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We all know Mark Zuckerberg and we are all grateful to him for creating this wonderful world called Facebook. But Mark Zuckerberg is a person like anybody else, and as we can see, he found love and he wanted to have his own family.

So, last Saturday, Mark Zuckerberg got married to his lovely girlfriend Priscilla Chan. They have been dating for almost nine years, with good and bad periods, but they finally made this important step and had their wedding.

Mark Zuckerberg wore a casual dark blue suit and tie at his wedding, while Priscilla Chain wore a beautiful sleeveless wedding dress in a vintage style, with a lace overlay.

The wedding ceremony was very intimate; the couple had only 100 guests, all of them close friends. All their wedding guest were surprised to realize that they are invited to a wedding; they all thought they were celebrating Priscilla Chan’s graduation.

The wedding ceremony took place on the backyard of Palo Alto. The ring Mark Zuckerberg gave to his lovely bride had a very simple designed ruby.

Mark and Priscilla proved to have very good taste in music as they have Michael Jackson’s songs played at their wedding.

Although some people are skeptic and say this wedding has something to do with the impressive amount of money Mark made of Facebook, their admirers wish them all the love in the world.


mark-zuckerberg-wedding (source: Allyson Magda Photography )