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Not everybody loves a huge shindig so is it possible to get married without a party? Sometimes it can seem like everything is geared towards the reception and trying to outdo the last wedding that we went to. If you are on a tight budget or if you just don’t want the whole circus of a wedding then how do you do it? Follow this guide to find out how you can get the wedding you want!


Small but Modern Marriage Celebrant packages are usually the best ones as you get to interact with all your guests and this enables you to relax more knowing that you have your closest friends and family around you. There is also more focus on the ceremony itself as you know everybody there is focusing on the words you are saying and are truly there to celebrate with you.

A smaller wedding is easier to get away with if this is perhaps your second time around as most people will understand why you don’t want a huge wedding again, especially extended family members. As well as saving on costs you are also cutting down on wedding nerves.

If you have a groom who is nervous about making a speech having a smaller and familiar group of people around him will help him out immensely. Also you can focus more on the day itself knowing that the sea of faces watching you make your vows will be familiar and this should help seep away any nerves leaving you free to enjoy your day without any stresses.

Location, Location:

Locations for smaller weddings are often easier to find. You don’t need to fall into the trap of finding a location big enough to cater for everyone. Why not do what Kate Winslet did when she married Sam Mendez and hire a local pub? You can really go wild here and choose a destination wedding, a quite but nice chapel that can make the event a spiritual experience, or a really quirky place that sums you both up as a couple or is somewhere that provides the backdrop of a mutual hobby.


For example if you are both into potholing there are some locations where you can get married in a cave or tunnels (May not be suitable for some guests). Or there are the more ordinary routes such as a civil ceremony in a quiet location or a registry office. Other locations include theaters, cinemas, music venues, private houses, barns, and outdoor wedding garden venue – you name it.

You can even get married on the London Eye. A destination wedding is a sure fire way of keeping your guest list small and ensuring only the people you really want there are invited. They can be costly though so make sure that you have budgeted enough and decide if you are going to pay for people’s flights and accommodation too.

Who to Invite

This is entirely up to you. Most small weddings cater for the couples nearest and dearest including family members and close friends. Or if you have a large circle of friends it is sometimes easier to just invite close family to avoid the extra cost and the possible awkwardness associated with having to choose who will be present.


If you have children then you will have noticed that your social circle will have changed quite dramatically – do you invite the best friends you see only every six months or the people you see every day? Here’s where you can justify not inviting these people. If they don’t know you as a family or as a couple then what’s the point? Invite only the people who you both know and who you know care about you all immensely.

Don’t invite the people one or the other of you has never met. This should be easier to explain to people without hurting anyone’s feelings. Most importantly let people know your intention to have a small wedding and make your reasons clear.

  It’s your wedding and it’s your choice how you do it, it isn’t up to anyone else. Of course should you choose to throw all caution to the wind then why not elope? It doesn’t have to be as tacky as Gretna Green or the Little White Chapel in Vegas.

There are plenty of ways to do this. There are many ‘Elopement’ packages available in the UK as well as around the world. Small weddings are getting bigger by the day and many people have caught on to this idea.

You can rent a location and have two witnesses supplied and a champagne reception just for the two of you. Many places also allow a small number of guests should you feel as though an elopement will ruffle too many feathers.


You will still need a certain amount of cash to fund your wedding – albeit not as much as a huge wedding but still a required amount. There will still be all the usual wedding costs to out lay regardless of how small you are planning to go.


Venues, celebrants, rings, outfits, photographer, reception ,wedding bouquet and of course‘Thank You’ flowers all cost a lot of money and although you will be cutting a lot of the cost down by not having a big wedding or reception, they will still all need paying for. However, it does mean you can then splurge on the other details if you have the budget for it.

You can of course throw a party as such for the people you wanted to invite but couldn’t. It doesn’t have to be anything flash – you could even have it in your home with just a select few friends and family members. Or look to hire a function room in a pub – usually free in some places if you have a certain amount of people in attendance. This gives you the option to escape into the quieter areas of the pub and not hurt anyone’s feelings. However you do it as long as you do it your way then that is all that matters.

Planning a wedding reception can be tedious and stressful, but this day will create memories that will last a lifetime. With endless possibilities, wedding planning can get confusing. Here are five timeless necessities your wedding reception should have to ensure a memorable day.

