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The old adage that states “it’s the thought that counts” is true in many ways when it comes to buying a gift for women that you care for. Any gift is better than no gift at all, but if you really want to do things the right way, putting a lot of thought, effort, and sometimes cash, into a major present is a smart idea. When it comes to gifts that will make a girl giddy with happiness, there are very few presents that are better choices than diamond jewelry.

Diamonds have a lot of clout when it comes to saying how you feel about the woman that you love, and that’s why they are such popular gifts when it comes to showing your romantic intentions.  When you buy diamond jewelry for a girl, it’s very clear to everyone what you are saying to her. Diamonds are basically an international symbol for love, and the fact that diamonds are one of the strongest materials in the natural world does say a lot about how strong your love is for her. Saying that your love is virtually indestructible is a great way to make her smile, and offering her a diamond ring is a great way to make sure that she will want to spend the rest of her life with you.

diamond_wedding_ring (by salukyan)

diamond_wedding_ring (by salukyan)

Never Go Out Of Style

It’s also worth mentioning that for many fashionistas, diamonds are a fashion accessory that will never go out of style. This is why many fashion-conscious parents, aunts, and mothers will give their daughters diamond jewelry as a gift as a way to mark major life milestones. Among wealthy families, it’s not unusual to buy a small diamond bracelet, earrings, or a mini tiara with a diamond accent as a gift for a newborn. A diamond tennis bracelet is a great option for your daughter’s Sweet 16.  And, it’s quite possible you have heard of a family that gives a gift of a diamond necklace to girls who turn 18 or pass another milestone, too. With diamonds, you can always rest assured that you will be perennially fashionable.

diamond_wedding_band (by M0VPL )

diamond_wedding_band (by M0VPL )

Diamond Jewelry As An Investment

The strange thing about diamond jewelry is that many people view it as a multilevel investment. It’s quite obvious to most people that diamond jewelry isn’t a gift that is casually given, which means that giving diamonds as a gift shows that you view the person as a seriously important individual in your life. It’s an investment in showing how much you love and cherish that person, no matter what the relation to you may be. Diamond jewelry is also bought as a financial investment. The price of gold has gone up to a staggeringly high price in recent years, and the fact is that most economists believe that the price will continue to increase for several years. It only makes sense then, that many people who want their family members to stay well off will treat them to gold jewelry with diamond accents.

If you are trying to show someone how important they are in your life, or if you are celebrating a major life milestone (or, in the case of diamond rings, trying to spark a major life event into happening), there are very few gifts that are as smart a choice as diamond jewelry. The best part about choosing to give a beloved friend, romantic interest, or family member diamonds is that it doesn’t always have to cost too much money. If you’re wise enough to go to the right jeweler for your diamond needs, your gift will be affordable priced and it will still be able to wow the recipient for decades to come.

diamond_wedding_ring (by theappraiserlady)

diamond_wedding_ring (by theappraiserlady)

If you’re looking to get engaged soon, you’re probably already worried about a million different things. Where will you do it? Will she say yes? Should you make the proposal big and splashy, or just between the two of you? You’re probably also sweating over the engagement ring There are so many choices! How will you ever decide?

Easy, first, do some detective work to figure out just which cut she might like. Look through her other jewelry and pay attention to the different kinds of rings that she generally prefers. Or, if there’s a friend of hers that you can ask—and trust to keep a secret—ask away and get a good sense of what would make her happy. Finally, compare it to the descriptions that follow below and voila! You can buy her the engagement ring of her dreams.

Round Cut

The round cut diamond is the most popular choice for engagement rings. Round diamonds have a high facet ration, meaning that light been optimized for “brilliance”—that is the way that it reflects light and sparkles—meaning that it’s the flashiest of diamond shapes.

Celebrities Who Chose Round Cuts: Carrie Underwood, Michelle Obama, and Natalie Portman.

round cut diamond ring

Princess Cut

The Princess cut is the second most popular engagement ring-style. It is a square cut that also maintains a lot of brilliance, so it sparkles well on the hand. The square shape makes this style a great choice for ladies with longer fingers.

Celebrity Who Chose Princess Cuts: Hilary Duff, Khloe Kardashian.

princess cut diamond

Emerald Cut

Emerald shaped diamonds are a classic, rectangular shaped cut. Unlike princess and round diamonds, emeralds are cut with fewer facets, which makes them a great choice for anyone who likes understated elegance.

Celebrities Who Chose Emerald Cuts: Beyoncé, Kate Hudson.

Emerald cut diamond

Asscher Cut

The asscher cut diamond is essentially identical to an emerald cut; only it’s square rather than rectangular. This means, like an emerald cut, it’s also less flashy and the focus in this cut is on the diamond’s clarity rather than brilliance. It’s a great choice for ladies with smaller hands since the length is shorter than the emerald cut. Some believe this cut makes the stone look bigger than it actually is.

Celebrities Who Chose Asscher Cuts: Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Asscher cut diamond

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is another square/rectangular cut shape, similar to the emerald and asscher cuts. The largest difference is the way the diamond is faceted around the table—or center—of the stone. As the name suggests, this cut ends up being a bit more brilliant than the emerald or asscher cuts, but is still less blingy than a princess cut diamond. It’s a great choice for pairing with flanking gemstones.

Celebrities Who Chose Radiant Cuts: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner.

radiant cut diamond

Marquis Cut

A marquis cut diamond looks like an oval that is pointed on each edge. It is a brilliant-cut shape, which means that it maximizes the sparkle of the stone. Because the shape helps to maximize the carat weight of the gemstone, marquis cut diamonds tend to look larger than similarly weighted stones. It’s a great choice for anyone who prefers her diamonds large and shiny.

Celebrities Who Chose Marquis Cuts: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham.

Marquiz cut diamond

Oval Cut

The oval diamond is much like the round brilliant cut, only longer in length. It’s a popular choice for women with long, slender fingers since the cut helps to accentuate the longer lines of the hand.

Celebrities Who Chose Oval Cuts: Blake LIvely, Katie Holmes, Salma Hayak.

oval cut diamond

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