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Funny message cake topper

In my opinion funny should be the word of honor when talking about a wedding. No matter if we talk about the wedding vows, wedding speech or the wedding decorations, funny messages will be the ones that will break the ice at a wedding and will help your guest relax and enjoy the event. So if you are one of the nonconformist couples with a very developed sense of humor and if you know that your guests will taste your innocent joke, why not have an unique cake topper that displays a funny message?

Funny message cake topper

Funny message cake topper (source: )

Crystal Spray cake topper with Swarovski crystal

Swarovski crystals are more and more popular nowadays. From classic jewelry to nails, clothes, cars, wedding decorations and even cake toppers, Swarovski crystals are used in order to create a special feeling about the object they decorate. Relatively cheap, the Swarovski crystals come in many different sizes, shapes and cuts, in order to match your need and wishes. This amazing unique cake topper managed to combine the sparkle of the Swarovski crystals with the elegance of handmade white lace.

Swarovski crystal cake topper

Swarovski crystal cake topper (source:

Hobby themed cake topper

Very few people in this world can say that they don’t have a hobby. No matter if we talk about fishing, golf, hiking, biking, swimming, reading, traveling, playing the piano, all of these activities are part of our life and you invest a lot of energy in them. So, for all the couples really passionate about something and who would like to shout their passion to their friends and family, unique hobby themed cake toppers have been created.  Also, hobby themed cake topper are also a funny expression of couples passion, and therefore perfect for weddings.

Hobby themed cale topper

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Expression of faith cake topper

I believe that many people agree when I say that faith is a necessary force in our life. No matter what you believe in, the only important factor is to have faith in that person, God, phenomena, etc. If your fate is strong enough you will choose to live your life as that faith tells you too. So if you can really say that you believe in something or someone and you want to share your worship with your wedding guests, you should definitely choose an unique wedding cake topper that represents an expression of that faith.

expression_of_faith cake topper

Expression_of_faith cake topper (source:

Square glass photo vase cake topper

Having photos included in all the wedding decorations details is the easiest but also most wonderful way to ensure a personalized wedding. A glass photo vase cake topper will ensure that the attention of your wedding guest will not leave your cake for a long period of time. Each and every of your guest will want to see and admire the picture of the happy couple. So, if you are a little nonconformist, why not choose this topper for your wedding cake?

glass-photo-vase cake topper

glass-photo-vase cake topper (source:

Asian double happiness cake topper

Asian culture has always been a mystery for the rest of the world. No matter how hard we try we will probably never fully understand their way of living and their beliefs and their symbols. Most of the people choose to show their passion for Asian culture by tattooing one of their symbols on their body. But there are other people who like to be a little more discreet and just have their wedding decorations show their interest. So if you are passionate about Asian culture and symbols, or if you are just having a Chinese themed wedding, all you have to do is this is choose this cake topper for your wedding.

Asian happiness symbol cake topper

Asian happiness symbol cake topper (source:

Cake toppers are the perfect way to add an unique and special touch to a wedding. As the wedding cake will be the center of attention for a period of time during your wedding reception, you want to make sure that the cake topper you chose is unique and represents you as a couple. So if you are one of those people who love cakes so much that they want to eat it all, why not choose an edible topper for your wedding cake? If you are out of inspiration here are some ideas of edible and unique cake toppers:

Unique Edible Wedding Cake Toppers

Edible Bride & Groom Teddy Bears on Lounge

I believe that I am right when I say that we all had a teddy bear stuffed animal while we were children and we loved it. But as we grew up, we started to see teddy bears as the symbol of innocent love. Combined with red roses or just a simple red heart, teddy bears make an unique edible cake topper for your wedding cake.

Edible Bride&Groom Teddy Bears cake topper

Edible Bride&Groom Teddy Bears cake topper (source:

Edible Wedding Rings

When we say marriage we think about wedding rings and the union that they represent. An unique edible cake topper that presents two wedding rings is meant to state the profound meaning of those rings and of that day in general. This edible wedding ring cake topper is made of sugar cube, shaped into a design and decorated with food coloring in order to become a yummy desert for the happy couple.

Edible linked Wedding Rings cake topper

Edible linked Wedding Rings cake topper (source: )

Edible Sugar Ferns & Fiddle Heads

When I look at this unique cake topper I remember all the hiking trips I had when I still had the time. Ferns and fiddle heads make me feel close to the nature, and enjoy it like it has never changed. Although a little bit nonconformist, this edible wedding cake topper is a perfect choice for all the wood and hiking lovers.

Edible Sugar Ferns & Finddle Heads cake topper

Edible Sugar Ferns & Finddle Heads cake topper (source:

Edible Fondant Rose

We say rose and we see love flying all around them. 90% of the times someone uses roses as a gift, or decoration they have love and life in mind. Although an edible fondant rose cake topper could be used for a wedding on any season, I believe that it goes perfect with a spring themed wedding. as spring is also the symbol of love and life.

Edible Fondant Rose Wedding cake topper

Edible Fondant Rose Wedding cake topper (source:

Edible Buttons cake topper

Who doesn’t love buttons? We see them everywhere: at our shirt, or blouse, or jacket, or hat or even earrings. But now it’s time to see it on our wedding cake. The edible button cake topper is one of the funniest and playful cake toppers that one could choose. So if you feel like you want to have a funny, unique and unusual cake topper this is the right choice for you.

Edible button cake toppers

Edible button cake toppers (source: )

Edible Seahorses cake topper

I don’t know about you, but I have always been fascinated about chorals and all the other sea animals, especially seahorses. There is something about them that makes me love them. They are so tiny and sweet. This edible and unique cake topper would be perfect for a beach wedding or for a sea themed wedding.

Edible Seahorses cake topper

Edible Seahorses cake topper (source:

Edible Dragonflies cake topper

In my opinion dragonflies are one of the most mysterious insects on this world. They have that perfect shape, and perfect color. They always seem to know where they are flying to, and why. But what I admire most is the reflection of their color on a lake in a shiny day. It makes me feel like the world has the perfect balance. This is why I would choose an edible dragonflies cake topper: so that it would make me feel that my day is perfect no matter what.

Edible dragonflies cake topper

Edible dragonflies cake topper (source:

Edible Hot high-heel cake topper

Shoes, shoes and again shoes. This is the main word for any girl who is passionate about fashion and shopping. No matter how many pairs we have, each of them is unique and they are never enough. So why not complete our collection of shoes with an edible high hill cake topper. Such an unique cake topper not only that will make your cake look fancy but it will make it elegant too.

Edible High Hill cake topper

Edible High Hill cake topper (source:

Edible Sugar Fan Coral

How many people around this world asked themselves, at least once, how are corals actually made? This is one of the questions that I always have in my mind. I love their perfection and their equilibrium but I never seem to understand how they can get like this only due to nature’s force. So, because I love nature and its perfection, I would definitely choose this edible and unique cake topper for my wedding cake.

edible fan coral cake topper

edible fan coral cake topper (source:

Edible Mums from Sugar Bakeshop

When I say mums I think about fall. Fall is my second favorite season because of its wonderful colors. Whenever I think about a fall wedding I imagine the bride and groom walking through a forest, stepping on a carpet of leaves while other leaves are still falling from the trees. So if you are having a fall themed wedding, this is the right choice of edible cake topper for you.

Edible mums cake topper

Edible mums cake topper (source: )