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In our last article we talked about how a fruit fountain would make your wedding day special and unique. Today, I want us to talk about another way in which you can make your fruit station unforgettable: a fruit palm tree.

Fruit Palm Tree

What is a fruit palm tree? 

A fresh fruit palm tree is a combination of a fruit display, a pineapple palm tree and a fruit centerpiece. Pineapples make up the ‘trunk’ with authentic palm leaves swaying gracefully from the top. The fruit displays consist of cocktail-style sticks with a delicious selection of fresh fruit including: strawberries, kiwi, melon, oranges, pineapple and grapes.

wedding fruit palm tree

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The Fruit Palm Tree Size

The Fruit Palm Trees come in a small 2ft, medium 3ft and large 4ft or 5ft.  The palms are added to the top of the trunk to create a   stunning display either as a pair or individual palm tree.  When choosing the size of your fruit palm tree, think about all the fruit you are going to use to make it.

wedding fruit palm tree size

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The Fruit Palm Tree Design

Depending on the company you hire to make your wedding fruit palm tree, you can choose to have one, two or three pineapple palm. Each of your pineapple palm can hold up to 500 individual pieces of mouth watering fresh fruit, including Grapes, Kiwi Fruits, Pineapple, Strawberries, and Honeydew & Gala Melon. You can also choose to add a chocolate fountain to your wedding fruit palm tree. This way, your guest can dip the fruit in chocolate.

wedding fruit palm tree design

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