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Music is incredibly useful for setting the right mood. Nowhere else is the right mood as important as the wedding day. For the ultimate enjoyment of the bride and groom, and to give the guests memories that will last a lifetime playing the right music is absolutely necessary. If you’d like to make your wedding day (or night as it may be) successful simply follow the advice below.

Hiring a DJ vs. Self DJ-ing

While there is no one size fits all solution one things for sure, hiring a DJ takes a lot of the pressure off the bride and groom. Any DJ worth their wage will be able to play music seamlessly throughout the night and constantly read the crowd to know what the best course of action is. They can also help you select appropriate music for your playlist, which we’ll cover in just a moment.

For those who want a little more control over their evening the option to self DJ the wedding may be chosen. Although you are fully in control of your music you will still need to have someone available to tend to the iPod or laptop throughout the night. For this job you’ll want to select a trustworthy friend or family member who knows how to use the equipment. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your playlist stop or fail mid dance.

Choosing the Songs

Perhaps the most difficult part of creating a wedding playlist is selecting the right music to play. A wedding, whether traditional or not, has many parts to it throughout the night and the style or types of music will differ greatly as the wedding progresses. For starters you’ll want to:

  1. Pick songs that you (the bride and groom) relate to.
  2. Select music genres that represent your lives and wedding well.
  3. Choose songs that the crowd can relate with (take into consideration the age of guests).
  4. Include a breather track every 4 – 5 songs to give your guests a chance to rest.

Planning the Playlist

When you select the tracks for your wedding playlist, place them in the exact order that you want them to play. Consider adding an additional amount of time on the end of each playlist in case the transition from one portion of the night to another is delayed. You wouldn’t want the music to stop half way through dinner would you? A good rule of thumb is to have thirty extra minutes tacked onto the end of each playlist.

End the Night with a Bang

One of the most important aspects of a wedding playlist is the final song. You want to pump up your guests and leave them feeling excited and energetic. This will reinforce positive thoughts about your wedding and reception and leave your guests memories for years to come. Even if your entire playlist is a little dull the last song can really make up for it!

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Both you and your future spouse will remember this wedding for many years down the road and you’ll want to make it perfect by hiring the right wedding band. As with anything, there are good ones and bad ones out there and the only way to find the right one is to use the 3 tips mentioned below. You certainly don’t want to take the risk of hiring a second rate band that absolutely crashes your wedding. They are out there and you need to avoid hiring them.

Listen to their music

Find out if the band’s going to be playing at any local venues in the near future. This will give you a chance to hear them playing in front of a live audience for yourself. When you’re there, pay special attention to the audience’s reaction to them. Are they able to connect with the people they’re playing to and speak to them with their music? If they aren’t, look for another band. You’ll want one that will be able to reach you and your guests through the sound of music.

Look for references

References can say it all. A really great band won’t turn out to be that great if they spend the evening taking breaks every hour. Don’t be afraid to call up some of the references and ask questions about the band and how they performed. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, like breaks, and in order to get the best band you’ll want to get some feedback about them first. A band that’s worth its price will be able to supply you with a list of happy wedding couples that they’ve performed with in the past.

Look at the pricing

Unfortunately, you’ll want to find bands that are charging a little more for their presentation than others. This means that they are in demand and wanted as a wedding band. While you probably don’t want to pay an exorbitant price for a band, be willing to pay a bit extra in order to get a good one. Really, when all is said and done, it’s the music that’s going to make or break your wedding. Music is a universal form of communication that will set the entire tone for your ceremony and your reception. Don’t economize on this point and regret it later. Get the best band that you can afford so that you can have the perfect wedding that you’ve been dreaming of.

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A great wedding DJ is one of the most crucial aspects of a reception. After the couple books a venue, hires a caterer and chooses a bartender, DJs must be interviewed. It is not as simple as just hiring someone based on word of mouth or an Internet search. A DJ sets the tone for the entire reception. Since the reception is the part of the wedding that is scheduled with guests in mind, the quality of the DJ will factor strongly into whether or not people have nice things to say about the wedding after the fact.

Don’t hire a hobbyist

A good wedding DJ is going to be expensive, but he/she will be well worth the cost. Many couples try to save money by hiring hobbyists or music fans with large record collections, but they risk having receptions that are not as enjoyable as they could be. All of the money that is spent on the other aspects of a reception will have been wasted if the DJ is not up to par.

A DJ is a musician

A DJ is a musician in his own right. A live band is fun to watch and has a special kind of in-the-moment energy, but it will not be able to play the broad range of music that a DJ can. Since a DJ is only one person, he will be less expensive than a full band. He will be able to switch up his pre-planned playlist based on requests, which he will know how to seamlessly integrate into the playlist. He will also sense when the crowd wants to hear songs in certain tempos. A good DJ knows how to keep a party moving so everyone enjoys himself.

A good DJ will set the tone

The wedding DJ will do more than just play the songs that the couple wants him to play. He will craft a playlist that ebbs and flows along with the crowd’s energy level. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced professional. A DJ who has worked at a lot of weddings will have a good sense for when to play fast dance music and when to play some quiet songs. He may even compose some original interludes to connect the individual songs. He will have to do some live mixing to slow down or speed up songs that bleed into each other. A DJ does not just play a string of songs; he builds a singular piece of music that lasts for the entire duration of the reception.

