You have probably planned your wedding day accessories down to the very last petal in your bouquet – but what about your groom? Many modern grooms are stepping up their game and expanding their wedding day accessories beyond their wedding bands and boutonnieres to cufflinks, lapel pins, and even pendants for men. Additional accessories are a great way for men to add a little extra personality or sentimentality into their wedding day ensembles. Here are some of the most popular types of men’s accessories and their best options for your wedding day.


Cufflinks are pretty much the most classic kind of wedding day accessories for men. Except for the most casual of weddings, most grooms opt for a pair of cufflinks to perfectly finish off their suit or tux. Cufflinks can serve as a very understated final accent, or they can add a luxurious or fashionable flair to his wedding outfit.

The type of cufflinks he selects is largely dependent on how informal or formal your wedding is. Even for extremely formal weddings, cufflinks are small enough to add a bolder touch of color or interesting design that reveals a little personality. Cufflinks also make an excellent pre-wedding gift for your groom; consider getting him a pair engraved or laser cut with his initials.


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A watch is another standard and perfectly acceptable men’s wedding accessory, as well as a perfect pre-wedding gift. If he has multiple options to choose from, he should opt for a timepiece that matches well to his wedding band and is appropriately dressy given his suit.

If his watch somehow doesn’t work with his suit or if it is extremely casual, pick your battle wisely. Some guys cannot be parted with their watches for even a second. If your groom-to-be is going to feel naked without his watch, let him keep it on. His dress shirt should keep it mostly concealed and having it on may help keep him more calm. Just make sure you’re not running late – he’ll certainly be keeping track of your timing!


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Lapel pins

A great complement or substitute for a boutonniere, lapel pins can have as much or as little personality as you want them to. Some men never go beyond the basic lapel pin supplied by the florist for attaching the boutonniere, but they do have a lot of potential for adding a sophisticated final touch to his wedding day outfit. A dressier lapel pin could have a gemstone that offsets or matches the flower(s) in his boutonniere, or he can forgo the flowers entirely and go for a more intricately designed pin – vintage lapel pins are always a unique and visually interesting choice.

Lapel pins are also a wonderful way to commemorate a beloved cause or organization. Many members of the military opt for American flag pins, while others may choose one of the classic cause ribbons.


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Pendants for men

For more unusual wedding day accessories, pendants for men are a top choice for guys everywhere. For some men, the basic accessories are just not an accurate reflection of how they want to express their own personal style and taste. With their ability to be worn under a shirt or jacket, pendants for men are a perfect compromise between guys who want a little more pizzazz and brides who prefer their grooms sporting a more understated and classic look.

Pendants for men are also a perfect accessory for beach weddings and other more casual nuptials, especially if he’s planning on unbuttoning a couple of his top shirt buttons. Look for pendants for men in attractive yet inexpensive contemporary materials like titanium and tungsten – you’ll be able to get him a high quality pendant without spending a fortune.



Remember, it’s his wedding day, too. Letting him add his own personal touch to his outfit using men’s accessories is a perfect way to allow his personality to shine through without changing the overall look and style of the wedding.

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