Signature Appetizers and Cocktails

Signature appetizers allow the bride and groom to express their personalities while still keeping tradition. Hamburger sliders, kabobs, and fried macaroni and cheese are all great ways to incorporate comfort food into a more formal affair. Foodies can express their love for creativity and fine cuisine through passed appetizers.

Offering a signature cocktail is another way to make a reception unique. To add charm to your reception, choose a drink that matches your wedding colors or theme, or just a favorite cocktail. Not having to stock a full bar will help your wallet as well.




Nothing gives your reception more visual appeal than centerpieces. Flowers, lanterns, and candles are the most popular, but are not your only options. Your centerpieces can follow your theme, or can show off your style or personality. Sea shells are great for beach weddings, and pumpkins and gourds can make a stunning fall wedding centerpiece.  Just be creative!

weeding centerpiece

Guest Book

This is one detail that can be easily overlooked. The guest book is another way to show off your reception theme or creativity. You can hang card stock from ribbon on tree branches and have guests write a message on them. Having guests sign an engagement album is a new trend gaining popularity. Check out for some ideas. Another idea is to have guests sign a vinyl record of your wedding song.  Whatever option you choose, the memories collected in your guest book will be a treasured item.

guest book


Having games at any event allow guests to mingle and they serve as great ice breakers. If you are having an outdoor reception, setting up an area for guests to play horseshoes, croquet, or bocce ball can allow for some fun times to be had. Indoor weddings can include games like musical chairs and elimination dances.  Or maybe treat your guests to a private poker table.  Whatever games you choose, your guests are sure to thank you for watching out for them.



Music and Dancing

Entertainment is one of the most important pieces of hosting a successful wedding reception. Most brides who cut their budget on entertainment end up regretting it. Hiring a professional DJ or band will not only keep your guests entertained and dancing all night, but will keep your reception on schedule. Your DJ or band will help make announcements and coordinate events like your first dance, cake cutting, and the bouquet toss. You may also need the services of an audio visual technician to setup the AV system in the venue.

Wedding Ambiance 5 Necessities For A Classic Reception pic

These reception must-haves are just the start of planning your reception. There are plenty of other details that can be added to this list to make your day unique and memorable. For instance, if you are planning to have your reception outdoors, you should take into consideration certain things like renting tent structures and hiring portable toilet rentals for your guests.

It's Party Time 6 Ways to Have That Dream ReceptionBeautiful and luxurious weddings are so popular in today’s society. People really want to have their dream reception, and they are finding ways to make that happen. How can you make your own dream wedding come to life?

Dance Floors for Outdoor Events

When you are hosting your wedding reception outside, you might be worried about where people are going to dance. After all, tents do not often come with a dance floor. Fortunately, portable dance rentals are available. No matter where you are having your reception, guests can dance the night away.

Photo Booths

If you’ve been to some weddings recently, you are probably noticing how extremely popular photo booths are becoming. They give guests something to do when there is down-time at the reception, and the unique and wacky props that come with the booths let your family members and friends have laughs for years to come. Utah event rentals may be able to provide one for you.

Live Singers

As people are eating dinner, they don’t want to scream over loud music blasting out of the speakers. Still though, having some form of entertainment to keep the party going is needed. Find out if your DJ company has a live singer; many of them do. This singer can croon some old-fashioned tunes or new hits while everyone enjoys their delectable cuisine.

Unique Food Options

At weddings, most guests are used to the steak, chicken, seafood, vegetarian entree options. Try to incorporate some unique options in there. For example, at a more casual reception, you might do a buffet of barbecue favorites. At a formal affair, look into mansion style where appetizers and cocktail hour food are served through the duration of the event.

Take Guest Requests

Hopefully, you will select a number of songs that guests actually love to dance to, but it’s hard to predict the tastes of everyone. Instead, allow guests to request some of their favorite songs to be played during the evening.

Don’t Forget Dessert

At many weddings, guests are able to enjoy the cake and coffee, and that’s it as far as dessert goes. Look into setting up a Venetian table and/or a chocolate fountain. Having a little extra something sweet at the end ensures that guests will always remember your wedding reception.

Remember, all of these details will definitely impress your guests, but you will be able to enjoy them as well.

Wedding music provides a soundtrack for our lives. The soundtrack sets the pace as the bride approaches her chosen mate. The music played as the newly minted husband and wife leave the ceremony also sets the agenda for the celebration to follow.

