tips for mother of the bride outfitSo your daughter’s getting married… congratulations! You’re probably brimming with pride and happiness… but also filled with terror at the thought of choosing the perfect outfit.

You’ll be meeting and welcoming countless relatives and friends, and posing for photos all day, so it’s important you hit the right sartorial note.

Read on for some helpful tips to help you look and feel amazing on the big day…

Do consult your daughter first. She may have already chosen a venue or even a whole color scheme and theme for the wedding. All of that will impact on your choice of what to wear. Even better, take her shopping with you (unless she’s morphed into a bridezilla, in which case keep your distance) It’s her day after all and it’s important she’s happy too.

Don’t try to skim a few years off your age by dressing far too young. Leave the bandage dresses and minis to the 20-year-olds.

If you want to look youthful, wear your hair soft, have a ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to makeup and focus on having good skin by scheduling in lots of treatments like dermabrasion or gentle peels (but not just before the wedding).

Do be modest…but not frumpy. It’s a hard balance to strike, but stay clear of plunging necklines, anything too clingy and skirts that ride up far above your knees (no more than 4 inches) to avoid blushes on the big day.

But that doesn’t mean a one way ticket to frumps-ville, wearing those ubiquitous suit jackets in pastel colors with all manner of sequins and rhinestones that you would never dream of going near normally. Walk past specialist ‘mother of the bride’ shops and choose something flatters your figure to look more sleek than eek.

Don’t go on a crash diet after buying your outfit. Not only are they notoriously bad for you and unreliable, but your dress won’t hang right if you lose too much weight too quickly. If you’ve paid for a custom dress, your money will have been thrown down the drain.

And you may not have time for alterations if that’s what you’re banking on —  seamstresses are especially busy during wedding season.

Do feel comfortable. Many women are self-conscious about their arms, but a dress with long sleeves might be too hot once the DJ cranks up some Abba and you start going for it on the dance floor. Opt for a removable bolero jacket, a soft pashmina or Mary Portas’ clever armery (basically tights for arms).

Don’t forget your waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Your little girl is all grown up and marrying the man of her dreams — of course you’re going to get teary at some stage. But think of the photos and pick makeup that stays put or consider a permanent eyeliner tattoo.

Do break with convention and choose not to wear a hat if you hate them. In 2013 many mothers of the bride are opting for a more subtle and elegant hair accessory like a hair flower or a fascinator. Never underestimate the importance of a well-chosen

Don’t wear a midi skirt or an ankle strap shoe if you’re conscious about your ankles and calves, as they will just draw attention to your worst bits. Try an on-trend kitten heel (your feet will thank you) and a skirt that falls just above your knee.

Do get over your need to match everything. Sets of matching jewellery are very ageing.

Don’t forget to give yourself support in the underwear department. It’s no good having the perfect dress if you’re wearing the wrong bra size or, worse still, you’ve committed the worst fashion crime: VPL.

Go to a specialist shop for a fitting, you may be surprised that your breasts have changed shape or size since the last you shopped for a bra. Good underwear should be every mother of the bride’s best kept secret.

Do ask the groom’s mother what she’s wearing. It’s a great chance to bond a little with your new family and will avoid any major outfit disasters like wearing something identical.

Don’t wear black. Or cream champagne, magnolia — in fact, any shade close to white is a big no-no.

What do you think a mother of the bride should wear to her daughter’s wedding, and what are the biggest fashion mistakes she can make?

Mhairi Steele is a writer on all things wedding! She writes for Glitzy Secrets on bridal fashion, wedding trends and how to make your wedding special and unique.

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