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I believe that I am right when I say that many of you assisted to wedding ceremonies where the couple chose to have the traditional wedding vows. If you are one of the couple who believe that traditional wedding vows are profound and meaningful, but still want to make them more personal and unique, here are some steps you should follow.

Steps to Write Your Personalized Wedding Vows

Ask for permission

First thing you have to do before actually writing your personalized and unique wedding vows is talk to your wedding officiant and ask for guidance. Your officiant will tell you what you should include or not include in your personalized wedding vows, as some religions require that you use the traditional wording, while others will allow you to write your own, as long as you include certain phrases.

Talk to your future spouse

Writing personalized wedding vows might be easy for you, but might represent a real challenge for your future spouse. Not everyone has the inspiration to use the right words to express their feelings. So before deciding to go with personalized wedding vows, make sure that your half is on board and wants to do it too.

Decide the tone and topic

Deciding the tone and the topic of your personalized wedding vows is a very important step. Depending on this you will know the words you should use. There are couples who like to make their personal wedding vows funny; there are couples who want to make their wedding vows unique by using a specialized language in their line of work; there are couple who like to go with more romantic and profound wedding vows, in order to ensure they are personalized and unique.

Start writing

Your wedding is close and you still didn’t write your wedding vows. It’s time to get started. Sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and think about all the things you have been through together and which of them inspired you to make this step.  The simplest way to do this is to answer to some personal questions about your future spouse.
•    What do you love most about the person you are going to marry?
•    When did you realize that he/she is your soul mate?
•    What is your biggest quality as a team?
•    How do you see you as a married couple?
•    What is the favorite memory of your relationship?
•    When you were a little girl and planned your wedding day, did it look like the day you are about to live?

Get it together

After writing down the answers to all these questions you have to find a way to link them to sound personal and unique. The first words are always the hardest to find, so if you are having trouble with finding the perfect but personalized words, you can always search for inspiration on the internet, or in movies, or in books, or even in other love stories. When you actually create the text remember the tone and the topic you thought about using.

Don’t forget to practice

Your personalized wedding vows might look amazing on paper, but you need to practice saying them, to make sure you use a personal and romantic tone. This way not only that your wedding vows will be unique and personal, but they will impress your wedding guest and make them feel your happiness. First, practice alone, in front of the mirror, than start practicing in front of family and bridesmaids. This way we will become more secure and you will have an honest opinion on how your personalized wedding vows sound.


During your wedding ceremony you are going to be so nervous that you might actually forget your unique wedding vows. What you have to do, is breathe deeply and remember the answers to all the questions and the words will come back to you. Look into his/her eyes and keep a calm and peaceful voice and you will make this unique experience as personal as it can be. If you believe you won’t be able to remember your personalized wedding vows, it is always best to have them written on a piece of paper and have it with you.