There is so much involved in planning a wedding beyond the veil and dress. The bride has dreamed about this day all of her life. She has imagined her dress and must find the right one. The decorations have to be perfect and so does the cake. The music changes over the years as styles change and new romantic songs fit her dreams year after year.   Selecting the soundtrack to this big moment is fun, but still as much work as the other parts of the big day.

Wedding Procession

The music played as the bride step-shuffle- steps toward her groom has been played in her imagination all of her life. Yes, it is true that there are several times during a wedding that music is played, but the key parts are the ones most people think about and imagine over the years. Although there is more variety in the music chosen for the bride’s entrance, the most traditional tune is still the most often selected, which is the Canon in D Major, composed by Johann Pachelbel.


bride-father-wedding-processional (source: )

The First Dance

After all the romance of the wedding is over, the reception begins with the introduction of the new couple as “Mr. and Mrs.” for the first time. Sometimes this entrance is accompanied by music, but the most often planned songs to get the party started are the “First Dance” songs: Husband and Wife, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, and so on. The song selected for the bride and groom is usually symbolic of what they mean to one another and what the promise of the marriage means to them.  The first dance for the parent with their now married child celebrates their new relationship as the child has now grown up and moved on in life. Usually, the song selected celebrates what the child feels for the parent and expresses what they want Mom and Dad to know as they leave to be with their spouse.


Setting the Pace

The soundtrack for the rest of the party sets the pace for the celebration. Sometimes the music is provided by a live band and sometimes it is provided over a sound system.  Either choice is good, but make sure to pick a band that knows a wide selection of music as the guests may make many requests. If a soundtrack is selected, plan to have a big selection and variety of music genres so the guests can share in the celebration.


wedding-music-reception (source: )

Wedding music is the soundtrack to our lives. Make it memorable and meaningful for you and your guests. This is more than a wedding and celebration of one big day. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

This article was written by Jessica Josh on behalf of JMD Entertainment, suppliers of Corporate and Wedding Entertainment across Australia.

Every girl dreams up their perfect wedding when they are little. They think of the most extravagant, unique and outlandish venues, dresses and celebrations. However, some women make these dreams a reality. This article will reveal the top 8 most unique and unusual wedding venues in the United Kingdom.

The London Art House

The London Art House is possibly one of the most beautiful places to get married. Every single room plays host to a different theme as it has been hand-painted by a different artist. This ensures you can have a room to suit your style and tastes but it also guarantees that there is a unique and special feeling to the venue.

London Art House

London Art House (source: )


London Zoo

If you love animals, then why not get married at London Zoo? There are two wedding suites to choose from; one which is situated just above the zoo meaning you can see all the wildlife whilst enjoy your celebrations and another, which has grandeur and luxury in abundance.


Football stadium: St. James’ Park, The Emirates etc.

If you are a football fan then getting married at your team’s football stadium is a fabulous idea. You will get the full on pitch experience, with your guests sitting in the stands and you saying “I do” on the grass.

London Wetland Center

If nature and scenery is your thing, then there really is nowhere better than the London Wetland Centre. Just imagine the wedding photographs…


london_wetland_centre (source:

HMS Belfast

How does getting married on one of the capital’s most famous ships sound? The HMS Belfast has a deep and rich history, which began in World War Two. If you are looking for tradition, then this is certainly one the most culture-filled and unusual wedding venues to get married.


Wedding-HMS-Belfast (

Science Museum

If you and your partner are brainiacs or are simply science lovers, then you could get married at London’s famous Science Museum. You can even have your reception underneath the Apollo 10 command module. This is certainly an unusual choice that is assured to get your guests extremely intrigued.


Science-museum-wedding (source: )

Absolute Ice Bar

Let us face it; you are going to feel flustered and your heart is going to be pounding throughout the ceremony so why not get married somewhere as cold as ice? (Literally!). Getting married at minus five degrees is assured to put your wedding down as the most memorable out of all your family and friends.


Absolut-Ice-Bar (source: )

The Museum of Brands and Packaging.

Ok… so you do not get more unusual than getting married in the Museum of Brands and Packaging. Getting married next to a bottle of Head and Shoulders… Who said romance is dead?


Brands-and-packaging-museum (source: )

So, there you have it; the top 8 most unusual wedding venues in the entire United Kingdom. Whilst science and consumer packaging might not be your idea of the most romantic day of your life, hopefully, this article will have given you the inspiration to let your personality shine through on your big day.

About the Author: Rossi Lemon is a freelance content writer by profession. She finds immense pleasure in writing wedding venue related article including unusual wedding venues.