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It is safe to say that weddings need a lot of planning, time and good old-fashioned know-how in order to throw the perfect event from beginning to end and it can be quite an overwhelming experience for any bride-to-be to plan their big day. Fortunately, however, when it comes to picking the wedding jewellery for the bride, there are a few actionable tips to make sure that it makes the right impression and ensures that all eyes are on the beautiful bride.

But surely a bride’s choice of wedding jewellery comes down to personal taste, I hear you say? Well, of course it does but there are a few general rules of thumb which can be applied to choosing the accessories on the big day and the most applicable of these include:

Think Big

A wedding is all about grandiosity and ensuring that the bride turns head and this is something which her choice of wedding jewellery can certainly help with. Obviously, don’t go too over the top in terms of size but it is important to realize that small pieces of jewellery may well be overshadowed by the dress or the bride’s hair – so, the best rule of thumb in terms of size of wedding jewellery is think big (but not too big)! Something like the beautiful pearl necklace below is ideal for a wedding.

pearl wedding jewellery

Be Prepared

Whilst, it goes without saying, most wedding preparations are manic to say the least, you should endeavor to buy wedding jewellery for the big day quite some time in advance. Obviously, you will be choosing your jewellery based on your choice of wedding dress but once you have got that purchase sorted, you shouldn’t wait too long before deciding how you want to accessorize your dress.

Don’t overdo it 

Whilst we’ve already gone over the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to think big with your wedding jewellery, the flip-side of the coin dictates that you don’t overdo things. You need to choose accessories which complement your dress and this is something that will come from your own personal style tastes but try and ensure that you don’t laden yourself down with an unnecessary amount of jewellery – something like an eye-catching necklace and a pair of pearl earrings are the sort of combinations you could consider. Something like the earrings below would be perfect wedding fare.

pearl wedding jewellery

These are just a few of the things which you should be bearing in mind when choosing wedding jewellery for your big day and the main thing to remember is to simply wear the jewellery that you like and which you feel comfortable with because, after all, it’s your big day!

All images courtesy of Winterson Pearl Jewellery.

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