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Do you really choose your wedding band, or does it choose you? With so many different metals and materials currently available on the men’s weddings rings market, there’s certainly an option for every personality and lifestyle, and you may be surprised at just how revealing your choice of band is. So what does your men’s wedding ring say about you?

Gold Wedding Rings for Men

You’re so naturally perfect that you can also seem a little too good to be true. You have classic good looks that are admired no matter where you go. You can be considered to be too soft and flexible at times, but this malleability also allows you to try things that no one else has even dreamed of. Sometimes your real values may get overlooked, but those who matter will always appreciate you.

Gold man wedding ring

Gold man wedding ring (source:

Titanium Wedding Rings for Men

You thrive on the element of surprise, probably because you are a walking study in contrasts. On one hand, you are light and nimble, and can often make your way through a room nearly undetected. On the other hand, you are surprisingly tough and resilient, and can stand up to whatever tough knocks life sends your way.

Titanium man wedding ring

Titanium man wedding ring (source:

Tungsten Men’s Wedding Rings

When someone looks up the definition of macho, there’s a picture of you. You exude power and strength, and those around you can’t help but be impressed. You may sometimes be tough to the point of being utterly inflexible, but this brittleness can also be a front. You have a more delicate side that needs to be protected from unnecessary trauma.

Tungsten men wedding ring

Tungsten men wedding ring

Palladium Bands

Your classic and dazzling good looks can obscure your more esoteric nature. Many people will have you pegged as something else entirely based purely on superficial appearances, but they will likely be pleasantly surprised by your more off-beat and unusual nature. You are definitely considered to be a “keeper” – sensitive and flexible, yet handsome and strong.

Palladium men wedding ring

Palladium men wedding ring (source:

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings for Men

Because of your bookishness, you may sometimes get overlooked, but those who know what they’re looking for will cherish the many benefits your friendship has to offer. You likely work in the medical field or in a related industry, where your unique strength and always professional nature are appreciated. You’re handsome, strong, flexible and able to take a few blows when need be.

Cobalt chrome men wedding ring

Cobalt chrome men wedding ring

Stainless Steel Men’s Wedding Rings

You’re no muss, no fuss. You may not be as overtly alluring as other men, but your dependability and low-maintenance approach are commendable. You’re quietly tough, and can bear the slings and arrows of life without complaint. Once someone comes around to your particular understated nature, they’re unlikely to see you as anything but easy perfection.

Stainless steel men wedding ring

Stainless steel men wedding ring (source:

Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings

You’re the king, and you know it. You settle for nothing but the best, and rarely is any detail overlooked. You would much rather invest in quality than quantity, and with each glance, you exude an incomparable look of luxury. Sometimes you may come across as a little arrogant, but you certainly have more than enough reasons to be.

Platinum men wedding ring

Platinum men wedding ring

Ceramic Bands

You want it all – strength, durability and lightness of weight. Like ceramic men’s wedding rings, other people may have you pegged as something else entirely. On paper, you may sound like something more artistic and fragile, but in reality you’re made of tougher stuff (like titanium carbide). Some people may find you wishy-washy, but they’re likely just a little envious of your natural versatility.

Ceramic men wedding ring

Ceramic men wedding ring (source: )

Silver Wedding Rings for Men

You’re artistic and sensitive, though you can often have a classic polished look. You love living life to the fullest, but also on a budget. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, and can show the tarnish of life. However, it doesn’t take much to get you back to your normal shining state – usually just a little love and care.

Silver men wedding band

Silver men wedding band (source:

Author Name/Pen Name:  Tanya Zilinskas Naouri

Author Bio: You’re artistic and sensitive, though you can often have a classic polished look. You love living life to the fullest, but also on a budget. We think with palladium wedding ring the right choice for men’s wedding band.

When choosing a men’s wedding band, it’s important to consider one’s day-to-day activities in addition to aesthetic and style preferences, as different materials can suit different budgets and lifestyles. Here is a look at some of the most popular materials currently on the men’s wedding band market and their respective benefits and suitability’s.


The traditional choice for men’s wedding bands, gold nowadays is available in a variety of hues – from the classic yellow and white gold’s to more offbeat shades like rose, green, pink or black. On the downside, gold is naturally softer than other popular options on the market and more likely to exhibit signs of wear, making it a less-than-ideal choice for men who work a lot with their hands. The higher the karat grade of gold, the softer it gets – for example, 18k gold is softer than 14k gold.

Bottom line: Gold is a handsome and traditional choice for those who might like more vivid color options and can take care with their men’s wedding band.


Often considered to be the most precious metal used for jewelry, during the time of Louis XV platinum was so rare that he declared it the sole metal fit for a king. A versatile and beautiful white metal, platinum is harder and more durable than gold. Generally fine platinum men’s wedding bands are 90% or 95% pure platinum (alloyed with agents like ruthenium), and denoted by trade names 900 platinum or 950 platinum. Platinum can be prone to small surface scratches, although these can often transition to an inoffensive satin-like patina. The biggest deterrent to purchasing a platinum men’s wedding band is usually the price.

Bottom line: Platinum is an exclusive and generally expensive choice for those seeking a luxurious metal for their men’s wedding band.

Men Wedding Band

Men Wedding Band


Silver offers a more affordable alternative for those who like the white metal appearance of platinum or white gold but lack the budget for either. Unfortunately, sterling silver does not wear as well as its higher end counterparts – it is softer than both gold and platinum and has a tendency to oxidize (or blacken). However, sterling alloys like Argentium silver are gaining a foothold in the men’s wedding band market by integrating elements like germanium to assist in tarnish-resistance and durability.

Bottom line: Silver is a more budget-friendly white metal choice, though one that may not wear as well as more precious metals like gold and platinum. For men’s wedding bands, more advanced sterling alloys like Argentium silver wedding band are advisable.

Men Wedding Band

Men Wedding Band


Hypoallergenic titanium is primarily known for its extreme lightness, durability, bio-compatibility and signature gunmetal gray hue. Different grades of titanium most commonly used in men’s wedding bands include commercial pure titanium, extra-hard titanium and aircraft grade titanium. Each has its own unique properties and may be used based on the particular style of your men’s wedding band, if it has gemstones or if it is tension set. Traditionalists may find titanium’s natural gunmetal hue to be lacking, but it is possible to achieve different colors using oxidization techniques, including more classic gold’s or silvers. Due to the strength of the material, titanium men’s wedding bands generally cannot be resized.

Bottom line: Titanium is ideal for those who seek a lightweight, durable ring with a more industrial look and who do not foresee needing their men’s wedding band resized. Titanium is also ideal for those who have sensitive skin or who work in a sterile environment.

Men Wedding Band

Men Wedding Band


Scratch-resistant and weighty, tungsten is stronger than nearly any other material used in jewelry making – save diamonds. Tungsten has a slightly lighter gunmetal gray color than titanium, although in recent years white tungsten similar in appearance to white gold or platinum has entered the market, much to the delight of more classically minded tungsten wearers. On the negative side, tungsten is not resizable and due to its brittleness can be likely to crack if dropped on a hard surface.

Bottom line: Tungsten wedding band is an excellent choice for those who value extreme strength and durability, but not for those who might be liable to dropping their men’s wedding band on a regular basis.

Author Name/Pen Name: Tanya Zilinskas Naouri

Author Bio: We think Platinum wedding band is the right choice for men’s wedding band.