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It is OK if all people around you like to take life very seriously. However, all these people  have moments in their lives when they enjoy having fun – even on what would normally be termed “serious” occasions. Wedding is such an occasion. If you want to remember your wedding as a celebration that included a lot of joy and fun, you should think about offering your wedding party fun wedding favors.

Funny wedding favors

Before you decide to choose something fun for your wedding favors, you have to think about your wedding guest; you don’t want to risk upsetting them by giving them a wedding favor that is fun for you, but not for them.

A book with funny sayings or jokes

If you developed a passion for jokes or funny sayings, you can use that in your advantage. You should write down all the jokes and funny sayings you have in mind, and create a little book with your signature on it. By giving such a funny book as favors to all your wedding guest you ensure that everyone is having a good time and you know everyone will remember your wedding with a smile.

Fortune cookies

We all know that people are interested in knowing the future, or any prediction of the future. There is no better time to predict someone’s future than at a wedding. You should order a batch of fortune cookies that would have inside notes with funny predictions for each of your wedding guest. Giving funny fortune cookies to your wedding party will make them be more optimistic about their future life and will ensure a good memory about your wedding.

Funny little games

If most of your wedding party likes to play family games, you should use this in your advantage. You could give them as favors funny little games that, if used, will bring joy and laughs in their families. For example you can give them a bingo game.

Funny trick items

Before choosing the right funny trick item for the right guest you have to make sure you know each of your wedding guests very well, so that you don’t upset them. There are a variety of trick items you could use as fun wedding favors, starting with those that make funny noises, or give out crazy smells, or create an electric shock, or just pups up when you least expect it. When you are looking for the perfect fun wedding favor have in mind your wedding theme, and the personalities of your wedding guests. If you get this right you and your wedding party will have a lot of fun at your wedding.

Wedding guest favors are an important part of your upcoming celebration. Your friends and family will love to take home their keepsakes to remember your special day. Reception favors add that personal touch and tie your party theme together. The more personal you get when you choose your elegant wedding favors, the better your wedding party will remember you and your wedding.

Unique wedding favors ideas

When planning each and every detail of your special day, you have to make sure that your wedding party will leave your event with unique favors. Here are some unique wedding favors ideas.

Picture with you and your guests

I was invited to a wedding last fall and I was impressed by the wedding favors that they choose for their wedding party. The couple would wait for each guest at the entrance into the venue, and would take a picture with each guest, or couple. During the celebration the photographer printed all the pictures and put them in picture frames. At the end of the event, each guest received a frame with a picture with them and the happy couple. These wedding guest favors aren’t just personalized and unique, but they are also elegant.

Poem written by you or your spouse

There is nothing more romantic and more personal than a poem written by one of the spouses. If you or your future husband have a talent for writing, you could write a poem about your love story. You can choose to have a personalized frame for your poem, or you can just roll it like a papyrus and give it personal to all your wedding guests as favors when they leave the event.

Handmade wedding guest favors

Another way to assure that your wedding guest favors are unique is to make them yourself. There are many people who have a talent for creating or making things out of things around them. If you are one of them you should consider creating something unique and elegant as favors for your wedding party. For example, I have a friend who had at her wedding these unique wedding favors made by her. She gave to each guest earrings and shirt buttons made of wood and any other material she finds around her.  All the wedding party was impressed by those unique favors.

Choosing the right wedding favors for your guests represents one of the biggest challenges that planning a wedding has. There a many unique wedding favors ideas around you and you want to make sure you chose the right one, the one that says the most about you and your relationship. Here are some ideas about how you can personalize your wedding favors.

How to personalize your wedding guest favors

Choose a favor that is relevant for your relationship

Give your guests something that really represents a key aspect of your personality or interest that you and your spouse share. For example, if you are passionate about traveling, you can give them something that has a map on it. You have to look through some personalized labels for wedding favors and choose the right one for you.

wedding guest favors map

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Make your wedding favors elegant

Usually a wedding represents an event that requires elegancy and charm; this is why you have to make sure that your wedding favors have an elegant aspect when you hand them to your guests.  You can make your wedding favors elegant just by adding a personalized ribbon. This ribbon can have your favorite color or the colors of your theme, or it can have your names written on it.

Elegant wedding guest favors

Elegant wedding guest favors (source

Personalized presentation for your wedding favor

It is very important to know how to present your elegant wedding favors to your guests. No matter if you hand the favors personally, or if you just put them on the tables you have to make sure that they look gorgeous. You can personalize your wedding guest favors just by choosing a unique way to pack it. You can have your wedding favors fabric wrapped, or put in a paper wrapped box; you can add an elegant ribbon, or you can make it fun by adding something out of ordinary like a tassel.

Personalized box wedding guest favors

Personalized box wedding guest favors (source:

Appetizing wedding favors

Some people prefer a more appetizing approach when it comes to wedding favors. There are so many delicious treats that can be used as wedding favors. For instance, you can get personalized caramel corn bags for favors. Your wedding guests can save the bag which will be personalized with the date of you wedding and enjoy the delicious contents inside of the bag.

Appetizing wedding guest favors

Appetizing wedding guest favors (source:

Add a note to your wedding guest favors

Write brief notes and attach them to each favor. The message doesn’t have to be long but writing a personal note from you and your new spouse will touch each guest’s heart. If your calligraphy isn’t as elegant as you wish, ask for bridesmaids to help you.

Wedding guest favors with note

Wedding guest favors with note (source )

Match your favors to your wedding theme

You can personalize your wedding guest favors by matching the favors to your wedding theme. For example, if you are having a Paris themed wedding, you can choose as favors little bottle of champagne or little Eiffel towers. If you are having a beach wedding, little personalized bottles of suntan lotion would be absolutely adorable as favors.

Wedding guest favors theme

Wedding guest favors theme (source: