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Music is incredibly useful for setting the right mood. Nowhere else is the right mood as important as the wedding day. For the ultimate enjoyment of the bride and groom, and to give the guests memories that will last a lifetime playing the right music is absolutely necessary. If you’d like to make your wedding day (or night as it may be) successful simply follow the advice below.

Hiring a DJ vs. Self DJ-ing

While there is no one size fits all solution one things for sure, hiring a DJ takes a lot of the pressure off the bride and groom. Any DJ worth their wage will be able to play music seamlessly throughout the night and constantly read the crowd to know what the best course of action is. They can also help you select appropriate music for your playlist, which we’ll cover in just a moment.

For those who want a little more control over their evening the option to self DJ the wedding may be chosen. Although you are fully in control of your music you will still need to have someone available to tend to the iPod or laptop throughout the night. For this job you’ll want to select a trustworthy friend or family member who knows how to use the equipment. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your playlist stop or fail mid dance.

Choosing the Songs

Perhaps the most difficult part of creating a wedding playlist is selecting the right music to play. A wedding, whether traditional or not, has many parts to it throughout the night and the style or types of music will differ greatly as the wedding progresses. For starters you’ll want to:

  1. Pick songs that you (the bride and groom) relate to.
  2. Select music genres that represent your lives and wedding well.
  3. Choose songs that the crowd can relate with (take into consideration the age of guests).
  4. Include a breather track every 4 – 5 songs to give your guests a chance to rest.

Planning the Playlist

When you select the tracks for your wedding playlist, place them in the exact order that you want them to play. Consider adding an additional amount of time on the end of each playlist in case the transition from one portion of the night to another is delayed. You wouldn’t want the music to stop half way through dinner would you? A good rule of thumb is to have thirty extra minutes tacked onto the end of each playlist.

End the Night with a Bang

One of the most important aspects of a wedding playlist is the final song. You want to pump up your guests and leave them feeling excited and energetic. This will reinforce positive thoughts about your wedding and reception and leave your guests memories for years to come. Even if your entire playlist is a little dull the last song can really make up for it!

Greg Davis is highly interested in all aspects of music. He’s a more than casual listener who enjoys working in the music industry as a writer and stage hand at various events. When not working or writing about music he can be found dancing at local concerts and shows hosted by the best San Diego DJ.