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Wanting to look their best on their wedding day many brides can make mistakes when it comes to their bridal makeup. And what is even worse is that when you realize the mistake it is already too late. After consulting a few makeup artists I put together some mistakes that all brides should avoid when it comes to their wedding makeup.

8 Mistakes of Bridal Makeup

Vulgar makeup

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to wedding day makeup is wearing a vulgar makeup, while intending to have an extravagant makeup. There is a huge difference between vulgar and extravagant. If you want to make sure you avoid having a vulgar makeup on your wedding day keep in mind that less is always better. So try not to use to much makeup, as you want to look special on your wedding day.


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Following the trends

Another mistake of wedding day makeup is to follow the trends instead of trying to use a makeup that matches your skin tone and natural beauty. In order to have the best bridal makeup on your wedding day try to choose a makeup that matches the features of your face and try to adopt a classic style that will look fondly over the years and years.


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Choose a makeup that doesn’t represent you

Never choose a makeup that doesn’t represent you. If don’t usually wear makeup, you should go with a natural look, instead of using a makeup that will make you look like someone else. The main purpose of the wedding day makeup is to make you look like you and fresh at the same time.


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Changing the way you care for your skin

A huge mistakes regarding wedding day makeup is to change the way you care for your skin prior to your wedding. If you go to a spa and start trying all kinds of facial treatments you might have some unwanted surprises like acne, dry skin or oily skin. The safest way to go is to make your own routine for your skin care, to exercise and to sleep 8 hours each night.


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Trust 100% your makeup artist

Never trust your makeup artist when he tells you that his makeup extremely resistant and will last the entire day. Most of the times they are wrong. To make sure you keep a fresh look during the whole day, make sure you have a makeup kit, powder and tissues with you. This way you will be able to fix your makeup after shedding some tears. Also, try to use waterproof makeup.


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Following the makeup of a star

If you want your wedding day make up to be identical to the makeup of your favorite star you have to consider if that makeup would suit your skin tone. You don’t want to risk your wedding day makeup showing your imperfections. Also, the makeup style you opt for should match the wedding style. You can’t have Angelina Jolie’s red lips at a beach wedding.


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Too much foundation cream

Many brides load their skin with too much foundation or use one that does not match their skin tone. Also many brides do not apply the foundation until the hair line and neck. This way the final look makes you think of a fake face. Also, a common mistake is choosing a powder blush at least two tones darker than the makeup.


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Shiny gloss

Choosing shiny and sticky gloss for lips is another mistake. You don’t want your hair to stick to your lips while dancing at your wedding reception or leaving traces of gloss on the cheeks of your relatives. Choose a strong lipstick with a creamy or matte texture.


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