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Engraved toasting flutes and engraved champagne flutes make really special personalized details for your wedding. If you are a big fan of personalized items at your wedding, toasting flutes can be the item that makes the difference. You can have some special toasting flutes engraved with your names or you can have a unique personalized message etched on to the toasting flutes.

Engraved toasting flutes

When thinking about engraved toasting flutes for a wedding most of the people think about flutes that have the name of the spouses engraved on them. But there are all kinds of other things you can engrave on your wedding toast flutes, to make them personalized.

Your names on your toast flutes

Your wedding is about you as a couple so it is normal to include your names in all the details of your wedding. Nowadays you can have each and every item personalized to include your name and your wedding date but having your toasting flutes engraved with your names is much more important as you are the one to use them. If you want your toast flutes to be personalized but also funny you can choose to engrave your nick names or your pet names.

Engraved names on toasting flotes

Engraved names on toasting flutes (source: )

Monograms on your toast flutes

Having monograms engraved on your wedding toasting flues is a perfect choice: this way your toasting flutes are personalized in an elegant way, but they are also simple and nice. Monograms are common decorative elements for all facets of the wedding decor, from wall art to napkins, invitations and even floral arrangements.

Engraved monogram toasting flotes

Engraved monogram toasting flutes (source: )

Famous Couples on your toast flutes

I am sure that there are moments when you identify you as a couple with some famous couples in the history or in movies, or in novels, or even in cartoons. If you did, or you do, it would be a nice touch to have your wedding toasting flutes personalized with the names of that couple. For example, when I think of my relationship, I think of the story “Sleeping beauty” because I feel that my life was extremely boring till I met my boyfriend and he woke me up.

Engraved famous couples toasting flotes

Engraved famous couples toasting flutes (source:

Pictures on your toast flutes

We all know that weddings can exist without pictures. To make sure that you have the perfect personalized toasting flutes, choose to have a picture of you two engraved on them. If you think that a picture of you as a couple is too much, you can always go with some picture that symbolize marriage, or have special meaning for you but are neutral to the others. For example, pictures of rings linked together symbolize marriage; or, if you are passionate about traveling, a map of your journey as a couple engraved on your wedding toasting flutes would be a wonderful choice.

Engraved pictures toasting flotes

Engraved pictures toasting flutes (source:

Your vows on your toast flutes

Portions of the wedding vows can be engraved onto the glasses. For those couples who chose to write their own vows it would be a perfect touch to have their toasting flutes personalized with some words from their vows. But you can engrave your toast flutes with word from the traditional vow. You can choose the words to complete each other; for example one flute could read “to love” and the other one could read “to cherish”.

The champagne toast is one of the most important parts of the wedding reception so be sure you have a beautiful set of flutes for this special occasion. When the toasting begins, make the moment even more festive with our exceptional crystal or silver plated wedding toasting flutes that you can personalize with your first names and wedding date.

Personalized wedding toasting flutes

Wedding toasting flutes are available in all kinds of shapes and styles to include long stem glasses, goblets and low-profile champagne toasting glasses.  Most flutes can be custom printed or engraved, depending on your glass style choice.

Engraved wedding toast flutes

One way to personalize your wedding toast flutes is by engraving your names and your wedding date on them. The engraving is usually made by hand using sand. You can also personalize the toasting flutes of your parents and your bridesmaids by writing their names, or their role in your wedding. If you want to go even further, you can have the toasting flutes  of all your wedding guests engraved with their names.

Engraved wedding toast flutes

Engraved wedding toast flutes (source

Bride and groom wedding toast flutes

If you think that engraving your name on your wedding toast flutes is a little too personal, you can always go with the classical “bride & groom”. If you are still thinking about personalizing them you can always add an elegant ribbon that has your favorite color and your wedding date on them.

 Bride and groom wedding toast flutes

Bride and groom wedding toast flutes (source

Seasonal wedding toast flutes

Nowadays it is very popular to think about the season you are having the wedding in before deciding on all the details of your wedding. Your wedding toast flutes do not make an exception. You can have personalized glasses for your wedding for any season. For example for a fall themed wedding you can choose toast flutes that have leaves in their design. For a spring themed wedding you can choose toast flutes that have flower on them, lilies or roses are always a romantic choice.

Seasonal wedding toast flutes

Seasonal wedding toast flutes (source:

Unique shape wedding toast flutes

When we talk about the shape of your personalized wedding flutes you can go as far as your imagination will take you. The most popular are heart shaped and swan shaped toast flutes, but there are also other unique shapes you can choose from if you want to have personalized wedding glasses. For example there are square shaped toast flutes, or interlocking toast flutes, or, if you are passionate about sports, you can choose personalized mugs as toast flutes.

Unique wedding toast flutes

Unique wedding toast flutes (source: