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Most wedding receptions involve alcoholic drinks, that’s why equally important to food are the cocktail drinks served during wedding ceremonies and functions. Shortage of  signature drinks or lack good signature drinks in wedding is like missing the main ingredient.

The most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration before choosing your signature drinks is your wedding budget. Depending on your wedding budget you can calculate how much you offer your guests to drink. If you are on a budget, knowing that a bottle of 26oz wine yields 5 glasses while a bottle of average champagne will yield 6 flute glasses might be important information.

Tradition says that the spouses should welcome their wedding guests with glasses of signature drinks, champagne or sparkling wine. But you need to make sure that we have an alternative, such as a cocktail drink, or a lemonade or orange juice for those who don’t drink alcohol.

Most of the couples getting married provide a meal to their guests. In this case, you need to find a wedding signature drink that goes with that meal. Most of the time, wine is chosen, because it can be served with almost any food. However, you have to pay attention to matching the wine with the food. For example, if you serve red meat, you should also choose a red wine, but not a sweet one, and if you are serving fish, you should consider white wine.  But you can always go with cocktail drinks for wedding reception meals that involve more appetizers than actual meals.  Also, remember the nonalcoholic drinks; it can be anything from water to different flavors of juice.

After the meal comes the dancing part of your wedding. Having a bar with cocktail drinks prepared for this part of your wedding is a very good idea. If the bar is provided by your wedding venue, your only concern is whether you are willing to provide signature drinks all evening, or to ask your guest to pay for their drinks at some point. If you are arranging your own bar, things are a lot simpler, as you can bring your own signature drinks, which you can purchase a lot cheaper.

Calculating how much wedding signature drinks to buy it is rather difficult. However you can approximate.  For wine to accompany a meal, half a bottle per person is a good guide. For the split between red and white wine, fifty percent white and fifty percent red is a safe bet. For the bar afterward, you need to estimate based on your knowledge of your guests and how much they like cocktail drinks!  It’s always better to buy too much than too little, as you can always keep what‘s left over, or give it to friends or relatives.

If you want to make an impression with your wedding drinks, you should try to match your signature drink with your wedding theme. You should also try serving cocktail drinks that have the same colors as the colors of your wedding. Naming your cocktail drinks can also make a good impression among your wedding guests.

At my wedding things will be a little different. In my country it is also a tradition to welcome your wedding guests with a glass of signature drinks. The difference is that we serve another two courses, which require two different wedding signature drinks. One of the drinks will be wine, red and white. As some of you know, one of the Romania’s neighbors is Ukraine, a country where people drink a lot of vodka. This custom has past the border and our people started drinking vodka too. I admit I like it too. That’s why our second wedding drink will be vodka and not a cocktail drink. I will also have water and different flavors of juice. You have here a sample of the way my and my future husband champagne glasses will look like. Groms glasses