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If in our last article we talked about the first things you should think about before choosing your wedding veil, in this article we are going to continue with other tips for choosing the right wedding veil for you.

Tips to choose your wedding veil

Think about veil color

Popular shades for veils include white, diamond white, ivory and cream. Your veil needs to be a suitable color match to your wedding gown. Never choose a veil that’s a lighter color than your gown.

veil color

You must face facts

The eight basic face shapes are: oval, round, oblong, heart, diamond, square, rectangle, and triangle. The first four shapes are soft and curved, while the last four have more angles and corners. When choosing your veil, make sure that it comes to your advantage. A round, full face will benefit from a veil that falls along the sides of the face, thus working to help narrow it. If you have an oblong face look for waterfall veils paired with a wide tiara, wreath, or bun wrap.

veil and face

Think about your hairstyle

Your choice in hairstyle plays a role in determining what style of veil and headpiece you can carry off. A heavy head piece, long veil, or multiple tiered veil all require a supportive up-do hairstyle like a bun. A half up/half down hairstyle will work with moderate weight and length veils. You also need to consider the placement position on your head. Some hairstyles suit a veil that is attached to the front of your head, but others look good with veil that is attached further towards the back.


hairstylehairstyle veil

Wedding location matters

If you are getting married in a small chapel, then it is best to stick to chapel length or shorter  veil because you don’t have the room you need to show off a long trail veil. If you are getting married in an outdoor ceremony, there are extra considerations to be mindful of. You may have sand, wind or dirt to contend with. If you’d like to keep your veil in pristine condition, it is advisable to choose a knee length veil or shorter.


Decorations make the perfect veil

When choosing a veil, the style of your wedding dress is the most important factor. For a simple dress, you can choose a more decorative edge, while structured dresses look better with thicker ribbon.


What about a headpiece?

The headpiece also depends on the type of the dress. A more formal gown might require an ornate headpiece or tiara, while something simple might require the veil be free of embellishments. To choose your headpiece, first decide where you want to wear your wedding veil.



Place setting

The position of your veil is very important as it influences your look. For a classic look, you should wear higher up, while for a vintage fee, you should attach your veil low at the back. The position of your veil is influenced by its style too. Poufs should sit low on the head, while a circular veil must be placed higher to allow the eye piece to fall in the right position.

place settingplace setting

place setting

How many tiers?

You can choose between a one, two and three tier veil. A one tier veil is suited to a sophisticated look, but a romantic dress often benefits from a two or three tier veil. Multiple tier veils suit simple hairstyles because your hairstyle will not be clear to view under the layers.

1 tier veil3 tiers veil2 tier veil