousers and bow tie. A groom should wear a tuxedo only if the wedding is taking place in the evening. The groom should avoid colored dickey bows and cummerbunds at all cost.

groom's suit tuxedos

White Tie and Tails Style: The evening equivalent of the morning suit. This suit comes with a white tie and it is an extremely elegant choice for a formal evening wedding.

groom's suit white tie and tales. jpg

The Edwardian Wedding Style. Top choice with grooms over the last decade. This suit style usually combines a long length jacket with matching trousers and a contrasting waistcoat. Usually the shirt has wingtips and is worn with a cravat. The waistcoat may be either chosen to match the overall wedding theme color, or plain with the cravat coordinated instead.

groom's suit edwardian wedding

Casual Wedding Groom’s Wear Style

Modern Day Suit Style: This wear style is a simple, elegant, preferably slim-fit.  The two piece suit can easily  be accessorized with a fun colorful tie to coordinate with the bridal party. This way the groom’s wear will match the bridal dress and even the wedding colors.

groom's suit modern

Slim Cut 3 Piece Suit Style. This is a dapper and fun alternative for a groom who wants a touch of formality and yet looks modern and fresh at his wedding. Smart choice of cuff-links and tie are essential. Also a pocket watch would add a retro/vintage feel to the groom’s wear.

groom's suit 3 pieces

Casual Suit Style: A loose linen or cotton suit makes a casual and very comfortable wedding outfit for the summer groom. In winter a wool jacket and trousers instead, will ensure the same casual wear for the groom in his wedding day.

groom's suit, causal

Waistcoat & Bow Tie Style: It’s a very relaxed and informal look for a groom, and of course given only really suitable for a summer wedding. The groom might think about buying a jacket to fall back on, just in case!

groom's suit waistcoat

There is a lot of focus on the wedding gown when it comes to wedding attire. In fact, most of the attention on a wedding day goes to the bride when it comes to fashion and beauty. However, the groom does need to pay special attention to his own wear on the most important day of his life. When it comes down to picking a suit for  the groom for the wedding, there are many factors to consider.

How to choose groom’s wedding wear

Time of the event. If your wedding is taking place in the summer the groom certainly wants to avoid wearing a black suit made of wool or other heavy fabrics. The groom should choose a lighter colored  suit in cotton, linen or seersucker. If your wedding is taking place in winter, the groom definitely wants to choose a dark wear made of wool fabric. A groom’s suit and blazer with nice trousers, or perhaps a cashmere v-neck sweater with a shirt and tie underneath, would all be nice choices. An evening wedding asks for a black wear, or a tuxedo, for the groom if the wedding is a formal affair.

groom suit time of the event

Quality and fabric of groom’s wear. Look at the quality of materials a suit is made of. Wool is considered the great choice by many grooms. Polyester and microfibers are avoided by most of the grooms due to comfort factors. Linen is quick to wrinkle, but it is also priced competitively. When choosing the fabric of  the groom’s wear, consider the weather. For example, if you are planning a summer wedding when the weather is hot, you need to choose a suit made of a light fabric for your groom.

groom's suit quality and fabric

Groom’s wear style. The groom should pay attention to the style of the his wear. The cut of the suit should fit very well. This is what the groom wants to look for when he is trying the suit on. All things can be altered in a suit, but the basic cut should fit well in order to have an ultimately comfortable experience in the suit.

groom's suit style

Groom’s body shape. Short, slim grooms should wear two or three-buttoned suit jackets with a low button stance in their wedding day as they will elongate the body. These jackets should be teamed with tuxedo pants or pleated trousers  to form an elegant wear for the groom in his wedding day. Short and broad grooms should don a single-breasted suit, one with a one or two-buttoned jacket that closes at the waistline is ideal. The suit should be worn by the groom with a vest rather than a cummerbund though, as the vest will hide a thick waist whereas a cummerbund will draw attention to it. Tall and muscular grooms should wear clean lines without any frills and avoid double-breasted jackets and pleated shirts as they will add bulk. Either of these body shape wear will ensure an elegant look for the groom in his wedding day.

groom's suit body shape

Style of the event. The style of the wedding establishes the style of the groom’s wear. Casual ceremonies, such as a beach weddings call for a lightweight suit in a light-colored shade for the groom. For very formal wedding, the groom could choose a white tie ensemble and a black tailcoat over a white waistcoat or vest.

groom's suit style of the event

Groom’s wear color. As most of the weddings have a color pallet it would be a nice touch for the groom to match his wear with those colors. The groom should choose a color that suits him, and discuss his choice with his bride, to make sure the suit matches the color of her wedding gown. He doesn’t have to go black or gray. The groom should choose a different color for his wedding wear, or a colored shirt to break the color monotony.

groom's suit color

Groom’s wear comfort. The groom doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable in his suit on his wedding day. And he doesn’t want to look like a knob in his suit. So make sure the groom tries his suit on and move around a bit. Don’t forget that the groom will also dance with your friends. Make sure the groom gives some space to his legs to move, so he will feel comfortable in his wedding suit.

groom's suit comfot