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One of the first decisions any bride and groom have to make is ‘when are we getting married’, and that decision depends on many factors, such as:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Weather
  • Decor

It’s a totally personal choice, but a choice that takes a huge amount of thought, planning and preparation. The two most popular season to get marries are surprisingly summer and winter according to a 2012 survey. Two completely opposite ends of the spectrum, with completely different pros and cons. Are any of you considering becoming a summer bride? A winter bride maybe? Well, here are a few hints and tips to, hopefully, give brides some inspiration of their own.

Summer Wedding

With the promise of warm sunshine, glorious weather, light nights and longer days, it’s no surprise that summer is a favorite season for weddings.

Flowers are widely available fresh life and vibrant colors are all around, giving us so much inspiration and creativity. Thanks to the warm weather, brides can also play around with color schemes accessories and dresses.

Bright bursts of color are perfect for summer weddings, think hot pinks, sunshine yellows and emerald greens. This beautiful Zuzanna Maxi dress from Coast will make the perfect bridesmaid dress. Pair it with some subtle white satin shoes and gorgeous crisp white flowers for a sophisticated and knockout look. The bold color is complimented by the simple, figure flattering design. The bold hot pink color does all of the talking, so keep accessories minimal and use a muted color pallet for the shoes and flowers such as whites, creams and golds.

 Indulged in the season and host an outdoor affair, with cooling cocktails have been served outside whilst your guests mingle in the warm summer sunshine. As flowers really come into their own during the summer, use them as your main decor displays. Fill pretty vases and birdcages with soft summer blooms to create the ultimate, chic romantic table display.

Winter Wedding

Romantic, rustic log fires, the smell of warming mulled wine and sweet cinnamon filling the air, winter time is such a special season to get married in. Shimmering metallic shades and crisp winter whites are the perfect color pallet for this time of the year. Silver is simple, sophisticated, and stunning and this elegant Antonia bridesmaid dress from Monsoon is perfect. The subtle sparkles and delicate rushing are feminine and delicate. The soft silver shimmer injects some instant sparkle and glamor. Pair with a white faux fur shrug or angora cardigan for a Kate Middleton inspired look and some white satin shoes, like these from Debenhams.

Use what nature brings you to decorate your venue, like some lovely rustic pines cones that can be glammed up with a dip of metallic paint and a dusting of glitter. Garlands and wreaths can be used to dress up tables as flowers can get expensive during the winter months due to lack of availability.

Written by Steph Payne. Steph is a blogger and PR Girl for The Watch Hut, the UK’s largest watch website. Steph is a keen beauty and fashion addict, and also a bride to be herself, so anything to do with weddings is always of great interest to her! Follow Steph on Twitter – @watchhut_ Steph

With Wedding season creeping up on us again, and summer well on its way, it no wonder we are consider the pros and cons of sky high temperatures when it comes to event planning.

If you’re having weddings, engagement parties of even hen weekends in the summertime, it is very important that you make sure your guests will be comfortable. No one wants to be sweating during the ceremony or during the rehearsal dinner, including you. So I have come up with 5 ways to ensure your guests stay cool at your wedding.

Hand out bottled water to guests

When your out of town guests arrive at the hotel, make sure that the welcome bag they receive includes a bottle of water for each guest, and an assortment of fresh fruit. Think apples, pears, oranges, and bananas. Make sure that there is also cold water available at your wedding ceremony. Have bottles of water in a tub of ice ready to hand to guests that would like one.


water-bottles-wedding (source: )

Hand out folded hand fans to guests

If your hen weekend ideas include some kind of theme, why not use it to your advantage and get some vintage fans that will look beautiful and fit in perfectly. As guests walk into the ceremony, not only should you give your guests the option to get a cold bottle of water, but hand them each a folded hand fan. This will be great for both indoor ceremonies, and outdoor ceremonies.  There are several websites that specialize in custom printed wedding hand fans.


wedding-folded-fan (source: )

Air conditioning and or fans

If you are having an indoor ceremony, look for a place that has air conditioning.  Indoor ceremonies, especially when there is a huge guest list, tend to get very warm and uncomfortable.  Air conditioning makes a huge difference, with the comfort level of your guests. If there isn’t air conditioning, and you are set on the location, rent as many fans as needed to keep the place and people cool.


wedding-air-conditioner (source: )

Have a canopy

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, having a canopy is essential to block out the sun, and keep your guests from overheating.  While planning your outdoor wedding, pick a time of the day when the sun won’t be at its strongest. No one wants to be sun burnt in pictures, or tired from hours in the sun.



Serve refreshing food

Have an abundance of refreshing food at your reception. Think light salads, fruit salads, veggie trays, sorbets etc.  No one wants to dig into something hot if it’s 85 degrees outside.

wedding refreshing food

wedding refreshing food (source:

 If all else fails, plan a winter wedding!