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A wedding invitation can be extended in a number of different ways–by word of mouth, telephone, email or traditional written invitation. Typically, wedding invitation etiquette requires that you make sure that guests know the who, what, when, and where of the event.

Ideas to personalize your wedding invites

When we talk about personalized wedding invites we think about the invitation design, text, color, fonts, shape, design, etc. But there are many other ways to personalize your wedding invitation, regardless of the things mentioned before.

Add Your Picture

A picture of the two of you on your wedding invites is as personal as you can get. If you think that a picture of you two is a little too much, you can always go with silhouettes or sketches. This way, not only do you personalize your wedding invitation, but you set a romantic mood.

Picture personalize wedding invitation

Picture personalize wedding invitation (source: )

Add the place where you live

If the place where you live or are getting married is special to you, use it as inspiration to personalize your wedding invitation. You can talk to your designer and ask him to use famous architecture, known motifs, your state emblem. One of my favorite personalized wedding invite was an Italian inspired one, with the Coliseum architecture on it.

 Place personalize wedding invitation

Place personalize wedding invitation (source:

Engraved wedding invites

Although engraved wedding invites are popular nowadays, not many people find them appropriate for such an event. As most of the engraved wedding invites are made on wood, marble or acrylic, think about the vibe they bring with them, before choosing this type of personalized wedding invites.

Engraved personalize wedding invitation

Engraved personalize wedding invitation

A stamp with your picture

You can personalize your wedding invitation just by choosing a different stamp for your invites envelope. To make sure you don’t spend too much on your personalized wedding invites, choose your favorite invitation design on the market and add a custom made postal stamp with your picture.

Stamp personalize wedding invitation

Stamp personalize wedding invitation (source: )

Map on your wedding invites

You can personalize your wedding invitation by adding a map in two ways. You can include a map with directions to the ceremony, reception, and any other wedding related events that might be happening that weekend. Or, you can draw a map of places that are meaningful in your relationship. You can start with the spot where you met, and you can end with the church where you are having your wedding ceremony, or the house where you are going to live.

Map personalize wedding invitation

Map personalize wedding invitation (source:

Video wedding invites

Many of the young couples like to have unique wedding invitations, so they choose to make a recording with them inviting their guests to their wedding. I recently received such an invitation and I loved it. The couple chose to tell a story, and this story included all the details a wedding invitation needs.

Video personalize wedding invitation video

Video personalize wedding invitation video (source:

Hand written wedding invites

Although it involves a lot of work and patience, writing the text for your wedding invites is one of the best ways to personalize them. Your handwriting on your wedding invites shows respect an honor for your guest, and sets a romantic mood.

Handwrite personalize wedding invitation

Hand write personalize wedding invitation (source:

Handmade wedding invites

With all the designs you can find on the internet, it is very easy to have unique handmade wedding invitations. You can use paper, materials, fabrics decorations that are relevant to you and your relationship. My favorite handmade invitation was made out of dried and pressed flowers and leaves.

Handmade personalize wedding invitation

Handmade personalize wedding invitation (source:

When you think about your big day you want to make sure that each and every detail is taking care of in such way that makes your wedding not only special, but personal in a very profound way. To make sure that your wedding guests understand how important your wedding day is for you, you should try to personalize your wedding invitations.

How to Personalize Wedding Invitations

You can customize a wedding invitation  in many different ways to make it express something personal for you and your relationship.

Personalized color combination

Picking personalized color combination for your wedding invitation is always a fun and easy way to make your invitation feel like a custom creation. There are nearly infinite choices when it comes to paper and ink color combos. So if personalized invitations are what you want, do not hesitate to mix and match.

personalized wedding invitations colors

Personalized wedding invitations colors (source

Personalized wedding invitation text

How you choose to word your invitation can have a very powerful effect on your guests.  For example, if you are passionate with history you can customize your invitation by creating a text that will take your guest in the 18th or 19th century.  If you are a more modern couple, think about using nontraditional phrases, formats and even different font sizes or styles.

personalized wedding invitation text

personalized wedding invitation text (source: )

Personalized wedding invitation shape

When it comes to customize your wedding invitations shape there are a lot of choices you can choose from. For example, I had a friend who was crazy about hiking, so she chose to have a 3D invitation which looked like a volcano when opened. Another friend had her invitation looking like a papyrus from the ancient style. But one of my favorite personalized wedding invites had a lily of the valley shape and it had something written on each of the little flower bell.

personalized wedding invitation shape

personalized wedding invitation shape (source: )

Personalized wedding invitation smell

I don’t know if it is a trend now or it is just a new invention, but lately I received many perfumed wedding invitations. After researching the trend I found out that there are couples that felt a specific fragrance when they met, and they like to keep it alive in their life. So they choose to personalize their wedding invitations by aromatizing the wedding invites.