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Thanks to its food, culture and beautiful scenery, France has found itself a reputation for being a romantic destination. With the number of people looking to get married abroad increasing, France offers a good option – flights to the country are regular, the weather in France – particularly in the south of France – will almost guarantee sunshine on your wedding day and the availability of beautiful locations can really make your day a very special and unique one.

When starting to plan their wedding, couples often have an overall image in mind about how they see their wedding day. Some may want an extravagant affair in a grand house, others may prefer a smaller do with emphasis on the people there rather than the overall event. To ensure that you get the feel of your wedding right, the venue has to be perfect. Luckily, holding your wedding in France, gives you a number of options – including the outdoors.

The south of France offers some beautiful venues: grand country houses, small intimate villas and beautiful vineyards where you can combine your wonderful day with delicious wine to match. France is well known for its wine production and, on average, the country produces two thirds of the whole world’s volume. There are therefore an infinite number of vineyards across the country and they are perfect for an intimate and private wedding in France. Many brides and grooms choosing this as a wedding venue opt to get married in the vineyard itself, surrounded by the grapes.

wedding at a vineyard

There are a number of advantages to having your wedding in a vineyard – including the fact that it is outdoors. Choosing the south of France as a wedding venue offers the security that black clouds aren’t likely to loom overhead and there really is something quite special about hosting your ceremony underneath a blue sky. The other big advantage of weddings on a vineyards is of course that there is often the opportunity to sample the wines made on the land – you and your guests can even take home a bottle or to as a reminder of your special day.

Outdoor wedding venues create a very romantic setting, and unlike indoor venues, time and money does not have to be spent on making them look beautiful – they usually do this all by themselves! There is also the factor of the outdoors offering natural light for your wedding day. Those getting married indoors will find that the quality of their photos will not be the same as someone holding their ceremony under the sun’s rays. Furthermore, outdoor venues are not necessarily restricted by space like an indoor venue would be, after all there are no walls to restrict your wedding party from growing.

Getting your wedding venue right is one of the most important aspects of your day. It should reflect your personalities and also offer the right sort of location for your guests. Whether this is an intimate affair tucked away in a corner of a garden, a grand affair in a large church or a slightly unusual choice of a vineyard, choosing to wed in France can add a little bit of je ne sais quoi to your special day.

wedding at a vineyard

Bio: Rebecca Field writes on behalf of Bastide St Mathieu, a beautiful wedding venue in France. Offering the epitome in luxury, it combines the indoors with the outdoors giving brides and grooms an intimate venue with space to accommodate their guests.