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Having wishing sky lanterns at your wedding not only that ensured that your wedding is personalized but it also creates a mystique atmosphere and makes all your wedding guests feel your happiness and your joy. Here are some tips on how you can use mini hot air balloon lanterns in order to make your wedding day unique and special.

How to use wishing sky lanterns in your wedding

Decorate your wedding venue

The mini hot air balloons can be used to decorate your wedding venue or as table centerpieces for your wedding reception. All you have to do is tie the wishing sky lanterns up to the ceiling with a very thin thread. You can tie them at the entrance, on the dance floor, or even over the tables. To make sure your personalized decoration idea is a success, choose wishing lanterns that have same color and shape, but different size.

One wishing sky lantern for all your wedding guests

Buy one big wishing sky lantern and make sure it comes with wish pens and wish cards. Give a wish card and a wish pen to each of your wedding guests and ask them to write a wish for the newlywed couple. After getting all the wish cards from your wedding guests and read them, stick them to the wishing sky lantern. At the end of the wedding, get all your wedding guest outside to witness the release of the wishing lantern into the sky.

One wishing sky lantern for each of your wedding guests

Although it is a little more expensive, purchasing one wishing sky lantern for each of your wedding guest is a great idea. Choose to have your wedding ceremony in the evening. After the wedding cake was served, get all your wedding guest outside and hand them a mini hot air balloon and a lighter. When all your wedding guest have their wedding wishing sky lantern, ask them to make a wish, light them and release them into the sky. The view of such an event is breathtaking.

I am sure that all the brides in this world want their wedding day do be special and memorable. In order to make their wedding unique, most of the brides choose to personalize all the decorations and details of their wedding. But for those brides that want to keep it simple and still make an impression having wishing sky lanterns at their wedding is what they need.

Wishing sky lanterns

The wishing sky lanterns have been use for the first time in the Eastern Asia. After being used for centuries in countries like China, India, Thailand, the tradition spread around the world, firs in Europe and then in USA. The wishing sky lanterns are traditionally used for celebrations and festivals in Asia as a symbol of the release of worries and problems, the bringing of good luck, and for sending wishes for the future into the sky.

Whishing Sky Lanterns

Wishing Sky Lanterns (source: )

The wishing sky lanterns function like the mini hot air balloons. The sky lanterns are usually made of biodegradable paper and have a cardboard fuel cell. When lit, this fuel cell will fill the mini balloon with hot air, making it float into the sky. The average time of floating for the mini hot air balloons is around 12 minutes. The mini hot air balloon lanterns go up to one mile and their glow can be seen for miles around if the weather allows it.

Whishing Sky Lanterns

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Wishing sky lanterns come in different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. From round, to square, to diamond to heart shape, from simple colored or imprinted massages or images, mini hot air balloons are an elegant and unique choice to custom your wedding.

Wishing Sky Lanterns

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If you are thinking about having mini hot air balloons wishing lanterns at your wedding make sure you are taking it into consideration when choosing your wedding venue. In order to be able to launch the wishing sky lanterns you need a clear field area. This way all your guests will have the space needed in order to launch their mini hot air balloons, and you will be able to see them for as far as they are floating. Also remember that the mini hot air balloons lanterns can’t be used if it rains, as the rain will destroy their paper.

Wishing Sky Lantern

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