You have started to plan your wedding and you already have a huge list of things that need taken care of. One of these things is picking the perfect colors for your wedding. You start researching to find out what are the trends and you make a decision. Once you got to this point you have to make sure you avoid some mistakes that could ruin the overall image of your wedding.

Soon after you have decided on your wedding theme, you have to choose the colors you will use, because all the others details depend on this choice: invitations, decorations, flowers, favors, cakes, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc.

Too many colors

Most of the wedding planners agree that when choosing the colors for your wedding it is always best to go with simplicity. In order to avoid creating a messy image, you should pick just three colors. If you are looking for a modest look, you can choose shades of the same color. This way, your decor will look profound and meaningful. If you want a memorable image, choose a monochromatic decor. You can choose daring colors, like strong violet or creamy white.

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Choosing  trendy colors

Choosing trendy colors is one of the most frequent mistakes that brides make. They start reading magazines, to see which colors are fashionable that year and they choose to go with those colors. What they forget is that those colors will be in their wedding picture forever, and that they might not necessarily like them. Try to choose a color palette that makes you feel good when you watch it.

wedding colors mistakes

Choosing an over-saturated combination of colors

Another common mistake that brides make when choosing their wedding colors is forgetting the fact that eyes need to rest. This means that you need to choose colors that balance each other. For example, if you just love bright orange, and you want to include it in your color palette, you have to choose another color, less vibrant, like azure or khaki. This way you can obtain an elegant and relaxing contrast. If you like daring contrasts, you should add a third color that would balance the first two.

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Choosing predictable colors

Some colors combinations are simply too predictable. Red and green, white and red, yellow and blue are some combinations that your guests are already used with. If you choose such a color combination, your guest will have the tendency to forget that they are at your wedding. They might think they are having lunch or dinner at a nice colorful restaurant. Try some less common shades of those colors, to impress your guests.

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Ignoring texture

Instead of choosing to combine just colors and shades, try combining fabrics with different textures to create a playful lightning. By combining textures the effect on your eyes is even stronger than by simply combining colors.

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