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wedding first danceSo you are full of excitement with the big day getting closer and the planning going full steam ahead. But there is one thing that is nagging you in the back of your mind… the First Dance. Fear not! The first rule to the perfect first dance is… there are no rules.

First things first you need to get your song choice down. This is a big decision and should be decided together. Make sure its meaningful, something you both want, not just a crowd pleaser, and think about the length of the song. Also bare in mind your song choice affects the style of dance, too slow and you’ll spend the whole swaying, to fast and you’ll be sweating like mad by the end, and that’s not an attractive look!

Now onto the fun part, the lessons!

Think about your budget before booking and shop around for a wallet friendly, reputable company. Try to sign up at least 6 months before the big day in order to get in plenty of practice. As much as group lessons can be more fun, 1-2-1 lessons are more beneficial for those who more ‘two left feet’ than ‘dancing queen’.

Then you want to choose your dance style. If tradition is your theme, then classic ballroom is a great way to dance your night away (the waltz is the easiest to master).

Or spice it up with Latin or Salsa for a flirty first dance (remember you have an audience). But the trend right now is to surprise the guests with a fun and modern dance routine. Again remember that your song needs to fit your dance. Think of practicality when deciding on a style, if the bride has sky-high heels and a princess dress then the Rumba probably is not the best choice.

Once the venue is chosen, check out the floor you will be dancing on. Get used to the size and shape so that you can choreograph the routine to fit it. Plan your entrance and exit in order for the whole thing to be captured on film.

If you want the band to play your song, check they know it in advance. Or make sure the DJ has a copy if you want the original.

Please drink responsibly! Dutch courage is great but you want to remember the dance not be asleep under the table when the MC calls you up.

Remember practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the more relaxed the pair of you will be and the easier the steps will come to you, meaning on the big day you can relax and enjoy your first dance.

And if this all seems a bit much or crowds staring just aren’t your thing then skip it, traditional isn’t for everyone, and you always have the honeymoon to share your first sway as man and wife.

This article has been written by Leanne Jennette who works for DesignaVenture a hen party and stag do tour operator arranging weekend and breaks throughout the UK and beyond.