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Why is a wedding dress so important to the ceremony? It’s a very good question as it is one of the must haves on the big day for most if not all women. Depending on your views, it may very well make or break how the day goes. What type of dress you wear completely depends on your culture and religion, and we have been wearing them since the middle ages where weddings were more of a business rather than love.

The first recorded white wedding dress was worn by Princess Philippa of England in 1406 which was a tunic made from silk and bordered with grey squirrel.

Wearing a wedding dress started off not being anything to do with religion, contrary to popular belief. As mentioned before they were worn when business agreements were being made between families and other such engagements. It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that it became a part of Christian tradition and more popular in general due to Queen Victoria getting married in one of her own. In Christianity, wearing a white dress bares two different meanings, the first being that the white symbolizes the brides purity and virginity and the second being that it is a picture of gods righteousness, meaning to symbolize god with “fine linen, bright and clean”.

the importance of a wedding dress

It is a key ingredient for a lot of women to have a white wedding dress as it is the main focus of the guests for the ceremony as a whole. It Is your one chance to look the most beautiful you have ever been, and in some cases it can be grand and most divine. Not all women choose to wear a dress or at the very least not a spectacular white one due to them being higher in price, and some women are not too bothered either way. It’s personal preference at the end of it. It is however highly encouraged that you wear a white wedding dress, especially if you are getting married in a church or other religious building as it could cause some offense or uproar with family members or church goers if you go against it. These days the ‘traditional’ white wedding dress takes many shapes and styles.

the importance of wedding dresses

If you decide to get a stunning white dress then it is important that the dress fits you properly and is not too weighty as you will be wearing it for the entire ceremony, which could take a good few hours. You also need to make sure that it is not too long or short as having it too short could cause offense and having it too long you could trip, fall or get caught on the fixtures. It has to be the right dress for you. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter but you are the one who has to be happy with it. You do not want it ruining your big day nor do you want to become stressed trying to find one. Traditional wedding dresses are either white or cream in color, are made of linen, silk and/or lace and are usually the length of your whole body, just covering the feet.

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