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All the brides see their wedding as a personal holiday. They spend days and days trying out beautiful wedding gowns, talking to their bridesmaids about venues, dresses, makeup, hairstyles, gifts, decorations and they ask for their mother’s advice regarding the cake, the food and the wedding drinks. All these details can make brides really stressed up.

But how are the groom’s holding up? Is it true that most of the groom’s don’t really care about the most important event in their life? In my opinion it is not true. Men are vulnerable human beings too, and they live the same amount of stress as their brides. The only difference is that grooms have different concerns regarding their wedding day, for instance, deciding which haircuts for men will suit them. The strong emotions they feel while waiting by the altar for their brides, might led them to make some mistakes. In this article we will talk about 10 things that a groom shouldn’t do at his wedding.

Not being  punctual

The groom is the one that has to arrive first to the church and wait for his bride. Getting ready for the big day might take longer than you expected, this is why it is highly important you get up as early as possible and anticipate everything that might go wrong and avoid it. You don’t want to risk making your bride wait for you at the church, as this might turn against you.

Have an awful look

Make sure that your wedding attire looks perfect. No matter if you don’t like wearing suits, shirts and ties, this is your wedding day and you have to make an effort. Dress nice and elegant. You don’t want to look at your wedding pictures 20 years later and see a gorgeous bride and a groom with unkempt attire.

Getting drunk

It is possible for the groom to have a few too many drinks on his wedding day, as it is a very stressful and important day for him. You might think that a drink or two will calm you down, but you might get drunk faster that you anticipated due to the emotions and the fast blood flow. It is the responsibility of your best men to make sure you are sober, so that you can go through the entire day without embarrassing yourself.

Let fear take control

Each and every groom and bride in this world has second thoughts before the most important day of their lives. Combined with the wedding planning stress you might get the impression that your life is over, and that you won’t be able to do what you love to do anymore.  Such thought might determine you to make some wrong decisions like cheating on your partner or standing her up. All you have to do is remember why you wanted to get married in the first place. If it was because you love you future spouse than you should put the fear aside and do what you promised.

Flirt with other women

Never flirt with other women beside your wife, not even as a joke. Even if you agreed on having an open relationship, it’s never a good idea to show this on your wedding day. Such actions not only will hurt your bride but it will embarrass her in front of the wedding guests. If you fill like flirting with your female wedding guests, try to repress that feeling , as nothing good will come out of that.

Being too friendly with your in-laws

It is not necessary that right after you said “I Do” you rush to your in-laws and try to force a friendly relationship. These relationships take time do if you rush it, you make score some negative points in their eyes. Let the things follow their course as you will have plenty of time to start a business with your father-in-law or with your brother-in-law.

Being jealous

The tyranny in a family is highly obsolete. It’s not worth showing your manhood by trying to make your wife feel like she is your mattress or useless. The times when the wife tolerated such behavior from her husband are long gone. So if you have a wife that you love, treat her with respect and kindness. You will have more to gain than if you beat her or  treat her like garbage.

Act indecent

Never argue with your bride on your wedding day, or try to make a show out of your wedding. Try not to talk about politics with your in-laws and definitely avoid any trick that might result in a scandal.

Show off

Try not to get all the attention of your wedding guests on you. You may sing a song for your bride, or dedicate a poem to her, but try not to occupy the entire reception with the things you have prepared for your lovely bride. You will risk getting your guest bored and leaving the party early.