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The value and quality of a white diamond is based partly on its colorless characteristics. At one time it was thought that it is best to use a colorless diamond for engagement and wedding rings, however, times have changed and colored diamonds are not less valuable, in fact, often they are even more valuable than white diamonds.

The price of a colored diamond depends on the intensity of the color and its carat weight. Those diamonds that have a light color are considered to be less precious and those that have very intense hues are not only chosen for setting into jewelry but are also highly sought after by investors. Certain natural fancy colored diamonds are sought after more than others and certain colors and hues are very rare to find. One example of this is the canary diamond. This diamond color is extremely rare and is probably one of the most beautiful diamond colors available.

How to Find a Cheaper Natural Colored Diamond

It is much cheaper if you buy diamonds with light color tints rather than darker tones, especially those that have light yellow coloring. Cheaper shades of yellow diamonds will not fail to impress in terms of elegance. In fact, yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular since they give a very unique and charming feel to the type of jewelry they are set in. Larger diamonds are also more expensive as colored diamonds, much the same as traditional white diamonds, are also priced according to their size. So instead of opting for one large diamond, choose two or three smaller ones and have them set into an appropriate setting. A yellow diamond surrounded by white diamonds, or just one at each side, will make a most beautiful wedding ring.

Another way to reduce the cost of your wedding ring is to have the ring custom-made by a jewelry designer, and not purchase it from an expensive jewelry shop.

Yellow diamond wedding band

Yellow diamond wedding band

yellow diamond wedding band 1

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Light Yellow Diamonds Look Good With Yellow Metal

In order to exaggerate the yellow hue of the yellow diamond it is best to have them set in a yellow metal such as yellow gold. The elegance of the combination makes for a very simple conventional feel, but the charm and effect will prove to be extraordinarily attractive. As mentioned above, using a yellow diamond surrounded by white diamonds set in yellow gold will make for a very beautiful and stylish wedding ring, even if the diamond is of a lighter hue.

Yellow diamond wedding band

Yellow diamond wedding band

Yellow dimond yellow gold wedding bands

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Preserving the Brilliance of Yellow Diamonds

If you’re using a yellow diamond for your wedding ring, you can preserve its brilliance by appropriating certain cuts to the gem. Doing this enhances the sparkle of the gem and makes it even more striking and memorable.

When buying any natural colored diamond it is critical to purchase the diamond from a reliable source. You should receive a certificate from a recognized authority that states that the color is natural. You can choose to buy your diamond from a regular shop, or you can buy them online, however, you should always remember that the certificate is critical.

Yellow diamond wedding band

Yellow diamond wedding band

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