Choosing your DJ

When looking for a DJ, the couple should start by asking friends for recommendations. It is perfectly acceptable to contact prospective DJs and ask for demos of their past work. The right DJ will know how to cater to the tastes of everyone in the room while maintaining a high level of consistency. He will be able to listen to what the couple wants and interpret those instructions so that the music goes along with the wedding theme or a certain genre of music that is popular among the couple’s friends.

The right DJ is the one who rightfully and respectfully treats the reception as the best night of the couple’s new life together. He is not going to treat it like just another night of work. He will aim to capture the shared spirit of the couple in the music he plays.

How important do you think music is on your big day? Like most people, I imagine you agree that the right music will make the event come to life, and that a poor performance or the wrong type of music could completely ruin the atmosphere.

This post is for anyone who is looking for some inspiration on the music choice for their wedding and is interested in some alternative ideas to make the wedding entertainment come to life.

Hiring professional live wedding bands can completely change the feel of your wedding day and can influence all your guests to celebrate the special moment with you more freely.

Are you looking for something alternative or would you like to be more generic and choose music that you know everyone else chooses for their weddings? There is nothing wrong with a well-seasoned wedding band, playing the predictable songs, keeping the crowd entertained whilst playing the classics everyone seems to love. But if you want to throw entertainment that breaks the mold then alternatives wedding band ideas will be music to your ears.

Blues Bands for Weddings

Blues may at one time have been dominated by the sounds of field hollers and post slavery chants, but it is now largely associated with parties and guitar-driven songs that make for excellent wedding entertainment. Blues has taken a long old journey from Muddy Waters up to the likes of key blues artists such as Joe Bonamassa and John Mayer who have added a rock/pop edge to the genre. If you find yourself interested in hiring a blues band for your wedding then you may find that a trio would be perfect for you. The predictable nature of the Blues makes it great for events like weddings where you want the audience to be moving on the dance floor and ‘air guitaring’ late into the night.

Ceilidh Bands for Weddings

Ceilidh music (pronounced kay-lee) is fast becoming a popular genre across the UK for the strong emphasis on crowd interaction and upbeat energy. It is a Gaelic tradition carried out at gatherings where folk dancing and live entertainment is present and is becoming a popular choice of music for weddings across the UK as it spreads from its Scottish and Irish roots. Modern ceilidh wedding bands put a modern twist on a traditional music form so there is something for everyone.

Another popular quality that ceilidh bands are renowned for is the crowd interaction and instruction on the dances to go with the music. If you are new to this type of music then you were likely to have heard about it soon, as it is sweeping across the UK embracing a tradition built on fun and liveliness.

Busking Bands

An alternative extreme is to hire a good busking band to perform at your wedding. Busking bands put an alternative edge on contemporary songs that all your guests will know and love. Busking bands often add a different level of interest to the event and can leave an audience marveling at the entertainment, waiting to hear the next interpretation of a classic. Common genres you will find busking bands play are country, lap-steel driven guitar music and folk.

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Wedding music provides a soundtrack for our lives. The soundtrack sets the pace as the bride approaches her chosen mate. The music played as the newly minted husband and wife leave the ceremony also sets the agenda for the celebration to follow.

There is so much involved in planning a wedding beyond the veil and dress. The bride has dreamed about this day all of her life. She has imagined her dress and must find the right one. The decorations have to be perfect and so does the cake. The music changes over the years as styles change and new romantic songs fit her dreams year after year.   Selecting the soundtrack to this big moment is fun, but still as much work as the other parts of the big day.

Wedding Procession

The music played as the bride step-shuffle- steps toward her groom has been played in her imagination all of her life. Yes, it is true that there are several times during a wedding that music is played, but the key parts are the ones most people think about and imagine over the years. Although there is more variety in the music chosen for the bride’s entrance, the most traditional tune is still the most often selected, which is the Canon in D Major, composed by Johann Pachelbel.


bride-father-wedding-processional (source: )

The First Dance

After all the romance of the wedding is over, the reception begins with the introduction of the new couple as “Mr. and Mrs.” for the first time. Sometimes this entrance is accompanied by music, but the most often planned songs to get the party started are the “First Dance” songs: Husband and Wife, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, and so on. The song selected for the bride and groom is usually symbolic of what they mean to one another and what the promise of the marriage means to them.  The first dance for the parent with their now married child celebrates their new relationship as the child has now grown up and moved on in life. Usually, the song selected celebrates what the child feels for the parent and expresses what they want Mom and Dad to know as they leave to be with their spouse.


Setting the Pace

The soundtrack for the rest of the party sets the pace for the celebration. Sometimes the music is provided by a live band and sometimes it is provided over a sound system.  Either choice is good, but make sure to pick a band that knows a wide selection of music as the guests may make many requests. If a soundtrack is selected, plan to have a big selection and variety of music genres so the guests can share in the celebration.


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Wedding music is the soundtrack to our lives. Make it memorable and meaningful for you and your guests. This is more than a wedding and celebration of one big day. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

This article was written by Jessica Josh on behalf of JMD Entertainment, suppliers of Corporate and Wedding Entertainment across Australia.