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Guys, if you’re worried about trying to make the perfect wedding proposal to your girlfriend, relax. It’s true that some proposals are complex and down-right jaw-dropping. But yours can be simple and sweet.

Whatever you do, however, you want to make the engagement a special moment for both you and your partner. You’ll want to plan ahead and think of what makes her happy, instead of just what you would like in a proposal.

I’ve uncovered some of the funniest, most cringe-worthy videos of failed wedding proposals on the Internet. We’ll review some of them, not because I want to be mean (and frankly I think some of them may be awesome prank videos), but instead to help you avoid common mistakes.

Tip 1: Plan Your Marriage Proposal

This video, aptly titled “Failed Marriage Proposal on National TV,” features a young man and woman who are being interviewed outside of a sports event. Suddenly, the man stops shouting about his favorite sports team and offers a clumsy, ill-timed proposal to the girl standing next to him.

The young lady refuses to answer, and I don’t blame her. Remember to plan ahead for your engagement. Have a good quality ring and choose a romantic spot.

Tip 2: Don’t Propose at Sports Games

Why oh why do so many men propose to their girlfriends at sports events? For most women, attending a ball game is neither romantic nor does it carry any special meaning. Plus, many women would simply rather not be proposed to in such a public way. Unless you’re absolutely certain it’s a good idea, don’t propose at half-time. Capiche?

Tip 3: Talk About Your Future Before Proposing

I don’t know the full backstory behind this awkward, failed marriage proposal. But it was public, and left the woman in the embarrassing position of having to reject her man in front of a large crowd. Don’t be this guy. Talk to your woman about your desires for marriage, and maybe even having children (or not). Otherwise, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you do pop the question.

Tip 4: Don’t Make it More Complex Than You Can Handle

This one is just silly. Before the bride has a chance to give an answer, we see the groom has let go of a helium balloon with ring attached. Don’t be this guy. Save the dancers, fireworks, and ponies for another occasion. Your girlfriend will be equally impressed with a simple, romantic proposal at her apartment or the nearby park as a complicated, choreographed proposal.

Make the Most of It

So remember: Make your proposal a special event with meaning for her. Check out these marriage proposal tips for more ideas.

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