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Choosing the colors for your wedding means choosing the details you want to underline at your special event. These colors will be present in each of the wedding planning details, starting with wedding invitations and ending with floral arrangements, and bridesmaids dresses. The colors you choose for your wedding should express a state of mind. However, they could also compliment the theme you chose for this special event.

Most of the brides to be cannot wait to see what the trends of the wedding colors for 2014 are, to find some inspiration and to decide the special shades for their own special event. Here are some of the most popular colors for 2014 wedding.

Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: navy blue

It seems that in 2014 shades of blue is the winning choice when it comes to weddings. From navy blue, to royal blue, to aqua blue, all these shades are very popular among the wedding planners. You could chose to have a simple wedding, with just a shade of blue, or you can choose to add some sparkle with some silver, pastel pink, cream, green or even yellow, if you happen to like any of these other colors.


Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: pastel pink

Pink has always been a popular choice among future brides for their wedding day. 2014 is just another year in which pink is a trendy color, but this time, it is a pastel pink that can be matched easily with other colors like: peach, beige, pistachio or even silver.  Pastel pink is a great color as it can fit any style of weddings, starting with vintage wedding and ending with a classic romantic one.

pastel pink

Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: gray

Although not many brides would choose gray as the main color on their wedding day, in 2014, gray is very popular at these wonderful events. If your wedding is a classic one, you can combine gray with maroon, beige, cream, green or white. If your wedding is informal, you can choose yellow, pink, purple, turquoise or blue to compliment the gray.


Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: turquoise or aqua

If you want your wedding to be colorful and to express energy and joy, turquoise is the color for you. Turquoise is used for less conventional weddings, but, if combined with gold, it can be very well used at an elegant wedding too.


Trendy colors for 2014 weddings: neutral colors

Neutral colors, such as brown, cream, beige, olive green, white and gray, are also very popular for 2014 weddings. These colors are perfect for outside weddings or for green weddings.

neutral colors